Andrew B. Nuttall, BA, CBA, CTM


Andrew brings a transformative, interdisciplinary approach to climate action. His current research and business interests include environmental volition; artificial intelligence; and business consulting.

“I am happy but not oblivious, and I try not to let the challenges disturb my inner peace; I see them as perfect opportunities to find solutions and grow my consciousness.”

Curriculum Vitae

Business Ownership

Victoria, BC 2017-present
o Cryptocurrency research; wrote several trading bots
o Andrew’s research is supported by patrons and may be viewed at

also, Victoria, BC 2011-2015
o Extensive research into the stock market: developed a strong knowledge of finance
o Computer programming; wrote an artificial intelligence program for making investment decisions
o Social Media Promotions: Used Facebook and Google ad services for promotions

Sublimelime Consulting

Victoria, BC since 2008
o Consulting, including business planning, valuation, coaching and technical services.

“Andy and I began meeting on a weekly basis… Having this focus and accountability helped me to excel in seeking business opportunities… To date, I have purchased over $7 million in real estate and have helped over 20 clients pursue their real estate goals… Without question, Andy has changed my life.”
– Greg Gillespie, Senior Executive, Oasis Properties, 2009

Teach English in Korea

Teach English in Korea, Prince George, BC 1995-1996
o Ran a small business sending people to South Korea to teach English

Unbound Technical Support

Victoria, BC 1998-2005
o Installed, upgraded, and maintained complete computer networks for small insurance and accounting firms
o Had one employee
o Sold a computer networking solution to Investor’s Group that was rolled out to 360 financial planning practices across Canada
o Delivered similar solutions to several smaller companies

“The results of the installation you completed on our behalf have exceeded our expectations, in responsiveness, application and price…..It is no exaggeration to say that we are saving a substantial amount of staff time daily and are now even better equipped to meet the needs of our clients.”
– Susan M. Nielsen, G.N., CFP, Senior Consultant, Investors Group, 2000

Computer Skills


o Machine Learning, Genetic Optimization Algorithms
o Webhooks, APIs, RSS
o PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Business Software

o MS Office
o WordPress
o Google Adwords, Facebook Ads

“Andrew’s knowledge, enthusiasm and innovative ability are truly refreshing. Andrew brings sincere dedication and perseverance to everything he works on. If you are looking for someone with an exceptional zest for life, talk to Andy.”
– Hugh W. Noble, MGDC, President, NobleWorks Marketing Solutions, 1999


Academic Papers

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University of Victoria

Victoria, BC 2015-present
o Master’s-level work in Environmental Psychology.
o Undergraduate-level courses in Environmental Studies and Human Dimensions of Climate Change.

University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB 1987-1994
o Majored in Political Science
o Minored in Canadian History
o Successfully obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree

Camosun College

Victoria, BC 1997-1999
o Bookkeeping/Basic Accounting
o Basic business law (contracts, tort, etc.)
o Financial Mathematics
o Business Communications
o Completed a Certificate in Business Administration, with distinction

“Andy stood in the top 5% of the class… He is a natural leader… He completed the final year group project with great enthusiasm, bringing together a disparate group of students, and concluded with a very professional class presentation… It is with great pride that I recommend to you, not only a former student of mine, but also a great human being.”
– Ken Sehkon, Faculty, School of Business, Camosun College, 1999

Royal Roads University

Victoria, BC, 2000
o 4th-year Undergraduate Marketing Course from the Faculty of Business


Researcher II

BC Ministry of Advanced Education, Training and Technology
Victoria, BC 1998
o Co-op position through Camosun College Business Program
o Produced a research paper which covered the arguments in favor of funding of post-secondary education


Student Union, University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB 1992-1993
o Worked at 3 different positions during my time at University: Arcade, Exam Registry (networking computers), Information Booth
o Worked an average of 24 hours per week while attending School full-time

Special Events Coordinator

Multicultural Heritage Society
Prince George, BC, 1994-1995
o Promoted multi-culturalism and anti-racism, assisting in a workshop and designing an opinion survey
o Applied for government grants on behalf of the society; worked with budgets
o Led a fundraising campaign for Canada Day fireworks, arranged for them to be put on
o Organized 2 festivals with nearly 25,000 people attending (total), arranged for live music and food vendors, worked with various ethnic groups
o Liaised with media, community agencies, member groups and all participants

“Andrew performed his duties with a high degree of professionalism. He was open to suggestions and applied himself with enthusiasm and diligence.”
Marlies Greulich, Administrator, 1994

Assistant Festivals Coordinator

Multicultural Heritage Society
Prince George, BC 1993
o Designed posters, t-shirts and ads
o Scheduled and supervised entertainers, caterers, security, volunteers and support staff
o Liaised with media, community agencies, member groups and all participants
o Helped organize 2 festivals with nearly 25,000 people attending (total), worked with various ethnic groups

“Andy was instrumental in increasing the attendance of both the Canada Day Celebrations and the International Food Festival through his excellent publicity work. Andy is creative and works well with everyone. I strongly recommend Andy to be hired by anyone interested in hiring a person with excellent interpersonal communications, including cross-cultural communications, organization skills and creativity.”
– Patty Lumb, Executive Director, 1993

ESL Teacher

Kumi, South Korea 1994
o Taught English in South Korea
o Students mainly included housewives, teenagers and young children.

Customer Service Representative

WestCorp, Victoria, BC 2004-2005
o Handled customer concerns, complaints, and adjusted their bills
o Provided customers with technical support
o Received 19 kudos (unsolicited thank you letters) from customers in under 8 months

Public Speaking

Competent Toast Master

Victoria, BC
o 3rd place, Golden Gavel speech competition, 2005
o Competent Toast Master Certification, 2004 – 2005

Volunteer Experience

Social Media Manager, Canadian Association for Equality

Victoria, BC 2016-2017
o Founding member of local chapter.
o Recruited over 300 followers the Facebook Page about the issues faced by men and boys as they appear in the media compared to peer-reviewed academic research.*

* Warning: This subject matter is not always pleasant, and someone else is now managing the page. If you are offended by the idea of a men’s and boys’ charity that entertains criticism of contemporary gender theory, this page is not for you.

Writer, Martlet (University of Victoria Student Newspaper)

Victoria, BC 2015-2016
o Covering climate change and the environment from an interdisciplinary perspective
o Here is his complete list of articles.

Founder, Feed-a-Student Day

Victoria, BC 1998-1999
o Founded “Feed-a-Student Day”, an annual Fundraiser that raised funds for food to give to the poorest students attending Camosun College. It quickly became the largest student-led fundraiser in the college’s history, and the students union and campus newspaper worked together to repeat it for 7 years thereafter.

“While still maintaining a GPA of 6.0 and regularly attending Board meetings, Andy organized a “Feed a Student for a Day” campaign in 1999 and enthusiastically garnered support for this campaign from all areas of the college. As a result of his initiative the Camosun College Student Society has now adopted the campaign as an annual event. Andrew is a self-starter who would excel in your program.”
– Liz Ashton, President, Camosun College, 2000

Special Events and Fundraising Coordinator

Kappa Alpha Literary Society
University of Alberta, 1992-1993
o Produced 3 sold-out theatrical productions to raise money for Literacy Alberta in a 720-seat venue on campus
o Raised over $4000 to help support literacy

“In my dealings with him, Andy has displayed a natural propensity towards public relations. Andy and I worked together promoting the improvisational performance company, SAK THEATRE … and the comedy troupe, THREE DEAD TROLLS IN A BAGGIE, on three separate occasions. Andy was responsible for the publicity and promotion… I am pleased to report that he generated a fabulous level of public awareness that led to great word of mouth, and consequently each presentation played to sold-out houses.”
– Dave Jackson, Associate Director-Public Relations, Citadel Theatre in Edmonton, 1993

Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

Victoria, BC 1999-2000
o Sat on two committees at the Chamber of Commerce (Technology and Small Business)
o Helped write original election rules for “HOST” (Home Office Support Team – a branch of the GVCC)

“Although I have known Andrew for only two years, his strong character and sincerity has always impressed me. Indeed, I felt confident enough in his ethics and principles that I recently referred him to a major client of mine. Not only did Andrew live up to my expectations, he exceeded those of my client.”
– Ken Marriette, President, KGM Enterprises, 2000

Camosun College Board of Governors

Victoria, BC 1997-1999
o Elected and re-elected for an 18-month term as a Student Representative
o Sat on the hiring committee for the Vice President of the college
o Sat on the College’s Finance Committee and several other committees
o Appointed by Advanced Education Council of BC to its Leadership Development Group

“Evaluating a situation and putting the best interest of the college above all else is something many Board members strive to attain; you can be proud that you were able to achieve this capability shortly after assuming office.”
– Ajmare Sundher, Chair, Board of Governors, 1999

Men’s Health 2001 Conference

Victoria, BC 2000-2001
o Organized, led, and coordinated a conference on Men’s Health Issues for over 60 men
o Chaired the event as well as coordinated the committees that put the event together

“You know, I want to appreciate you for modelling the kind of character and behavior that I feel is exactly what we need more of right now. You lead with contribution.”
– Will Wilkinson, leadership coach and registration manager for Men’s Health 2001, 2002

All quotations are excerpts from actual correspondence.
* last updated July, 2018.

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