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News and Opinion

Coverage of algae since May 21, 2024.

Tips for staying safe against blue-green algae this summer

"...Elizabeth Montgomery, a water resource specialist with the Halifax Regional Municipality, said what weve come to know as blue-green algae isnt actually algae at all; its a bacteria called cyanobacteria..."


Here's why you may have noticed changes in your tap water

"...The Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Corporation recently sent out a PSA assuring residents that their water is safe to drink and meets all regulatory drinking water requirements..."


Halifax beach closed due to blue-green algae

"...Cunard Pond Beach in Halifax is closed for recreational use due to blue-green algae bloom..."


Hamilton health unit warns of blue-green algae at beach near downtown

"...Hamilton Public Health Services is reporting the presence of toxin-producing blue-green algae at a beach near the citys downtown core..."


How a floating island is helping to improve water quality at a Winnipeg pond

"...The wetland is full of plants with their roots hanging down into the water where they can absorb nutrients and pollutants..."


Tom Mulcair gets to the heart of green governance Corporate Knights

"...From the outset, it was clear that the government of Jean Charest, elected in 2003 after two terms of Parti Qubcois rule, was going to make the environment a priority. Having served as federal environment minister in Brian Mulroneys government, Charest had led the Canadian delegation to the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio in 1992 where 154 countries signed the Framework Convention on Climate Change, agreeing to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and where Agenda 21, the action plan for achieving sustainable development, was launched. As premier, he renamed the Quebec portfolio the Ministry for Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks the first and only of its kind in Canada and appointed Mulcair, a whip-smart jurist and feisty parliamentarian, minister..."


Blue-green algae blooms found in two P.E.I. bodies of water

"...Blue-green algae blooms have been found in two bodies of water on Prince Edward Island, according to the chief public health office..."


Research project at Dalhousies Aquatron lab aims to make kelp farming more sustainable

"...Most seafood production in Canada comes from wild or natural stocks. However, Canadian aquaculture production has grown by over 140,000 tonnes since the early 1990s. Aquaculture involves the farming of aquatic species, including fish, shellfish, and marine plant species like kelp..."


Supercorals Might Not Be So Super Hakai Magazine

"...Its hardly news that the worlds corals are in trouble. Distressed by warmer and more acidic water and beset by pollution and development, many reefs have shifted from bountiful, diverse technicolor displays into drab expanses of uniform algae. On the Ulithi atoll, in the Federated States of Micronesia, however, some reefs are struggling with a different kind of ecological shift: getting smothered by a single type of weedy coral..."


N.S. New Democrats pushing for legislation to fight blue-green algae

"...The NDP says the Nova Scotia government needs to focus on lake conservation and protection as potentially harmful algae blooms worsen due to climate change and human activity..."


Indonesias Mount Ibu erupts 3 times, spewing lava and clouds of grey ash

"...More than 1,900 people have been evacuated from three villages close to the volcano, according to the National Disaster Management Agency. Thousands of hectares (acres) of farmland have been affected by the eruptions..."


Recommended Reading

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Symbiotic Planet

A New Look At Evolution

"...Along the way, Margulis describes her initiation into the world of science and the early steps in the present revolution in evolutionary biology; the importance of species classification for how we think about the living world; and the way "academic apartheid" can block scientific advancement..."

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Jobs in algae

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Environmental Field Services Student

"...groundwater, aquatic invertebrates, vegetation, fish, algae etc..."

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Shellfish Hatchery Support Worker

"...algae production and hatchery facility in the production of shellfish seed for research and industrial purposes..."

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Seasonal Parks Lead Hand

"...marine regulation buoys and signs etc; Maintains public beaches by dragging/raking debris and removes algae from foreshore of beaches when necessary; Opening and closing of park gates and..."

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Optimization Supervisor

"...Provide functional advice and expertise respecting IESO Market Rules and attempt to ensure compliance in this regard to Asset and Transmission..."

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Recent episodes that mention algae.

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308 Georg Baunach - More than half of the fish you eat is farmed: basics, potential and risks of investing in aquaculture

Duration: 1:22:41

"...A conversation with Georg Baunach, managing partner and co-founder of Hatch Blue, a knowledge-driven aquaculture and alternative seafood specialist..."


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301 Yasmine Cathell on nutrient quality bio stimulants, microalgae and other random but world changing regen trivia

Duration: 1:07:57

"...A check-in conversation with Yasmine Cathell in which we discuss everything from why we should focus on solutions that work for all farmers, not just regen organic, to the reduction of bio stimulants on farm or off farm, microalgae, nutrient density, and quality..."


RealAg Radio: Cutworms, biological breakthroughs, and nozzle selection, May 6, 2024

Duration: 55:24

"...Thanks for tuning into this Agronomic Monday edition of RealAg Radio! On this episode, host Shaun Haney is joined by: Jeremy Boychyn of Alberta Grains on cutworms, the FHB risk map and seeding rates; Peter Johnson of RealAgriculture on a biological breakthrough related to algae; Martin Carr with Winfield United Canada on agronomy issues in. ..."


8/28/20 - Fall Color; Algae Blooms

Duration: 03:00

"...Pure Michigan is promoting places to see fall color in the Saginaw Bay region..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about algae.

Guardians of the Sea: 5 Ways Sea Turtles Keep Our Oceans Thriving

"...Nutrient Cycling:Sea turtles recycle nutrients by digesting and releasing waste, sustaining marine ecosystems..."


Stemming the Pollution Tide | Virtual Ocean Dialogues

"...The cost of polluting the ocean is not just to the health of marine ecosystems, but also to human health and economies..."


Green Architecture Saving the World | Visiting Sustainable Buildings from Across the Planet

"...Architects have incorporated nature, renewable technologies and climate change solutions into their buildings..."


Algae - natures answer to fossil fuels and plastics!!

"...Algae has been used by humans for thousands of years, but the idea of using algae as a secret weaponto combatclimate change is definitelya modern day concept..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about algae relevant to the latest news.

Impact of petroleum hydrocarbon and heavy metal pollution on coral reefs and mangroves: a review

"...Here, we review the effect of these contaminants on coral reefs and mangrove ecosystems, with focus on reef fishes, algae, corals, and oil spills..."


A comparative assessment of microbial biodiesel and its life cycle analysis

"...Life cycle analysis of biodiesel produced from microorganisms takes into consideration the environmental impact and sustainability of each step in the production process, including the impact on land use, water use, greenhouse gas emissions, and the availability of resources..."


Reassessing the role of herbivores on urban coral reefs: A case study from a heavily impacted reef near Cartagena Bay, Colombia

"...Our study demonstrates how environmental context can alter the importance of critical processes on coral reefs and highlights the need to reexamine traditional paradigms in reef ecology to understand ecosystem function on future reefs..."


Ensuring nutrition and food safety within planetary boundaries: The role of microalgae-based ingredients in sustainable food ch

"...Given this, this study conducts an analysis oriented to food key ingredients considered essential in human nutrition, namely: proteins, ?-carotene as a precursor of vitamin A, and polyunsaturated fatty acids (docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acids), using life cycle assessment (LCA) linked to the planetary boundary structure, under nine indices: climate change, biosphere integrity, global biogeochemical fluxes, stratospheric ozone depletion, ocean acidification, global freshwater use, land use change, chemical pollution, and atmospheric aerosol loading..."


Application of algae for enhanced plant growth and food productivity

"...The review focuses on an in-depth exploration of the implementation of algae as biofertilizers, specifically BGA, emphasizing their profound impact on soil ecosystems and sustainable agricultural practices..."


Understanding the risks of co-exposures in a changing world: a case study of dual monitoring of the biotoxin domoic acid and Vi

"...In marine ecosystems, the co-occurrence of harmful algal bloom toxins and bacterial pathogens within the genus Vibrio may impact both ecosystem and human health..."


Decomposition rates appear stable despite elevated shrimp abundances following hurricanes in montane streams, Puerto Rico

"...However, increased shrimp abundances following the hurricanes did not result in faster decomposition, potentially because shrimp diets shifted toward algae post-hurricanes when canopies were more open..."


Bioactive compounds from micro-algae and its application in foods: a review

"...The marine ecosystem is a vast source of diversified biota that includes more than half of the world?s biota including marine microorganisms; algae, invertebrates, and fish..."


Filamentous nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria: contributing to filling nitrogen and water gaps in a context of climate change

"...In this review, we analyze the potential of microalgae and cyanobacteria to aid conventional agriculture in providing critical services such as carbon capture, wastewater management, food/feed, biofuels, and other higher value bioproducts..."


You are what you eat: is the apple snail Pomacea canaliculata a macrophytophage or a detritivore in its native range (southern

"...Herbivorous invaders promote changes in community structure and ecosystem functioning..."