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News and Opinion

Coverage of biochar since April 18, 2022.

FOREST INK: Develop a national strategy to salvage wood burned in wildfires

"...As he points out this could be a window of opportunity to consider other options to mill closures but it will be a short-term supply of cheap wood. He then goes on to discuss the longer-term changes that need to take place to deal with the increasing wildfire season. It is time to talk about developing reforestation plans where harvested mixed-wood stands are returned to mixed-wood forests instead of being converted to softwood mono cultures..."


FOREST INK: Carbon-neutral agriculture an option

"...Biochar is described as the New Black in reference to the importance of fossil fuels in industrial agriculture and the ongoing need to become carbon neutral. Management methods alone will not pave the way for climate-neutral food production. More research is needed, and pyrolysis of straw into biochar could prove to be part of the solution since it has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time increase the soil’s organic carbon content..."


Groups criticize CRD's pace in advancing thermal biosolid-disposal facility

"...Pictured is the Capital Regional District’s wastewater treatment facility at McLoughlin Point. Local groups have reiterated their opposition to land applying biosolids in the CRD as a long-term plan. (CRD image)..."


FOREST INK: North America’s largest biochar plant will be built in Quebec

"...The project will sequester 75,000 tons of carbon per year — equivalent to over 400 rail cars worth of burned coal — and generate certified carbon credits that will be sold by First Climate AG. Used as a soil amendment, biochar offers several benefits, including carbon sequestration, increased nutrient retention, and optimized soil aeration and drainage. Its properties allow it to contribute to soil regeneration, limit the use of fertilizers and sustain water resources..."


UBC startup addresses burning farm and forestry waste

"...Kevin Kung, a post-doctoral researcher at the Biomass and Bioenergy Research Group at the University of British Columbia, and Takachar CTO, helped develop the machine mainly to address a problem in Northern India, where farmers burn off their fields every year after harvest..."


Thermal processes possible for CRD's long-term biosolid solution

"...Pictured is the McLoughlin Point Wastewater Treatment Plant in Esquimalt. The CRD has received some results from thermal processing pilots that were looking at long-term options for the region’s biosolids. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chad Hipolito..."


FOREST INK: Deep loam soils will also be useful for forestry

"...I first added compost on the bottom, then began adding two-inch layers of old soil, more compost, biochar, and a loam from a local company until I was six inches from the top of the bin..."


FOREST INK: Company invests $10M in biochar

"...There are also portable systems that could treat the residual logging cull piles that may not be economical to chip and bring to town for the energy plant and wood pellet manufacturing. As with many new ventures it is a matter of developing markets for a product so investors will be encouraged to support the system..."


Elon Musk's Carbon Removal XPrize dishes out $1M milestone awards

"...An unprecedented XPrize competition designed to develop solutions to the mounting levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has progressed to its next phase, with 15 teams from around the world each awarded US$1 million to continue developing their technologies. Teams working on ultra-thin CO2-soaking membranes and techniques that bury plant matter in the ground are among those to earn recognition from the judges, and will now press ahead with efforts to massively scale up their approaches. Launched last February, the $100-million Carbon Removal XPrize is the richest XPrize competition ever conducted, and tasks competing teams with demonstrating how carbon can be captured from the air and safely stored away for at least 100 years..."


RANCH MUSINGS: Agriculture in the latest UN climate report

"...“The largest share of this economic potential comes from the conservation, improved management, and restoration of forests and other ecosystems (coastal wetlands, peatlands, savannahs and grasslands), with reduced deforestation in tropical regions having the highest total mitigation. Improved and sustainable crop and livestock management, and carbon sequestration in agriculture, the latter includes soil carbon management in croplands and grasslands, agroforestry and biochar ..."


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Recent episodes that mention biochar.

New Science Says Biochar is Very Permanent

Duration: 29:28

"...In our guest’s corner of the geoscience field, inertinites are well-known to be stable forms of carbon..."


How biochar removes CO2 from the air -- and helps farmers thrive | Axel Reinaud

Duration: 11:27

"...Source: TED Talks Daily..."


AN 3: Myno - Biochar To Cut GHG Emissions & Sequesters Carbon ft Thor Kallestad

Duration: 45:34

"...Source: The Crownsmen Show..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about biochar.

The Reality of Carbon Capture

"...Most of the headlines come from direct air carbon capture technology, but there are some natural approaches starting to get attention that could not only sequester carbon from the atmosphere, but also improve our food production, reduce erosion, and many other benefits..."


The problem with rice no one is talking about

"...But rice has a dark secret: It pumps pollutants into the air and is vulnerable to extreme weather..."


Catastrophic Carbon Removal. How the 'Big Solution' is failing badly.

"...So what is Carbon Dioxide Removal? Why is it different to Carbon Capture and Storage, and how on earth will we do it? ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about biochar relevant to the latest news.

Algal biomass dual roles in phycoremediation of wastewater and production of bioenergy and value-added products

"...Algal biomass has been gaining attention over the last decades as it is versatile and can be used in different industries, such as wastewater treatment and bioenergy industries..."


Synthesis and modification of slow-release fertilizers for sustainable agriculture and environment: a review

"...Specifically, imbalance and extensive utilization of urea fertilizers have enhanced greenhouse gas production and polluted the ground as well as surface water resources via volatilization, leaching, and eutrophication processes..."


Removal of ammonium and phosphates from aqueous solutions by biochar produced from agricultural waste

"...Current wastewater treatment methods involve a combination of physical and chemical processes, technologies, and operations to remove pollutants from effluents; adsorption is an excellent example of an effective method for wastewater treatment, and biochar is currently one of the most valuable adsorbents..."


Plant uptake of personal care products and biochar-assisted immobilization in soil: an appraisal

"...The present review identified biosolid application and wastewater irrigation are the main sources of PCPs in the environment..."


Distinct Behavior of Biochar Modulating Biogeochemistry of Salt-Affected and Acidic Soil: a Review

"..., soil erosion, waterlogging, acidification, salinization, flooding, anthropogenic activities, and other environmental extremes, adversely restrict soil health in the long run..."


Bamboo Gasification for Sustainable Energy and Rural Development in Uganda

"...Bamboo gasification is a promising social innovation for sustainable energy and rural development in Uganda..."


Exploring the Potential of Biochar and Mulched Drip Irrigation with Plastic Film on Crop Yields in Water-Stressed Regions: a Gl

"...The authors analyzed a total of 58 studies to investigate the effect of drip and sprinkler irrigation on crop yields, as well as the impact of deficit irrigation, plastic film mulching, and biochar application..."


Biochars Affect the Mobility of Carcinogenic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Amended Soil and Their Bioaccumulation

"...Experiments were conducted to check the influence of different biochars, like rice straw biochar (RSBC), sewage sludge biochar (SSBC), and soybean stalk biochar (SBBC), on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons mobility and bioaccumulation in spinach added at the rates of 2, 5, and 10% to polluted soil..."


Biochar amendment reassembles microbial community in a long-term phosphorus fertilization paddy soil

"...This study investigates the effect of biochar amendment on microbial community structure and soil nutrient status in paddy soil that has been fertilized for an extended period of time, shedding light on sustainable agricultural practices..."


Recent trends and technologies for reduced environmental impacts of fertilizers: a review

"...Through a bibliometric analysis, articles citing slow-release fertilizers, biochar, vermicomposting and fertigation were sought..."


Impact and its mechanism of alkaline functional fertilizer on cadmium activity in soil

"...Dolomite and biochar in the AFF could increase the Cd2+ adsorption sites of soil particles and the binding energy between soil and Cd2+, thus increasing Cd2+ adsorption and preventing the desorption of adsorbed Cd2+..."