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"Morality is not the doctrine of how we may make ourselves happy, but how we may make ourselves worthy of happiness."
Immanuel Kant

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Latest News and Opinion

Last updated at 3:23 AM on September 22, 2023 (Pacific Standard Time)

Gas prices back up after mid-week break

"...In Nova Scotia, where gasoline prices have fallen 13 cents in two days, regular self-serve ranges from $1. 75 to $1. 79 per litre..."


Keith Leslie on cancellation of controversial Greenbelt land swap

"...Political analyst Keith Leslie joined us to discuss Premier Ford backtracking on opening the Greenbelt to development..."


CBC Radio host and alum Jeff Douglas returns to Dal to moderate 2023 Stanfield Conversation

"...And Douglas applies what he learned at Dal to his hosting gigs. Live on air, Douglas’s signature interview style is warm and charismatic. He connects with his guests on a personal level and teases out lines of conversation that don’t always follow the script his producers lay out for him..."


Meet Shannon Sterling, environmental scientist

"...When growing up near the Capilano River in North Vancouver, Shannon Sterling witnessed unsettling events like landslides and dwindling salmon populations — the consequences of clear-cutting old growth forests and the construction of a dam. These experiences underscored the profound influence of human activity on the natural environment, leading Sterling on a path to study geography, hydrology, and the global water cycle..."


RCMP recover equipment stolen from Willowbrook Fire Department

"...The trailer that was broken into housed pumps used to fight Upper Park Rill wildfire Brennan PhillipsSep. 21, 2023 5:00 p. m..."


Coastal GasLink fined $346K for non-compliance

"...CHETWYND, B. C. — The Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) issued penalties totalling $346,000 to Coastal GasLink Pipeline (CGL) on Tuesday for non-compliance..."


Destructive West Kelowna, B.C., wildfire now considered 'held'

"...About half of the 400 structures or homes destroyed in B. C. 's record-breaking wildfire season so far have been lost in the Kelowna area..."


Samaritan's Purse helping Okanagan wildfire victims sift through the destruction

"...“It may seem hopeless, but it helps give homeowners closure to know that, ‘OK, there’s nothing left behind,’ or if we do find something, it helps them find closure of what happened here,” said Samaritan’s Purse site leader, Lisa Letkeman. “We shovel the ash into the sifters, sift through it and we pick out whatever we can find. ”On Thursday, a crew of six volunteers were sent to search through the wreckage at Camp OAC near Wilson’s Landing..."


Coastal GasLink fined $340,000 for erosion, sediment control challenges

"...The Coastal GasLink pipeline has been fined $340,000 by the B. C. Environmental Assessment Office for issues related to erosion and sediment control..."


Highway 97 north of Summerland to reopen in both directions

"...Landslide had resulted in detours, followed by single lane alternating traffic John ArendtSep. 21, 2023 2:54 p. m..."


Japan, Canada pledge more co-operation on battery supply chains, AI technology

"...Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne was coy about what kind of Canadian subsidies could follow to lure Japanese battery makers into Canada, though he and Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson both mentioned discussions underway with Toyota and Honda..."


CELA Asks Provincial Government to Return Land to the Greenbelt

"...CELA submitted a letter to Premier Ford and Minister Calandra, asking that all recommendations of the Auditor General of Ontario's report be implemented. This included recommendation #14, which recommended a re-evaluation of the 2022 decision to change the Greenbelt boundaries..."



Recent episodes relevant to the latest news and opinion.

Episode #66: Jon Stika

Duration: 58:04

"...Jon Stika is a writer, agronomist, and former soil health instructor with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)..."


4/2/21 - Climate Action Pursuit, Baby Wild Animals

Duration: 03:30

"...Delta College is serving as a host institution for Climate Action Pursuit..."


The Agronomists, Ep 89: Jeanette Gaultier and Rob Bahry on clever chemistry mixes

Duration: 56:51

"...When it comes to weed control, we can’t always wait for the next thing in the pipeline, we need to manage what we have..."


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Deborah Greaves on wave power and offshore renewable energy

Duration: 28:29

"...If you’ve ever seen the ocean during a storm, you’ll understand the extraordinary power contained in waves..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers relevant to the latest news and opinion.

Energy cycle assessment of bioethanol production from sugarcane bagasse by life cycle approach using the fermentation conversio

"...Moreover, by replacing fossil fuels with clean energies, more energy efficiency and less environmental consequences can be achieved because fossil fuels cause air pollution leading to acid rain, eutrophication, damage to forests, and harm to wildlife..."


Scientists? warning to humanity on the freshwater biodiversity crisis

"...Yet human impacts to lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands and groundwater are dramatically reducing biodiversity and robbing critical natural resources and services from current and future generations..."


Lignocellulosic biofuel production: review of alternatives

"...In addition, investment on waste disposal is not economical; however, recycling of the same waste for renewable energy production is favorable in the economic and social development of the society in an eco-friendly manner..."


Prospective of Waste Lignocellulosic Biomass as Precursors for the Production of Biochar: Application, Performance, and Mechani

"...Utilization of biochar has made substantial breakthroughs in increasing agricultural productivity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, sequester atmospheric carbon into the soil, reducing bioavailability of environmental contaminants, and subsequently becoming a value-added product sustaining bioeconomy..."


Pulses Waste to Biofuels

"...Biodegradable waste utilization like agricultural and forestry residue, nonedible plant material is promising, economical, and environment-friendly substitutes for fossil fuels..."


Consequences of Coastal Wetlands Reclamation and the Need for Integrating Impact Assessment of Invasive Alien Plants Species an

"...We examine quantitative methods for cause-effect evaluation of three major biodiversity loss drivers: biodiversity/habitat loss, greenhouse gases GHG warming and nutrient enrichment/eutrophication, which are pertinent to IAPS, and coastal armoring in wetlands..."


Application of metallic nanoparticles for biogas enhancement using the biomethane potential test

"...Owing to the continued global environmental crisis, wastewater treatment is seen with great potential to limit the demand on freshwater usage while contributing to depletion of global warming with alternative source of renewable energy..."


Overview of green business practices within the Bangladeshi RMG industry: competitiveness and sustainable development perspecti

"...The booming industrial sectors have been resulting in a massive depletion of natural resources, greenhouse gas erosion, and toxic waste disposal, which further can cause uncontrolled degradation of air, soil, and water..."


Recommended Reading

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How Bad Are Bananas?

The Carbon Footprint of Everything

"...A smart, practical, and accessible guide to measuring (and reducing) our carbon footprint, from internationally recognized expert, Mike Berners-Lee..."

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Climate Change and Society

Sociological Perspectives

"...An improved understanding of the complex relationship between climate change and society is essential for modifying ecologically harmful human behaviors and institutional practices, creating just and effective environmental policies, and developing a more sustainable future..."

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The Climate Challenge

101 Solutions to Global Warming

"...Each solution describes steps that are already being used in homes, schools, businesses, cities, and governments around the world-with full scientific references to help the reader dig deeper and push farther..."

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Resetting Our Future

What If Solving the Climate Crisis Is Simple?

"...An inspiring and practical narrative that will leave readers feeling uplifted and empowered to create a future they are eager to embrace..."

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Jobs in Environmental Resilience

Recent employment opportunities related to the latest news.

Préposé à la balance

"...circular economy of batteries and create value for customers throughout North America..."

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Warehouse Manager

"...material management flow, managing the entire material flow since goods receipt to finish products shipment, including point of use areas, internal and external storage places to ensure organization..."

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Senior Planner – Park & Urban Forestry

"...Focus on a variety of source data and detailed drawings for short..."

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Forestry Intern

"...sustainable forest stewardship, managing private timberlands and Crown forest tenures in Coastal British Columbia for more than a century..."

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