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Coverage of carbon footprint since April 26, 2024.

Innovative programs make Colchester homes cosier and more climate-friendly

"...For close to six years, she has led the county toward a greener future by building partnerships, engaging stakeholders and helping homeowners reduce their carbon footprint. She wants to help everyone play a role in the municipality’s transition to renewable energy and eventual goal of meeting its net-zero emissions target by 2050. Long before she came on board, Colchester Council had already laid the essential groundwork for their current programs..."


Net-zero targets neither feasible nor realistic: op-ed

"...Canada and other developed countries have committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Yet here at the midway point between the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, the first international treaty to set binding targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, and the looming deadline of 2050, recent findings cast doubt on the feasibility of this ambitious transition. According to a new study published by the Fraser Institute, despite international agreements, significant government spending and regulations, and some technological progress, the world's dependence on fossil fuels has been steadily and significantly increasing over the past three decades..."


Doctors, patients call for options to reduce dialysis waste that exacerbates climate change

"...Patient care manager Laila Aparicio points to a garbage bin filled with waste. “We came here about 10 minutes ago and it was empty,” Aparicio said. "It would be awesome if we were able to decrease that as much as possible to reduce the environmental impact..."


Doctors recommend ways to combat waste, pollutants in health-care

"...Dr. Annie Lalande, who is doing a PhD in environment and sustainability at the University of British Columbia whilecompleting her residency in surgery, says the goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions involved in food production..."


The World Bank cooks up a recipe for a sustainable food system

"...The paper says the annual investments needed to transition food systems will also need to increase 18 times, to US$260 billion, to cut emissions in half by 2030 and keep the world on track to be net-zero by 2050. It recommends that high-income countries do more to help the food industry use renewable energy and give more financial and technical support to lower-income countries to help them adopt the same changes..."


Canadian banks still huge fossil fuel investors

"...Out of the 60 largest banks in the world, researchers found RBC, CIBC and Scotiabank are all on the 2023 list of top 10 financiers of fracked gas projects. Last year, those same banks were also the top funders of oilsands extraction, providing at least $700 million each. Since the Paris Agreement was signed, the Big 5 banks have injected more than $60 billion into oil sands companies..."


New Dawns new day for climate-friendly living

"...“We are putting energy onto the grid and then taking energy off the grid,” she says. New Dawn worked closely with Cape Breton-based Verschuren Centre for Sustainability in Energy and the Environment on the $3. 5-million project that also included building upgrades, including the installation of heat pumps and improvements to insulation and air sealing..."


Once ignored, award-winning green building champion nails it

"...But if you’re designing green buildings with the idea that you’re saving the planet and not considering embodied carbon, you’re missing half of the equation, Pak wrote. The built environment, which includes the operations and construction of buildings and infrastructure, is currently the single largest contributor to global CO2 emissions and generates about 40 per cent of total emissions, according to a 2024 report from the World Economic Forum. Zooming in, embodied carbon emissions contribute about 10 per cent globally..."


Competition Bureau launches inquiry into Lululemon over

"...The report says the company aims to meet a series of climate action targets by 2030, including a 60-per-cent reduction in emissions intensity for “Scope 3” operations, which encompass the making and shipping of clothing globally..."


Building up the green builders

"...Reducing GHG emissions is key to mitigating the worst impacts of climate change. “Climate action is urgently needed,” says Shannon Miedema, Director of Environment and Climate Change for the Halifax Regional Municipality. In 2020, the Halifax Regional Council unanimously adopted HalifACT, the city’s ambitious plan to achieve net zero by 2050..."


Glooscap First Nation, N.S. government partner to bring clean, renewable energy to community

"...The Province is pleased to support Glooscap in switching to clean, renewable energy that will reduce their carbon footprint and help them become more energy independent..."


Saffron fields in Nova Scotia? Climate change is altering what we farm and eat

"...Here is a look at some of the ways climate change is changing Canadian agriculture: Saffron finds a home in Nova Scotia Saffron, a spice so expensive that it has been dubbed red gold, is traditionally grown in Iran, India, Afghanistan and Spain, among a handful of countries. But when Matthew Roy moved from New Hampshire to begin farming in Nova Scotia in 2020, he identified saffron as a promising crop, in part because of the changing climate and saffron's short growing season. As the climate changes, so too do Canadians' farm fields and dinner tables..."


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How Bad Are Bananas?

The Carbon Footprint of Everything

"...A smart, practical, and accessible guide to measuring (and reducing) our carbon footprint, from internationally recognized expert, Mike Berners-Lee..."

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"...We know that agriculture plays an important role in both greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration; however Dr..."


76: Concrete: Cutting Constructions Carbon Footprint with Adam Gittins

Duration: 34:14

"...Source: For What It's Earth..."


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Sarah Bridle on the carbon footprint of food

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"...What would happen to our carbon emissions if we all went vegan? Astrophysicist, Sarah Bridle tells Jim Al-Khalili why she switched her attention from galaxies to food..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about carbon footprint.

Turning Waste CO2 into Low Carbon Methanol for Industry

"...Reducing the carbon footprint of the chemical industry requires a two-pronged strategy: reduction of fossil fuel use as an energy input, and carbon dioxide generated by chemical processes themselves..."


Climate change and the rich | DW Documentary

"...Wealthy people are responsible for far more greenhouse gas emissions than poorer people..."


How to Transform the Chemical Industry -- One Reaction at a Time | Miguel A. Modestino | TED

"...The goal: to build a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, in the race to a zero-carbon world..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about carbon footprint relevant to the latest news.

A comparative assessment of microbial biodiesel and its life cycle analysis

"...Life cycle analysis of biodiesel produced from microorganisms takes into consideration the environmental impact and sustainability of each step in the production process, including the impact on land use, water use, greenhouse gas emissions, and the availability of resources..."


The role of food industries in sustainability transition: a review

"...Promoting plant based diets, reduced food waste and adopting circular economy principles can significantly contribute to sustainable consumption patterns..."


Emerging Trends and Approaches for Designing Net-Zero Low-Carbon Integrated Energy Networks: A Review of Current Practices

"...The anticipated outcome of implementing these recommendations is to enable the advancement of sustainable development and expedite the shift toward energy infrastructure with reduced carbon emissions..."


Sustainable planning: the case study of the Strait of Messina ports

"...Starting from the socio-economic and environmental analysis of the territorial context managed by AdSP, the DEASP analyses all the activities carried out inside port areas and reports the energy consumptions of the concessionaries, in the way to calculate the carbon footprint and develop an environmental sustainable strategy to reduce pollutant emissions..."


Biobased, biodegradable and compostable plastics: chemical nature, biodegradation pathways and environmental strategy

"...Biobased, biodegradable and compostable plastics offer various benefits such as less carbon footprint, energy efficiency, independence and eco-safety..."


Solar Thermal Energy Storage Technology: Current Trends

"...For regions with an abundance of solar energy, solar thermal energy storage technology offers tremendous potential for ensuring energy security, minimizing carbon footprints, and reaching sustainable development goals..."


A review of the potential application of lignin in the production of bio-binder: challenges and opportunities

"...Under this domain, the invention of bio-ethanol also known as 2G-ethanol from crop residue (lignocellulosic biomass) took place and is contributing toward rural development and energy independence..."


Go Green in Neuroradiology: towards reducing the environmental impact of its practice

"...Therefore, neuroradiologists and neuroradiological departments are especially responsible for implementing decisions and initiatives able to reduce the unfavourable environmental effects of their activities, by focusing on four strategic pillars?reducing energy, water, and helium use; properly recycling and/or disposing of waste and residues (including contrast media); encouraging environmentally friendly behaviour; and reducing the effects of ionizing radiation on the environment..."


Optimal fertilization strategy promotes the sustainability of rice?crayfish farming systems by improving productivity and decre

"...We conducted field experiments to investigate the effects of five fertilization strategies including no fertilization (CK), farmer?s practices (FP), optimized fertilization (OPT), organic fertilization only (OF), and organic fertilizer substitution (OPTOF) on the productivity, economic benefits, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, carbon footprint, and sustainability index of RCs..."


Biofuel-Integrated Routes

"...Pigments, vitamins, or essential polyunsaturated fatty acids can first be extracted from microalgae before lipid extraction for biodiesel followed by fermentation of defatted biomass for bioethanol..."


Hemodialysis water reuse within a circular economy approach. What can we add to current knowledge? A point of view

"...Circular water economy, meaning reuse and recycling of water, and recovering resources can help reducing emissions and enhancing resilience to climate change..."