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Coverage of afforestation since June 28, 2021.

Cropped 11 October 2023: Amazon dolphin deaths; EU agri round-up; ‘Exploitative’ carbon offsets

"...In the fortnight since Carbon Brief’s week-long special, carbon-offset projects have come under further scrutiny. Bloomberg reported that Dubai-based Blue Carbon signed a deal to generate carbon credits from about a fifth of Zimbabwe’s landmass. Separately, a joint Climate Home News and Unearthed investigation found that projects in Cambodia and Brazil were “selling carbon offsets…despite an uptick in deforestation”..."


Report calls for B.C. leadership to boost carbon dioxide removal strategies

"...“Achieving our climate goals generally will require everyone to work together,” Todd said over the phone, referring to provinces and cities working in tandem with the federal government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions..."


Conservatives slam the carbon tax for adding to inflation, but fail to mention its rebates

"...However, the greatest deception is the failure to mention the rebates on the carbon tax. These are called Climate Action Incentive (CAI) payments and are now delivered to Canadian households every three months. The incentive payments vary between provinces, but I will use my home province of Alberta as an example..."


What makes a good carbon offset? Exploring offset project value through the Carbon Offset Evaluation Template

"...Carbon offsets are developed to evidence the achievement of project-based emissions reductions, for use in voluntary markets serving corporate and retail consumers, and for compliance markets needed to achieve emissions reductions for use by emitters covered under government-mandated systems. Projects meet different offset protocols or standards, which are validated and verified by an accredited third-party. Carbon offset projects fall into a variety of categories, including transportation, energy efficiency, fuel switch, afforestation and reforestation, biomass energy, improved forest management, recycling, landfill gas capture, and waste diversion..."


Green shoots of the hydrogen economy

"...In order to get to 100 per cent hydrogen distribution, there are other issues beyond the regulatory challenges. Hydrogen can cause a phenomenon known as stress corrosion cracking. This is a major concern for high-pressure steel pipeline infrastructure used in the backbone network..."


‘A ripple effect’: How a conservationist’s legacy led to the creation of Saskatoon’s ‘secret forest’

"...“It was here, as an affiliate of Emmanuel College, that he recognized for the first time the dangers of wind erosion and the value of trees in preventing the formation of deserts and their advance into the grasslands and forests,” vice president of research, B. W. Currie, said during the presentation..."


Creating more problems

"...The IPCC states that forests definitely have a role to play in capturing carbon, but that afforestation—creating new forests—is less important than stopping deforestation..."


Using land to tackle climate change could have ‘adverse impacts’ on global hunger

"...The researchers focus their study on three land-based mitigation measures: afforestation, bioenergy crops and cutting non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions – such as methane and nitrous oxides. They use a mitigation strategy consistent with RCP2. 6 – an emissions scenario in which global warming stays below 2C above pre-industrial levels..."


Avoiding temperature ‘overshoot’ reduces multiple climate change risks, say scientists

"...Many of these pathways rely on a combination of overshoots and “negative emissions” – also known as carbon dioxide removal (CDR). These include measures to enhance the natural carbon sinks – such as afforestation, reforestation and the conservation of degraded marine and coastal habitats. They can also include technologies such as direct air capture, in which CO2 is removed from the atmosphere, or bioenergy with carbon capture and storage, in which bioenergy crops are grown and then burned for energy, and the resulting emissions stored underground..."


Coastal ecosystems worldwide: Billion-dollar carbon reservoirs

"...The study also emphasizes that carbon storage is only a small part of positive impacts of coastal ecosystems for humans. "Coastal ecosystems are an essential component of marine ecosystems and are therefore particularly important for marine biodiversity and for fisheries. At the same time, they contribute to flood and coastal protection and are therefore important for adaptation to climate change," emphasizes Martin Quaas, who heads the Biodiversity Economics research group at iDiv and UL..."


Guest post: Emissions should fall ‘twice as fast’ in case negative emissions fail Carbon Brief

"...Many model pathways designed to meet the climate goals of the Paris Agreement rely heavily on large-scale carbon dioxide removal (CDR), also known as “negative emissions”..."


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Forestry Program Assistant

"...Lands team, the successful candidate will be responsible for assisting department staff with the delivery of forest management and afforestation activities on Conservation Authority lands, at Durham..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about afforestation.

“Conserving American Forests With Carbon Revenues” with Sarah Ford & Jessica Bakowski (Part 2 of 2)

"...To explain how this may be possible, Sarah Ford, Chief Forestry Officer, and Jessica Bakowski, New England Regional Forester, both of Forest Carbon Works, presented “Conserving American Forests With Carbon Revenues. ” They reviewed forest conservation, climate mitigation, and legacy building, and then talked about carbon program options for U. S..."


Offsetting the future with Kai Landwehr

"...Emissions are reduced thereby replacing fossil energy resources with renewable energies, and by implementing local afforestation measures with smallholder farmers and energy-efficient technologies..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about afforestation relevant to the latest news.

Pathways to achieving nature-positive and carbon?neutral land use and food systems in Wales

"...In contrast, the land use and agricultural sector became a net carbon sink in both the land sparing and land sharing pathways, through high afforestation targets, peatland restoration, reducing food waste and moving towards a healthier diet..."


Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions in Agriculture: Strategies and Their Economic Feasibility

"...Various agricultural strategies have been identified as appropriate measures to increase carbon sequestration and/or reduce GHG emissions, including conservation tillage, crop rotations, continuous cropping, residue retention, improved fertilisation, and afforestation..."


Taxonomic and community composition of epigeal arthropods in monoculture and mixed tree species plantations in a deciduous fore

"...Tropical forests provide several ecosystem services and functions and support approximately two-thirds of the world?s biodiversity but are seriously threatened by deforestation..."


Carbon Sequestration Potential of Urban Trees: A Case of Kolar Area in Bhopal City, India

"...The study and the recommendations will prove to be helpful in afforestation projects for urban landscapes and reducing the local area carbon dioxide equivalent concentrations..."


Carbon sequestration and emission mitigation potential of afforestation and reforestation of unproductive territories

"...The purpose of this study was to assess the potential for carbon sequestration in the ecosystem and in harvested wood products, and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emission mitigation, following the application of afforestation/reforestation strategies on unproductive lands in the Province of Quebec over an 80-year long period (2021?2101), using the Carbon Budget Model of the Canadian Forester Sector 3..."


China?s terrestrial ecosystem carbon balance during the 20th century: an analysis with a process-based biogeochemistry model

"...Here we combine spatially-explicit information on vegetation, soil, topography, climate and land use change with a process-based biogeochemistry model to quantify the responses of terrestrial carbon cycle in China during the 20th century..."


Role of black pine (Pinus nigra J. F. Arnold) in European forests modified by climate change

"...In the twenty-first century, it is crucial to see climate change not only as a risk that can cause large-scale forest disturbances but also as an opportunity for innovative approaches to forest management and silviculture of new resistant tree species, like the prospective black pine (Pinus nigra J..."


Perspectives on the role of terrestrial ecosystems in the ?carbon neutrality? strategy

"...We further elaborate on the long-term effects of atmospheric CO2 changes and afforestation on China?s terrestrial carbon sink: the enhancement of the terrestrial carbon sink by the CO2 fertilization effect will diminish as the growth of the atmospheric CO2 slows down, or completely stops, depending on international efforts to combat climate change, and carbon sinks induced by ecological engineering, such as afforestation, will also decline as forest ecosystems become mature and reach their late-successional stage..."


Spatio-temporal Changes in Water Conservation Ecosystem Service During 1990?2019 in the Tumen River Basin, Northeast China

"...The water conservation (WC) function of ecosystems is related to regional ecological security and the sustainable development of water resources, and the assessment of WC and its influencing factors is crucial for ecological and water resource management..."


Influencing factors and prediction of net carbon sink in the primary sector of the coastal city in China

"...To achieve the goal of urban carbon dioxide emission reduction, how to increase carbon sequestration has become a top priority..."


Afforestation increases microbial diversity in low-carbon soils

"...Afforestation has an important role in biodiversity conservation and ecosystem function improvement..."


Modeling the effect of budget allocation on the abatement of atmospheric carbon dioxide

"...In the modeling process, it is considered that a part of the available budget is used for the control of anthropogenic emission and the remaining part of budget is used for afforestation and reforestation..."