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Coverage of biodiesel since February 27, 2022.

Saffron fields in Nova Scotia? Climate change is altering what we farm and eat

"...Here is a look at some of the ways climate change is changing Canadian agriculture: Saffron finds a home in Nova Scotia Saffron, a spice so expensive that it has been dubbed red gold, is traditionally grown in Iran, India, Afghanistan and Spain, among a handful of countries. But when Matthew Roy moved from New Hampshire to begin farming in Nova Scotia in 2020, he identified saffron as a promising crop, in part because of the changing climate and saffron's short growing season. As the climate changes, so too do Canadians' farm fields and dinner tables..."


Biofuel Made from Algae Isnt the Holy Grail We Expected Hakai Magazine

"...As a group, biofuelsfuels made from renewable natural resources, such as plants, coffee grounds, and vegetable oilsemit less carbon dioxide into the environment than fossil fuels. And microalgae, phytoplankton that grow in fresh and salt water, have qualities that made them particularly hopeful candidates. Some phytoplankton produce up to 30 times more energy than other biofuels because they contain large quantities of fats that can be converted into fuel..."


Atlantic premiers ask federal government to delay clean fuel regulations

"...Atlantic Canadian premiers requesting a delay on adopting countrywide regulations aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions received a quick clapback from the federal government on Thursday. The four premiers — from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador — put out a statement saying federal clean fuel regulations, which are set to come into effect July 1 along with the carbon tax, place an unfair burden on the region. They said the regulations should not be implemented “until a plan can be developed to address the disproportionate impact of the regulations on Atlantic Canadians..."


An Edmonton couple refitted their home to be completely net zero

"...The two used software to play around with different configurations. They realized that with enough insulation, it would be possible to cut off natural gas entirely and heat the house only with electricity, turning the scrappy bungalow into an energy-efficient, solar-powered dream. Tufts was thrilled: as a self-described gearhead, he already had an interest in EV-powered cars, and he once converted a Japanese mini-truck to battery electric and learned how to home-brew biodiesel to run cars on vegetable oil..."


Port of Vancouver testing first renewable diesel vessel among federal agencies

"...We dont want to see a continuation forever of diesel engines. But theres a lot of value built up in diesel assets that relate to the port, billions of dollars. Thats not all going to be converted to battery electric, hydrogen or some other kind of zero-emissions immediately..."


Twelve clean fuel projects in BC to get federal funds

"...The 12 projects include the production of five types of low carbonfuels: hydrogen, renewable natural gas, sustainable aviation fuel, biodiesel and ethanol..."


Ottawa to delay new fuel standards, ask oil and gas sector for more emissions cuts

"...The emissions intensity is calculated on what are known as life cycle emissions every ounce of carbon dioxide, methane or other greenhouse gases produced when oil and gas is extracted, processed, refined, upgraded, transported and finally, burned. There are multiple options to lower emissions intensity, such as by replacing fossil fuels with clean electricity during the extraction or refining phases, distributing biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel, or investing in electric or hydrogen fuel-powered vehicles..."


Sensor-packed footbridge demonstrates efficacy of flax construction

"..."The first Smart Circular Bridge in Almere uses around 3. 2 tonnes of flax fibers, mainly from French production," explained the TU/e press release. "The fibers, woven into mats, are impregnated with a polyester resin..."


Carbon Capture: sustainable or scam?

"...Atmospheric decarbonization mitigates the climate crisis by intentionally removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Atmospheric decarbonization is what photosynthetic bacteria, algae, and plants do naturally. Science has yet to develop a technology equal in efficiency and lower in cost than photosynthesis..."


A brief history of Canada's climate plans

"...1992: Canada signs the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Rio de Janeiro, which sets up the next three decades of global conferences to address greenhouse gas emissions. 1993: In the federal election, Liberal Leader Jean Chrtien promises to cut emissions to 80 per cent of what they were in 1988 by 2005, the same target Mulroney agreed to in 1988. 1995: Chretiens government introduces the National Action Program on Climate Change, promising to cut 66 million tonnes of emissions from current levels in 15 years..."


McNab/Braeside working to bring garbage steaming plant to Ottawa Valley

"...The plant is intended to be built on the site of the current landfill on Calabogie Road at an estimated cost of $30-million and would employ 25 people. Peckett is hopeful the recycling plant could be up and running by the end of 2023 or start of 2024..."


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Jobs in biodiesel

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Biodiesel Superintendent | Archer Daniels Midland

"...The Biodiesel Superintendent is responsible for overseeing all operations and aspects of the 350 million liter per year biodiesel facility, including budget..."

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Policy Analyst (1)

"...The Branch provides the ministry's main liaison with the oil, gas and low-carbon..."

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Biofuel Feedstock Trader - Montreal

"...Relevant experience includes domestic North American origination and sales, as well as international trade (imports and exports)..."

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Plant Operator

"...At Cargill we have a Culture of Safety , our goal is to return everyone safely back to their loved ones every day..."

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Recent episodes that mention biodiesel.

EVs unlikely to derail growth in renewable diesel demand

Duration: 13:44

"...Government policies that promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) are unlikely to make a major dent in future demand for renewable diesel, says an author of a recent report on the future of the renewable diesel market..."


Taking a look at the future of tractor engine power

Duration: 7:04

"...A diesel-powered engine is pretty powerful and much cleaner running than it used to be, but over the years has gotten a bad name..."


RealAg Radio, March 19: Syrup forecasting,press conferences, an issues panel, and a Beef Market Update

Duration: 55:06

"...Thanks for stopping by this Friday edition of RealAg Radio..."


RealAg Radio, October 7: BRM hyper-attention, canola biodiesel opportunities, and a Saskatchewan debate

Duration: 53:31

"...With a blink of an eye, we’re somehow at October 7..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about biodiesel.

Zero Emission Trucks : Can we afford to go there? Can we afford not to??

"...All of the world's biggest truck making firms are racing to get their hydrogen or battery electric vehicles to market in the next couple of years..."


Fuel Agnostic Engines: The Death of Diesel Fuel?

"...Venerable diesel engine builder Cummins has introduced a fuel agnostic heavy truck engine that uses an interesting modular design to create a single internal combustion powerplant capable of operating on diesel fuel, biodiesel, and gaseous fuels such as hydrogen, biogas or natural gas..."


253. Full Interview with Jeremy Baines of Neste, largest producer of renewable fuels in the world

"...Green Energy Futures talks to Baines about the transformation of Neste Oil to just "Neste" and how they came to produce 3. 4 trillion litres of biodiesel and renewable jet fuels per year..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about biodiesel relevant to the latest news.

A comparative assessment of microbial biodiesel and its life cycle analysis

"...Life cycle analysis of biodiesel produced from microorganisms takes into consideration the environmental impact and sustainability of each step in the production process, including the impact on land use, water use, greenhouse gas emissions, and the availability of resources..."


Integrated biorefinery approach for sustainable biofuel production from algal biomass

"...Biofuels such as bioethanol, biodiesel, and biogas from algal biomass are alternative sources of renewable energy and have attracted considerable attention in recent years..."


A comprehensive review of the resource efficiency and sustainability in biofuel production from industrial and agricultural was

"...The rationale behind implementing this sustainable energy solution is driven by its notable environmental benefits, which include reducing greenhouse gas emissions and facilitating ecological contaminants..."


Algal biomass dual roles in phycoremediation of wastewater and production of bioenergy and value-added products

"...Algal biomass has been gaining attention over the last decades as it is versatile and can be used in different industries, such as wastewater treatment and bioenergy industries..."


Biofuel-Integrated Routes

"...Pigments, vitamins, or essential polyunsaturated fatty acids can first be extracted from microalgae before lipid extraction for biodiesel followed by fermentation of defatted biomass for bioethanol..."


Life cycle assessment and techno-economic analysis of sustainable bioenergy production: a review

"...We discuss life cycle assessment in terms of concepts, methods, impacts, greenhouse gases, land use, water consumption, bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas, and techno-economic analysis..."


Sustainable valorization of waste glycerol into bioethanol and biodiesel through biocircular approaches: a review

"...Liquid biofuels like biodiesel and bioethanol are crucial in the transition to low-carbon and high-energy alternatives to fossil fuels..."


Life Cycle Assessment as a Key Decision Tool for Emerging Pretreatment Technologies of Biomass-to-Biofuel: Unveiling Challenges

"...Government mandates on biofuel blending further boost this trend, underlining the significance of selecting renewable feedstocks, such as bioethanol and biodiesel, for biofuel production..."


A Critical Review on the Efficacy and Mechanism of Nanoparticle-Based Flocculants for Biodiesel Feedstock Production from Micro

"...Thorough evaluations, encompassing techno-economic and life cycle assessments, play a crucial role in appraising the economic feasibility and environmental ramifications of biofuels derived from microalgae..."


The Use of Biocomponents and Additives to Improve the Quality and Safety of Diesel Fuels

"...The geo-political crises and the high concern for global warming, caused by greenhouse gas emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels made the depletion of fossil reservoirs become really dramatic for European Countries..."


Recent advances in transesterification for sustainable biodiesel production, challenges, and prospects: a comprehensive review

"...Next, it delves into the advancements in biodiesel applications, highlighting its versatility and potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels..."