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"One does not need buildings, money, power, or status to practice the Art of Peace. Heaven is right where you are standing, and that is the place to train."
Morihei Ueshiba

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Latest News and Opinion

Last updated at 11:38 AM on July 17, 2024 (Pacific Standard Time)

Heat warnings spread in B.C. as records tumble in second heat wave for July

"...Environment Canada says the high temperatures in areas under alert represent a “moderate risk to public health. ”..."


B.C. braces for more wildfire activity with thunderstorms in the forecast

"...The winds come after Environment Canada expanded heat warnings to cover more than two dozen regions and communities, from Whistler to Kelowna to the Kootenays in the southeast, Terrace in the northwest and Fort Nelson in the northeast..."


Warmer temperatures could affect strawberry crops and increase prices: UW study

"...This research shows how climate change can directly impact the foods we love, emphasizing the importance of sustainable farming practices to maintain a stable food supply for everyone, said Dr. Poornima Unnikrishnan, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Systems Design Engineering at Waterloo in a press release. Some methods include shade structures for crops and optimized irrigation for crops during heatwaves..."


Wind power operations off Nantucket Island are suspended after turbine blade parts washed ashore

"...The region's power grid operator, ISO New England, said it was aware of the incident but that it would have no impact..."


Heres why your plane ticket is so expensive: op-ed

"...While the strike by WestJet mechanics lasted only a few days, many Canadian air travellers faced long delays and cancelled flights. More broadly, according to the Canadian Transportation Agency, customer complaints have hit an all-time high. Yet many dissatisfied travellers likely dont realize that Ottawa heavily contributes to their frustrations..."


German leader to visit Serbia seeking lithium for his country's car industry

"...BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will visit Serbia later this week to discuss a tentative deal with the Balkan country for the controversial excavation of lithium, a critical substance in making batteries for electric vehicles, officials from both states confirmed Wednesday..."


'Pervasive environmental issue': Microplastics levels high in Toronto-caught fish

"...Madeleine Milne, co-author of the latest study, said the results show how microplastic pollution has become a “pervasive environmental issue. ”..."


Forest fire at New Jersey military base 80% contained after overnight rain

"...Heavy rainfall is still on the minds of many on Wednesday, as clean up continues from a massive downpour this week. The middle to lower portion of the Grand River watershed got hit the worst, according..."


GRCA says flooding threshold not met in Waterloo Region; no flood warning needed

"...She tells CityNews 570, flooding thresholds were not reached across the tri-city area of the Grand River Watershed..."


Germany to impose tougher penalties on people who break through airport perimeters

"...BERLIN (AP) Germany's Cabinet on Wednesday approved legislation that would impose tougher penalties on people who break through airport perimeters, a response to incidents such as disruptive protests by climate activists..."


Water rescues underway in Arkansas after a new wave of storms across US and Canada

"...YELLVILLE, Ark. (AP) Water rescues were underway Wednesday in Arkansas after a new wave of severe storms that have pummeled a vast swath of the U. S..."


Takeaways from AP story on dangerous heat threats to greenhouse workers

"...MOREHEAD, Ky. (AP) Many farms, from vertical farming startups to traditional specialty crop growers, are marketing greenhouses as a way to shelter crops from climate extremes. But overlooked are the experiences of workers inside, who may swelter under high heat and humidity..."


The greenhouse effect: How an oft-touted climate solution threatens agricultural workers

"...The number of greenhouse and nursery workers has increased by over 16,000 people in recent years, according to data from the latest U. S. agricultural census..."


Korea's KHNP selected to build at least 2 new nuclear reactors in Czech Republic

"...PRAGUE (AP) South Koreas KHNP won a lucrative public tender to build at least two nuclear reactors in the Czech Republic as the country tries to become more energy independent and wean itself off fossil fuels, the Czech government said on Wednesday..."


Heat warnings blanket the Maritimes Wednesday, humidex values expected to reach mid 30s

"...Environment Canada says a period of intense rainfall is expected until the mid morning..."


Extreme weather hit profits at over half of Canadian businesses: survey

"...The survey released Wednesday found 56 per cent had seen profits affected last year by extreme weather events made more likely by climate change, whether it was forest fires, flooding or extreme heat..."



Recent episodes relevant to the latest news and opinion.

Rivers: Pollution, pesticides and poop

Duration: 34:10

"...With untreated sewage, fertiliser nutrients, agriculture chemicals and ALL SORTS ending up in our rivers in the UK through a variety of ways, we turn our attention to some of our beautiful freshwater habitats. ..."


RealAg Radio: Conservation easements, spring rainfall, and switching corn hybrids, May 13, 2024

Duration: 53:43

"...Thanks for tuning into this Agronomic Monday edition of RealAg Radio! On this episode, host Shaun Haney is joined by RealAgriculture's in-house agronomist, Peter Johnson to discuss the moisture situation, switching corn hybrids in Ontario, gene-editing, and much more! We will also hear a discussion with Ralph Thrall III on why the McIntyre Ranch signed. ..."


More likely, more intense

Duration: 28:25

"...Storm Daniel devastated the city of Derna in Libya after heavy rainfall broke a dam, causing extreme flooding downstream..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers relevant to the latest news and opinion.

Assessing impacts of climate change and human activities on the abnormal correlation between actual evaporation and atmospheric

"...These results could provide water-energy guidance for urban climate change mitigation and flood/drought disaster management..."


Variation of hydro-environment during past four decades with underground sponge city planning to control flash floods in Wuhan,

"...These flash flood events have inundated underground infrastructures and resulted in significant economic losses and casualties, which are also discussed in relation to various external and internal factors..."


Climate change impacts and disaster resilience among micro businesses in the tourism and hospitality sector: The case of Kratie,

"...Kratie province, in particular, has suffered from climate-induced disasters, including floods, droughts, storms, lightning, and heatwaves..."


Characterizing flood risk perception in urban communities of Pakistan

"...Rapid urbanization and climate change have increased flood risk in urban settings..."


Experimental study on gas channeling characteristics of nitrogen and foam flooding in 2-D visualized fractured-vuggy model

"...In this work, a visual physical model representing an underground river reservoir in two-dimensional fractured-vuggy reservoir was designed and fabricated to study gas channeling characteristics of nitrogen and foam flooding..."


Disaster risk reduction in conflict contexts: Lessons learned from the lived experiences of Rohingya refugees in Cox's Bazar

"...The camps are highly vulnerable to landslides, tropical cyclones, flash-flooding, and communicable disease outbreak..."


Flood management in India: A focussed review on the current status and future challenges

"...Undoubtedly, the process of flood management in India is very complex due to the influence of several socio-hydroclimatological factors, such as climate change, sea level rise, and socio-economic dynamics..."


Estimating inundation extent using CYGNSS data: A conceptual modeling study

"...Mapping inundation dynamics and flooding extent is important for a wide variety of applications, from providing disaster relief and predicting infectious disease transmission to quantifying the effects of climate change on Earth's hydrologic cycle..."


A GIS-based assessment of the potential soil erosion and flood hazard zones in Ekiti State, Southwestern Nigeria using integrate

"...Thus, the main objective of this study was to assess the potential soil erosion and flood hazards zones using Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) and Hand Above Nearest Drainage (HAND) models, respectively for appropriate conservation and prevention measures in Ekiti State, Southwestern Nigeria..."


Distribution and properties of sandy soils in the conterminous USA – A conceptual thickness model, and taxonomic analysis

"...There is concern regarding climate change and erosion of beaches, particularly in Florida and California, the influence of sand mining on flooding in Texas, and the impact of sand mining on dunes in Michigan..."


Modern pollen signatures of Amazonian rivers and new insights for environmental reconstructions

"...In Amazonia, rivers are the main pathways for pollen from upland and flooded forests to continental and marine sediment sinks..."


Assessment of climate change impact on surface runoff, statistical downscaling and hydrological modeling

"...This change has affected the water resource management so that the amount of water entered from upstream of watersheds has been transformed every year, and the water resource management has become difficult for the surface runoff, entered water, flood and drought..."


Recommended Reading

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How Bad Are Bananas?

The Carbon Footprint of Everything

"...A smart, practical, and accessible guide to measuring (and reducing) our carbon footprint, from internationally recognized expert, Mike Berners-Lee..."

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Generation Us

The Challenge of Global Warming

"...The reality of global warming has long been accepted within the scientific community, yet it remains a hotly debated topic at the political and social level..."

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Climate Change and Society

Sociological Perspectives

"...An improved understanding of the complex relationship between climate change and society is essential for modifying ecologically harmful human behaviors and institutional practices, creating just and effective environmental policies, and developing a more sustainable future..."

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The Climate Challenge

101 Solutions to Global Warming

"...Each solution describes steps that are already being used in homes, schools, businesses, cities, and governments around the world-with full scientific references to help the reader dig deeper and push farther..."

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Jobs in Environmental Resilience

Recent employment opportunities related to the latest news.

Energy Management Consultant (HVAC Sales) - Ottawa

"...Ottawa In-home sales of furnaces, air conditioners and IAQ products..."

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Supervisor, Food Access

"...Food Access will lead the Food Access team while building relationships with the food access food security team..."

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Senior Project Manager Swms

"...Transitioning to a circular economy is essential in the fight against climate change and to build a resilient, inclusive, green, and prosperous future for residents..."

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Technicien routier en batteries et chargeurs

"...Crown Equipment Corporation (Saint-Laurent QC): Crown Lift Trucks est le premier distributeur de matriel de manutention au Canada..."

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