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Coverage of biogas since April 30, 2023.

Expansion to Calgary's composting facility sees costs balloon 75%

"...The current composting facility opened in 2017 and is now processing volumes above its capacity of 100,000 metric tons of food and yard waste per year..."


$1.4 million needed to repair Kelowna dump in wildfire aftermath

"...“On Aug. 17, in the evening, city staff got a call there was a fire that jumped the lake and it was coming towards the landfill,” Scott Hoekstra, manager of Landfill and Composting Operations at the City of Kelowna, said. “Fortis asked us to shut off the gas and biogas plant and staff came out and started working on getting areas around the landfill prepped in case the fire came towards us the next day..."


Biogas plant in Chilliwack becomes largest of its kind in B.C.

"...Waste, like livestock manure and local food waste, is transformed into biogas in air-tight tanks through fermentation..."


Enbridge, Divert break ground on renewable fuel facility in Washington

"...Enbridge, which bought a 10 per cent stake in Divert earlier this year for US$80 million, is one of a number of traditional fossil fuel companies that have been investing in RNG as concerns about climate change intensify. According to the World Biogas Association, organic waste from food production, food waste, farming, landfill and wastewater treatment are responsible for about 25 per cent of human-caused global emissions of methane, a harmful greenhouse gas..."


Don’t let wastewater opportunities flow down the drain

"...In its new report, Wastewater: Turning problem to solution, UNEP warned that only 11 per cent of treated wastewater is reused while around half of the world’s untreated wastewater still enters rivers, lakes and seas. Furthermore, CO2 emissions from wastewater are substantial, hovering slightly below those from the global aviation industry.  With the right policies in place, wastewater could provide alternative energy to half a billion people, supply over 10 times the water obtained through desalination processes and reduce the demand for synthetic fertilizers..."


Ontario’s clean power plan that’s ‘not really a plan’

"...After the Bruce Power announcement, the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, composed of the Saugeen First Nation and the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation, said they will not support any new projects on their territory until there is a solution to storing Canada’s nuclear waste. The nuclear plant, which would be the province’s largest nuclear power project in more than 30 years, needs environmental approval from the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, meaning even if it is approved, it won’t be opening any time soon. The Ontario government said large-scale nuclear power projects typically have a lead time "of a decade or more," which Brooks stresses is too far in the future to address the current climate crisis and the immediate need to reduce emissions..."


Ontario to seek new wind, solar power to help ease coming electricity supply crunch

"...The last round of procurements Smith announced for electricity generation involved both natural gas and battery storage projects. The new planned procurement of green power, including wind, solar, hydroelectric and biogas, will pair well with recent energy storage procurements, Smith said, so that power generated by solar panels, for example, can be stored and injected into the system when needed..."


The CHFCA welcomes Hycamite TCD Technologies Ltd. as a New Start-Up Member

"...“We are pleased to welcome Hycamite to the CHFCA family,” said Ivette Vera-Perez, President and CEO of the CHFCA. Based in Kokkola, Finland, Hycamite has developed an innovative and highly efficient process that converts biogas or methane into significant quantities of hydrogen. It is exciting to witness the growing interest from industry players like Hycamite in Canada's methane pyrolysis pathway for clean hydrogen production..."


Power from poop: Wastewater upgrades in Calgary to harness biogas

"..."The new system will reduce Bonnybrook's greenhouse gas emissions by about 17,500 tCO2e/year by reducing natural gas use and electricity import, minimizing biogas flaring, and improving plant energy efficiencies. This is roughly the equivalent of taking 5,600 cars off Calgary’s roads," said Orin MacIntyre, lead wastewater treatment engineer..."


East Africa: Smallholder farmers adopt bio-digesters to build climate resilience and get clean energy for cooking

"...Joseph Kayizzi shows bio-slurry manure that he gets from the biogas digesters. [Richard Wetaya]Biodigesters are airtight containers in which organic material (such as cow dung or crop leftovers) is deposited to ferment and produce biogas (a mixture of methane, carbon dioxide, and other trace gases) for use in cooking and lighting..."


The Importance of Crafting a Compelling Narrative About Your Company

"...StormFisher’s business takes a minute to grasp. The company made its name in the biogas industry, building processing plants that create renewable natural gas from food waste. Last year, it sold those operations to Generate Capital..."


RDN to spend $766,000 to improve flaring at Nanaimo's sewage treatment plant

"...The Regional District of Nanaimo’s board has approved $766,000 spending to fix flare at Greater Nanaimo Pollution Control Centre..."


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Jobs in biogas

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Waste Management Engineer, Intermediate

"...compost facilities, recycling facilities, anaerobic digestion facilities and biogas utilization..."

related opportunities

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Accounting Manager, Biogas

"...Biogas Portfolio (the “SCEF Biogas Portfolio”) and its subsidiaries, including monthly, quarterly and year-end accounting cycles as well as the establishment of best practices while supporting..."

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Wastewater Treatment Plant BioGas Facility Operator

"...Irving, Limited (New Annan PE): Wastewater Treatment Plant BioGas Facility Operator Cavendish Farms is currently seeking an individual for the position of Wastewater Treatment Plant BioGas Facility Operator..."

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Field Manager

"...sustainability as the project includes plans for wind turbines solar panels to provide 100 percent renewable electricity to the facility, as well as the use of renewable biogas generated at the..."

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Recent episodes that mention biogas.

The Farming Biogas Podcast, Ep 3 — Korb Whale of Clovermead Farms

Duration: 21:47

"...An enterprising farmer is one that, in finding a gap in available equipment, decides simply to build their own..."


RealAg LIVE! with Jennifer Green on biogas generation on-farm

Duration: 31:47

"...You’ve maybe heard of, or like our host Shaun Haney, have had the chance to visit an anaerobic biodigester facility, but generally the information covered out there is a bit few and far between..."


Farming Biogas Podcast, Ep 2 — Paul Klaesi of Fepro Farms

Duration: 26:28

"...Meet Paul Klaesi, of Fepro Farms near Cobden, Ont. , a pioneer in cold weather biogas generation..."


Farming Biogas Podcast, Ep 1 — Rob McKinlay of Harcolm Farms

Duration: 19:27

"...Rob McKinlay runs a 70-cow dairy near Woodstock, Ont. , and has fully incorporated biogas capture into the farm’s feeding and energy system..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about biogas.

Voxel Cabin grows food, reuses water, makes energy from waste

"...With the goal of building a cabin without relying on materials from the outside world, those at Valldaura Labs accessed their backyard forest and personal milling equipment (both traditional and CNC), as well as their knowledge of biogas energy and water capture systems..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about biogas relevant to the latest news.

Anaerobic Co-digestion of Liquid Dairy Manure with Food Waste: A Sustainable Source of Green Energy

"...Anaerobic digestion is an economically feasible and environmentally sustainable method for generating energy from agricultural residue, organic wastes, and sewage sludge..."


System dynamics-based assessment of novel transport options adoption in India

"...The adoption of novel transport options such as ethanol blended fuel (E85) vehicles, electric vehicles (EV), and compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to replace conventional petrol (gasoline) and diesel vehicles is not yet well understood..."


Methods to convert lignocellulosic waste into biohydrogen, biogas, bioethanol, biodiesel and value-added chemicals: a review

"...In the context of climate change and the circular economy, there is an urgent need to develop biofuels and value-added chemicals from lignocellulosic waste such as agricultural waste that amounts to about 1 million tons annually..."


Development of Dairy Wastewater Treatment for Valuable Applications

"...Since the DWW contains a high concentration of organic pollutants, it can be used as a carbon source for the production of bio-energy like methane gas and bioelectricity..."


A Review on Sustainable Rice Straw Management Through Anaerobic Digestion

"...This also adds to the escalating greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), which messes up the global climate balance..."


Biogas starter from genome-scale data for methanogenic bioprocessing of protein waste

"...This review offers new insights into the feasibility of ammonia-tolerant biogas starters and engineering synthetic pathways for recycling gelatin processing waste into biofuels in the energy sector..."


Extraction of volatile fatty acids from wastewater anaerobic digestion using different extractant?diluent mixtures

"...The novel methodology implemented here could be considered in the development of pH control strategies for the partial removal of VFAs from AD systems while improving the stability of methane production, promoting resource recovery, integrated waste management, waste reduction and utilisation of renewable energy..."


Sustained release properties of cement-bonded composites with organic waste based anaerobic digestate as nutrient carriers for

"...Anaerobic digestate is an organic effluent from biogas plants that generate renewable energy from organic waste under anaerobic conditions..."


Reforming of Hydrocarbon Fuel in Electrochemical Systems (Review)

"...Most SOFC systems employ methane or methane-rich (biogas, natural gas, industrial or petrochemical waste, etc..."


Integrated hesitant fuzzy-based decision-making framework for evaluating sustainable and renewable energy

"...According to the achieved results, landfill gas and biogas have the highest rank among the alternatives to renewable energy..."


Biomethanol production from renewable resources: a sustainable approach

"...The abundant availability of various kinds of biomass and their use as feedstock for the production of gaseous and liquid biofuels has been considered a viable, eco-friendly, and sustainable mode of energy generation..."


Krabi's renewable energy transition towards sustainable energy: drivers, barriers, and challenges

"...In addition, new biomass power plants are public opposed due to emissions of solid biomass combustion pollutants..."