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Coverage of carbon capture since June 25, 2024.

Friends shouldn't let friends buy natural gas from bad places Montreal Economic Institute

"...The plan, announced in December by Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the oil and gas sector to 38 per cent below 2019 levels by 2030..."


Referendum set for South Dakota voters on controversial carbon dioxide pipeline law

"...The pipeline is seen as crucial for a potential future aviation fuel market for the Midwest-based ethanol industry, which buys roughly one-third of the nation's corn crop. In opposing the pipeline, some landowners question the forced use of their property and raise the danger of ruptures that could release hazardous CO2 gas. They also are critical of lucrative federal tax credits for carbon capture projects..."


Canada Growth Fund and Strathcona Resources to partner on carbon capture project

"...CALGARY The Canada Growth Fund is partnering with Strathcona Resources Ltd. on a carbon capture and sequestration project, with each group contributing up to $1 billion in funding..."


New federal law may actually inject more facts into climate debate : op-ed

"...A new federal lawBill C-59, which received royal assent last monthhas Canadas oil and gas industry and the premiers of oil and gas provinces up in arms. Specifically, in legalese, it allows government or outside litigants to review a representation to the public in the form of a statement, warranty or guarantee of a products benefits for protecting the environment or mitigating the environmental and ecological effects of climate change that is not based on an adequate and proper test, the proof of which lies on the person making the representation. These reviews would be conducted by government courts where claimants would have to prove the truthfulness of what they were saying..."


Entropy gives formal go-ahead to second carbon capture project

"...The Alberta-based company says the project will capture emissions from parent company Advantage Energy's Glacier Gas Plant in northwest Alberta..."


More carbon capture projects to be green-lit soon: Natural Resources Minister

"...CALGARY Federal Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson says he expects between 20 and 25 commercial-scale carbon capture and storage projects to break ground in Canada within the next decade..."


Ottawa investing in clean energy tech with focus on hydrogen and SMRs

"...This includes $5 million for three Alberta-based projects selected through the Energy Innovation Program's (EIP) clean fuels and industrial fuel switching call for proposals. These projects aim to develop methods for low-emission hydrogen production from methane and carbon capture for clean fuels..."


Canadas new greenwashing ban rattles fossil fuel industry

"...A coalition of environmental and health organizations celebrated the bill, describing it as a potential watershed moment in dealing with the systemic problem of making spurious environmental claims. False green claims, or greenwashing, not only deceive consumers but also contribute to pollution and environmental degradation, with serious implications for human health, said Leah Temper, with the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), an organization that has been pushing to ban fossil fuel advertising altogether in Canada. In addition, "it skews the competitive landscape, impairs sustainable consumption decisions, harms consumer trust and undermines companies incentives to invest in green innovation," noted Tanya Jemec, a lawyer at Ecojustice..."


Alberta lithium company E3 pegs capital cost of proposed project at $2.47B

"...The company aims to construct a full-scale commercial facility in the same area that would process battery-grade lithium product ready to be sold directly to battery producers and electric vehicle companies..."


Negative emissions: Scientists debate role of CO2 removal in tackling climate change

"...Of the novel approaches, he explained that biochar is the main player. This is followed by bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS), which is confined to essentially two plants in the US.  ..."


Shell going ahead with Canadian carbon capture and storage projects

"...CALGARY Shell Canada Products says it's going ahead with its Polaris carbon capture project in Alberta..."


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Recent episodes that mention carbon capture.

Wheat Pete's Word, Feb 7: Teamwork, carbon capture, protecting early N, plant pops, and yield monitor hiccups

Duration: 21:27

"...What's one thing you love about agriculture in Canada? Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson wants us all to celebrate and share whatever that is next Tuesday on Canada's Ag Day! Johnson's got some thoughts on how to best share our thoughts about agriculture in this week's podcast, but don't worry, there's also plenty of agronomic questions. ..."


Can carbon capture live up to its hype?

Duration: 26:28

"...Source: Science in Action..."


Digging deeper on agriculture's carbon capture potential

Duration: 6:26

"...We know that agriculture plays an important role in both greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration; however Dr..."


Assessing how landscapes can sequester carbon

Duration: 11:20

"...Canadian researchers working on policy, greenhouse gas reduction, and carbon dynamics are looking to quantify the carbon sequestering potential of different landscapes..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about carbon capture.

Today I Learned About The Ghost Of The Internet | Lightning Round

"...15:16 - 16:30 - Plastics As Carbon Capture? ..."


Is 2050 a Realistic Net-Zero Goal? (w/ Roger Pielke, Jr.)

"...Net-zero means completely negating the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by human activity..."


The Massive Machines Removing Carbon from Earth's Atmosphere | Jan Wurzbacher | TED

"...The goal: to build a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, in the race to a zero-carbon world..."


Norway and CO2 emissions | DW Documentary

"...The world is facing a climate catastrophe, and despite rapid growth in renewable energy production, some industries continue to emit vast amounts of CO2 during production processes..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about carbon capture relevant to the latest news.

The major techniques, advantages, and pitfalls of various methods used in geological carbon sequestration

"...Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a major component of greenhouse gases and a driver of climate change and associated challenges like global warming, drought, flooding, etc..."


Review of carbon capture and storage technologies in selected industries: potentials and challenges

"...Various industries around the world recognize the importance of achieving Net Zero Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emission by 2050..."


Transformative power production futures: citizen jury deliberations in Saskatchewan, Canada

"...Background Transforming power production systems to achieve net zero emissions and address climate change will require deep structural changes, partially dependent on community perceptions of the necessary energy transition..."


Careful selection of forest types in afforestation can increase carbon sequestration by 25% without compromising sustainability

"...At the same time, if implemented inappropriately at a large scale, afforestation would worsen the economy, food, and land systems due to decreased land efficiency in carbon removal compared to bioenergy with carbon capture and storage, leading to increased land expansion for carbon removal, higher food prices, and increased risk of hunger..."


A Thermodynamics Model for the Assessment and Optimisation of Onboard Natural Gas Reforming and Carbon Capture

"...The paper examines pre-combustion carbon capture technology (PreCCS) for liquefied natural gas (LNG) propelled shipping from thermodynamics and energy efficiency perspectives..."


Wastewater-Grown Algal Biomass as Carbon-neutral, Renewable, and Low Water Footprint Feedstock for Clean Energy and Bioplastics

"...Summary Although wastewater-grown biomass has acceptability issues, it offers certain environmental benefits, including atmospheric carbon capture, phycoremediation of pollutants, and water recycling..."


Greenhouse gas control in steel manufacturing: inventory, assurance, and strategic reduction review

"...We delve into the advancements in electric arc furnace (EAF) technology, direct reduced iron (DRI) processes utilizing green hydrogen, and the potential of carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) systems..."


H2-quartz and cushion gas-quartz intermolecular interactions: implications for hydrogen geo-storage in sandstone reservoirs

"...Emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from fossil fuel usage continue to be an incredibly challenging problem to the attainment of CO2 free global economy; carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and the substitution of fossil fuel with clean hydrogen have been identified as significant primary techniques of achieving net zero carbon emissions..."


Higher efficiency and lower environmental impact of membrane separation for carbon dioxide capture in coal power plants

"...We considered 13 midpoint impact categories including global warming, ozone depletion, freshwater eutrophication, marine eutrophication, terrestrial acidification, fossil resource depletion, water resource depletion, metal depletion, terrestrial ecotoxicity, freshwater ecotoxicity, marine ecotoxicity, human toxicity and particulate matter formation..."


Comprehensive technology and economic evaluation based on the promotion of large-scale carbon capture and storage demonstration

"...The technology known as carbon capture and storage (CCS) can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a massive scale..."


Prospects for Carbon Neutrality of the Chinese Economy: Technological Innovations and Interstate Projects

"...The article analyzes the terms of cooperation, characteristics and technologies of projects to reduce carbon emissions in the field of nuclear energy, natural gas, construction, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS)..."