You have a genuine environmental concern.

This is a platform for circulating articles written by folks like you.

Our commitment to writers

Each time an article is published on this blog, Andrew Nuttall personally pays to promote it on Facebook so that it reaches hundreds of readers. Promotions are targeted by geography and interests. Larger promotional budgets are designated for articles that attract new readers or get shared.

General article parameters

Our common mission is to empower readers with environmental awareness, feasible solutions, or leadership skills. The main objective of an article is to share evidence and tell the story of a problem. Your goal is to write about a credible way (or ways) to address it.

To make pro-environmental changes happen, articles also need to be compelling. The best articles make strong arguments while appealing to a broad audience, which is why authentic environmentalism is politically centrist and respectful of scientific conclusions. People, tribes, empires, authorities, enterprises, and communities are integral parts of their built and natural environments.

Authors are asked to keep these stylistic considerations in mind:

  1. Real-world events, research, and reasoning enable you to meaningfully connect with readers.
  2. Note problems, but focus on success. Positive changes and solutions are what matter.
  3. Sanctimony and self-righteousness might feel good, but both are counterproductive because they polarize opinion and alienate readers. We want to get folks on board, not drive them away.

Because environmental issues frequently involve moral considerations, authors are asked to view this 19-minute TED Talk about moral psychology. An effective communicator can use this information to avoid divisive politics. It may be tempting to use moral outrage to increase the likelihood of an article going viral but some moral reasoning systems have broader appeal than others, and practical solutions get shared almost as often.

To be eligible for publication, an article must also meet the specific article parameters for one of following types:

  • News about current and ongoing environmental situations.
  • Articles about people with pro-environmental solutions to offer.
  • Strategies and techniques for improving well-being through built and natural environments.
  • Reviews of documentary films about environmental problems and solutions.

Getting published

The first step is to submit a category and a 35-40 word draft lede. Follow these simple instructions to write it.
A draft lede does not have to be perfect, but it does need to understandably convey your idea.

Once Andrew has received and had time to consider your lede, he will get back to you by email. He will then guide you through the writing and editorial process.

Once the process is complete, he will publish your article on this blog (, test and promote it on Facebook, and keep you informed about the results.

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Andrew Nuttall

Andrew is interested in bringing a transformative, interdisciplinary approach to climate action. He resides on the rugged coast of British Columbia where he attends the University of Victoria. He is currently taking a semester to volunteer and plan his education.
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