Why Am I an Environmentalist?

There have been people who have dismissed me; tried to humiliate, shame or otherwise make me miserable; or just despised what I had to say. But I’m an environmentalist anyway.

I have been called a hypocrite for using products; portrayed as evil; nibbled at; and accused of destroying the very thing I stand to protect. But I’m an environmentalist anyway.

There have been times when I thought all hope was lost; when I felt like giving up; when I just couldn’t care anymore; and when I condemned humanity for its stupidity. But I’m an environmentalist anyway.

My spirits have been low; I have regretted wasting time; I have grieved for the earth; I have discounted solutions I didn’t understand; and I have felt powerless watching ecological tragedies unfold. But I’m an environmentalist anyway.

Sometimes I feel anxious about the environment; sometimes I see a problem so big I fear for everyone; sometimes I need to escape from the bleakness; and sometimes it feels like punishment to have any feelings about it at all. But I’m an environmentalist anyway.

I see how people get enslaved by lifestyle; how they want so much; how often dreams in their hearts are disappointments in their lives; and how prosperity relies upon nature; so sometimes I wonder if it is still even possible to make those dreams come true. But I’m an environmentalist anyway.

Politicians and people who fail to recognize the urgency of the problem tend to piss me off; I sometimes feel an urge to poke them with words; and sometimes I feel like the Earth needs us to protect it more viciously from people like them. But I’m an environmentalist anyway.

I know that being too proud can inflate my ego and slow me down; that my contempt won’t convince anyone to change their ways; that making mountains out of problems just tends to overwhelm people; and that some folks never even think about the environment. But I’m an environmentalist anyway.

The fact is it empowers me to see the world through these eyes; every time I reconnect with nature it reaffirms that my life matters; I can face problems more boldly with each new lesson on this journey; and sometimes I feel absolutely certain that environmentalism is having a positive effect in the real world. I like being an environmentalist.

The massive numbers of the future sometimes seem small to me because of their distance in time; sometimes they seem so big I just need to let them go; sometimes they are just numbers; sometimes I am satisfied that we are making progress; and sometimes knowing the numbers enables me to make a good argument. I like being an environmentalist.

I am always willing to look for solutions, and every day I hope to find out about something inspiring; every day I intend to make a positive difference in the world; and every day I am willing to feel optimistic about the future. I like being an environmentalist.

The more I get to know people on this journey, the more easily I can forgive the deniers and the doubters; the more easily I can rise above our differences and still be friends; the more I can accept everyone for who they are, as they are; and the more I discover my own compassion. I like being an environmentalist.

I get to explore a world of multiple dimensions; comprehend global problems and solutions; think about the well-being of all life on Earth; and learn about synergistic ways to act locally. I like being an environmentalist.

Whenever something about nature surprises me, my admiration for it grows; like how creatures with fangs are also kind and gentle, or how the processes of life blend together. I like being an environmentalist.

Knowing that I am a part of a great web of life has a calming effect, and acting from where I am is enjoyable; yet I also reach around the globe using technology; and friendships of utility and character unite me with people in other parts of the world. I like being an environmentalist.

I am happy but not oblivious, and I try not to let the challenges disturb my inner peace; I see them as perfect opportunities to find solutions and grow my consciousness. I like being an environmentalist.

There are no words to describe the experience of being aware of one’s mind and the world at the same time; it is a challenge to describe precisely what being an environmentalist really means. And yet I can say this; if you have felt these words, you know what it feels like to be one too.

And I like that. Don’t you?

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Andrew Nuttall

Andrew is interested in bringing a transformative, interdisciplinary approach to climate action. He resides on the rugged coast of British Columbia where he is actively developing a podcast.
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