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Coverage of bioethanol since June 5, 2020.

Japan's Toyota shows

"...During a three-hour presentation at a Tokyo hall Tuesday, the car manufacturer giant announced it would offer lean compact engines that also run on so-called green fuels like hydrogen and bioethanol, or get paired with zero-emissions electric motors in hybrids..."


Coca Cola launches a bottle made from 100% plant-based plastic

"...We are seeing some promising advances in the world of plant-based plastics, and not just from research groups at the cutting edge of materials science, but from traditional purveyors of petroleum-based plastics like Lego and Pepsi. Coca Cola's latest moves in the area bring its first ever bottle made from 100 percent plant-based plastic to the table, produced with technology it says is ready to be scaled up. The newly unveiled plant-based bottle arrives more than a decade after the company first introduced its so-called PlantBottle, consisting of recyclable PET plastic made from up to 30 percent plant-based material..."


World-first CRISPR-edited sugarcane helps reduce environmental impact

"...Sugarcane is an important food crop, but its large environmental impact means theres plenty of room for improvement. Unfortunately its tricky and time-consuming to breed new varieties, but now researchers have used CRISPR gene-editing to do so quickly and more easily. Sugarcane is a key source of sugar, obviously, but thats not its only product the oil in the leaves and stems is often used to make bioethanol for greener fuels and plastics..."


Sweet success: CABBI demonstrates first precision breeding of sugarcane with CRISPR-Cas9

"...Sugarcane is one of the most productive plants on Earth, providing 80 percent of the sugar and 30 percent of the bioethanol produced worldwide. Its size and efficient use of water and light give it tremendous potential for the production of renewable value-added bioproducts and biofuels..."


Energycane produces more biodiesel than soybean at a lower cost

"..."The productivity of these non-food crops is very high per unit of land. Soybean is the traditional crop used for biodiesel, but we can get higher yield, more oil, and subsequently more biofuel from lipid-producing energycane," says Vijay Singh, Founder professor in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE) at U of I and co-author on all four papers..."


Sweet sorghum: Sweet promise for the environment

"...As the world's population grows, the demand for food, raw materials, and energy is also on the rise. This increases the burden on the environment and the climate. One strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to grow so-called C4 crops..."


Watch: Recycled cotton becomes new fabric

"...At the Department of Chemical Engineering in Lund where Edvin Ruuth works, there is a great deal of accumulated knowledge about using micro-organisms and enzymes, among other things, to transform the "tougher" carbohydrates in biomass into simpler molecules. This means that everything from biological waste and black liquor to straw and wood chips can become bioethanol, biogas and chemicals..."


Towards a green future: Efficient laser technique can convert cellulose into biofuel

"...With the imminent threat of a climate crisis hanging over our heads, it has become crucial to develop efficient alternatives to fossil fuels. One option is to use clean sources of fuels called biofuels, which can be produced from natural sources such as biomass. The plant-based polymer cellulose is the most abundant form of biomass globally and can be converted into raw materials such as glucose and xylose for the production of bioethanol (a type of biofuel)..."


Cosan: 1Q Earnings Snapshot

"...The bioethanol company posted revenue of $1. 11 billion in the period..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about bioethanol.

Cambridge scientists have found a way to fuel your car with sunshine

"...It uses the suns energy to convert CO2 and water into bioethanol..."


35 Fantastic Products Made From MUSHROOMS! | Mushroom Products | GroCycle

"...And, in a world where sustainability and circular economies are playing an ever greater role, fungi clearly have an important part to play! ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about bioethanol relevant to the latest news.

Life cycle assessment and techno-economic analysis of sustainable bioenergy production: a review

"...We discuss life cycle assessment in terms of concepts, methods, impacts, greenhouse gases, land use, water consumption, bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas, and techno-economic analysis..."


Methods to convert lignocellulosic waste into biohydrogen, biogas, bioethanol, biodiesel and value-added chemicals: a review

"...In the context of climate change and the circular economy, there is an urgent need to develop biofuels and value-added chemicals from lignocellulosic waste such as agricultural waste that amounts to about 1 million tons annually..."


Biomethanol production from renewable resources: a sustainable approach

"...The abundant availability of various kinds of biomass and their use as feedstock for the production of gaseous and liquid biofuels has been considered a viable, eco-friendly, and sustainable mode of energy generation..."


Biofuel-Integrated Routes

"...Pigments, vitamins, or essential polyunsaturated fatty acids can first be extracted from microalgae before lipid extraction for biodiesel followed by fermentation of defatted biomass for bioethanol..."


Wastewater-Grown Algal Biomass as Carbon-neutral, Renewable, and Low Water Footprint Feedstock for Clean Energy and Bioplastics

"...Summary Although wastewater-grown biomass has acceptability issues, it offers certain environmental benefits, including atmospheric carbon capture, phycoremediation of pollutants, and water recycling..."


Technology Advances in the Bioethanol Production from Eucalyptus Wood Biomass

"...In this context, the development of renewable energy sources has evolved considerably, mainly due to the incentive use of biofuels, such as bioethanol..."


Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) and Its Main Parts (By-Products) as Promising Sustainable Sources of Value-Added Ingredient

"...Mainly studied as a feedstock for the production of several chemicals and biofuels including bioethanol, biomethane, biohydrogen, biolipids, butyric and lactic acids, 1-butanol, acetone-butanol etc..."


Critical assessment of biorefinery approaches for efficient management and resource recovery from water hyacinths for sustainab

"..., compost, biofertilizer, and mulch, energy resources such as bioethanol, biomethane, biohydrogen, and biochar, and other resources such as biopolymers, animal feed and fish feed, and high-value chemicals have been gaining popularity in the last decade..."


Integrated biorefinery approach for sustainable biofuel production from algal biomass

"...Biofuels such as bioethanol, biodiesel, and biogas from algal biomass are alternative sources of renewable energy and have attracted considerable attention in recent years..."


Life Cycle Assessment as a Key Decision Tool for Emerging Pretreatment Technologies of Biomass-to-Biofuel: Unveiling Challenges

"...Government mandates on biofuel blending further boost this trend, underlining the significance of selecting renewable feedstocks, such as bioethanol and biodiesel, for biofuel production..."


Biomass characterization of wild and cultivated cardoon accessions and estimation of potential biofuels production

"...The aims of this study were (I) to characterize biomass quality and quantity of genotypes of wild and cultivated cardoon in order to produce different types of biofuels and (II) to identify the most promising accessions to be included in breeding programs for bioenergy characteristics or to be incorporated in the local agro-productive system..."


Nanotechnology for improved production of algal biofuels: a review

"...We discuss microalgae as a source of fuel, food supplements, and CO2 for biorefineries that produce biomethane, biohydrogen, and bioethanol..."