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Coverage of biodiversity since June 17, 2024.

Q&A: Can debt-for-nature swaps help tackle biodiversity loss and climate change?

"...In this Q&A, Carbon Brief examines how debt-for-nature swaps work, the criticism they have received and whether they can alleviate biodiversity loss and climate change in developing countries..."


Deforestation in Colombia fell to historic lows in 2023, environment minister says

"...But next year's figures don't look as promising. A significant rise in deforestation has already been recorded due to the effects of dry weather caused by El Nino, Muhamad said, which is a weather phenomenon that warms the central Pacific. Mass cattle ranching, drug crops and illegal mining and logging continue to drive deforestation in the Andean nation, Muhamad said..."


'Otherworldly' Portuguese man o' war becoming more common on Nova Scotia's inshore

"...HALIFAX With a little help from the warming Gulf Stream, Nova Scotia beachgoers are encountering a strange creature with a balloon-like body whose sting packs a higher punch than that of jellyfish..."


Tropical forest degradation due to edge effects is 200% higher than thought

"...The study, published in Nature, explains that trees near deforested or degraded areas of the forest are more vulnerable to drought, as well as to human activity such as logging. These edge effects are measurable up to 1. 5km into the forest, the authors find..."


Support for nature conservation is unwavering across British Columbians, survey finds

"...BRITISH Columbians are sending an overwhelming message of support for nature conservation and environmental protections ahead of the upcoming 2024 BC election, according to a new survey. Among BC residents, 85 per cent support the goal of protecting 30 per cent of lands by 2030, with protecting species at risk, intact watersheds and wildlife corridors topping the charts..."


Brazil's Pantanal wetlands fire season hasn't officially started but it's already breaking records

"...The environment minister attributed the fires to human activity, climate change and prolonged effects of El Nino and La Nina phenomena that alter sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean..."


What Economics Does or Doesnt Tell Us About the Climate Consequences of Using Wood

"...Timothy Searchinger is a Senior Research Scholar at Princeton University and Technical Director for Agriculture, Forestry and Ecosystems at WRI. This article was written in collaboration with Steve Berry, David Swenson Professor of Economics at Yale University and Faculty Director at the Tobin Center for Economic Policy.  To reduce global carbon emissions, should people harvest and use more wood or less? This question underlies the merits of policies that encourage power plants and heating facilities to burn more wood pellets and builders to construct more tall wood buildings..."


Nobody Asked Me But: Whos the real invasive species?

"...We are not dealing with science fiction here. The danger, it seems, stems from invasive species which have escaped into our forests, wetlands, rivers, oceans and even the skies above our heads. Whether they have been imported accidentally or intentionally, they pose a threat to the biodiversity of our country, province and even this island we call home..."


Scouts in Lambton receive funding to help restore native ecosystem

"...Scout troops in Lambton County will help restore a critically endangered ecosystem near the shore of Lake Huron at Port Franks. Provincial Environment Minister Andrea Khanjin visited Camp Attawandaron in Lambton Shores Tuesday to announce $52,000 funding for Scouts Canada to help restore the Oak Savanna at the site. Its a rare ecosystem that exists between prairie grassland and oak woodland..."


Growing whale-watching excursions near Rio de Janeiro's coast captivate tourists

"...Between June and November, humpback whales migrate to Brazilian waters to breed. Around 25,000 humpback whales make a 2,500-mile (4,000-kilometer) journey from feeding areas in Antarctica to northeast Brazil. Most concentrate in the Abrolhos region, an area of coral reefs off the coast of Bahia and Espirito Santo states known for featuring the greatest marine biodiversity in the South Atlantic..."


4 Growing Threats to Europes Forests: Logging, Bioenergy, Wildfires and Pests

"...Europes forests face increasing pressures. Impacts include fewer tall forests, climate change-induced wildfires, insect outbreaks, and, most recently, increased wood harvesting to meet additional demand for home-grown biomass in response to the Ukraine war and changing energy demands. Against this backdrop, the EUs new Nature Restoration Law will introduce critical safeguards to protect remaining old-growth forests, set aside additional forests for restoration, and improve the biodiversity of forests managed for wood production..."


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Jobs in biodiversity

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Senior Biodiversity Planner

"...environmental and land use planning, and implementation of environmental management plans? The District of Saanich is recruiting for a Senior Biodiversity Planner to join our expanding Parks team..."

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Terrestrial Ecology Researcher (1)

"...habitat, and biodiversity Technical expertise: understanding of hypothesis testing, experimental design and quantitative methods to conduct scientific research comprehension and expertise in..."

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KBA Program Manager

"...Biodiversity Areas (KBA) Program Manager Position Type: Full-time, Permanent Salary Range: ,000 to ,000 annually Program: Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) Location : Hybrid at WCS Canada Head..."

related opportunities

Nature Advisory Consultant

"...We are seeking to grow our team of specialists who can provide assessment and advisory services related to developing biodiversity strategies, supporting clients with..."

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Recent episodes that mention biodiversity.

309 Bridget Emmett Moving over carbon soil compaction is the real issue in agriculture

Duration: 58:10

"...A conversation with Bridget Emmett, a principal scientist at the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and a board member of the EU Mission Soil..."


307 Kat Bruce - Going from putting insects in a food processor to raising $27M in 10 years and building the biggest eDNA bi

Duration: 1:17:46

"...A conversation with Kat Bruce, founder of Nature Metrics , going from scooping insects with a small net and putting them in a food processor, to analysing the goo with an EDNA machine, to working with lots of large food corporations on measuring their biodiversity, food footprint, and impact. How do you look back at raising 27 million dollars and spending 10 years building the biggest biodiversity measurement company using eDNA in a time where very few people care at all about biodiversity, le..."


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Ag Policy Connection Ep. 12 Reducing methane while raising more cattle in the real world

Duration: 46:31

"...Methane emissions from cattle have received plenty of mainstream attention over the past decade, with calls to eat less beef often not accounting for the carbon sequestration and biodiversity benefits of producing highly-nutritious food on grasslands..."


304 Henry Dimbleby - Biodiversity on balance sheet, role and risks of gene editing and AI and the case for less meat

Duration: 42:47

"...This is the second part of a wider conversation with Henry Dimbleby, founder of Bramble Partners and LEON Restaurants (please find the first below as episode 303)..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about biodiversity.

Biodiversity ecosystems and ecological networks

"...Why is biodiversity and species richness important?..."


The Hickorynut Mussel and the Sturgeon: An Ottawa River Biodiversity Story

"...The Hickorynut mussel, endangered in Canada, is abundant in a unique section of the Ottawa River, a significant watershed that straddles Ontario and Quebec..."


Mr. Bruce Knight: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem Services Market

"...Knight explains the history of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) and details how ecosystem service markets can add incentives to motivate farmers and ranchers to improve soil health..."


Exploring Ecosystems: Tropical Rainforest Diversity | California Academy of Sciences

"...Fueled by sunlight and rain, rainforests are some of the most diverse energy-rich ecosystems on the planet..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about biodiversity relevant to the latest news.

DLCD: Deep learning-based change detection approach to monitor deforestation

"...In addition to decreasing soil fertility and rainfall, deforestation increases the likelihood of floods and droughts and has a major effect on global warming..."


Bioremediation: An Economical Approach for Treatment of Textile Dye Effluents

"...In bioremediation, the microorganisms utilize organic pollutants as a source of food or energy..."


Searching for a sustainable solution to increasing chemical pollution

"...Irreversible climate changes, biodiversity loss, ocean acidification, land and water degradation, and food scarcity took place..."


Shaping and enhancing resilient forests for a resilient society

"...Fostering social-ecological resilience by enhancing forests? ability to provide a range of ecosystem services, including carbon sequestration, habitat provision, and sustainable livelihoods, is key to addressing such uncertainty..."


Archetypal typology of European forest ecosystems integrating management intensity and naturalness

"...The crises of climate change and biodiversity loss have pushed the aim for increasing the resilience of forest ecosystems high on the agenda of foresters and policymakers..."


Lessons from Ethiopian coffee landscapes for global conservation in a post-wild world

"...The ubiquitous presence of human-nature interactions demands proactive, creative solutions to foster biodiversity conservation not only in remote protected areas but across entire landscapes inhabited by people..."


Effect of climate change and deforestation on populations of Penelope pileata (Galliformes-Cracidae)

"...Climate change and deforestation can affect, for instance, the spatial distribution of sensitive species such as Amazonian birds..."


Speciation happens in company ? not in isolation

"...Ecosystem functioning, such as the regulation of abiotic fluxes of energy and matter, has been intensely studied in the context of climate change and biodiversity loss..."


The Goldilocks Dilemma: the optimal management strategy for invasive trees in the Atlantic Forest

"...This study addresses the broader issue of invasive species management, particularly within the context of highly biodiverse yet threatened ecosystems such as the Atlantic Forest in Brazil..."


Effects of native species richness on reproduction of invasive Bidens pilosa vary with nutrient supply

"...Background Both increasing native species diversity and reducing nutrient availability can increase the ability of native plant communities to resist alien plant invasions..."


Comparing the economic performance of poplar-based alley cropping systems with arable farming in Brandenburg under varying site

"...Agroforestry can address multiple environmental challenges across the agricultural sector, for example biodiversity loss and soil degradation..."


The nexus between urbanization and ecosystem services balance in China: A coupling perspective

"...Weak decoupling can not only promote economic growth and social development but also protect the ecological environment and biodiversity, which is a type of sustainable development and an ideal state that urbanization should pursue..."