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Carbon Taxes

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News and Opinion

Coverage of carbon taxes since November 23, 2021.

Alberta contributes $30 million to Carbon Capture Kickstart

"...The Carbon Capture Kickstart funding competition will support pre-construction work on carbon capture, direct air capture, and carbon transportation infrastructure projects, using cash from the Technology, Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) fund, Alberta's carbon tax on large greenhouse-gas emitters..."

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Ramping up the green industrial wave Corporate Knights

"...The high energy intensity combined with the reliance on combustion-based production technologies makes the heavy industries among the most greenhouse gas intensive, as measured by tonnes of greenhouse gas per dollar of GDP. The relatively large contribution of fuel and electricity to the total cost of production in these industries provides a strong incentive to improve technological energy efficiency, to look for process innovations that require less energy, and to pursue production strategies that increase the economic value created for every unit of fuel burned. Notwithstanding the slow growth in the heavy industry sector, greenhouse gas intensities have been stable or declining in the cement, chemicals and non-ferrous metals industries..."

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Metro Vancouver gasoline prices continue spiking

"...While things like a transit levy and carbon taxes are partly responsible for B. C. ’s comparatively higher gasoline prices, McTeague said the biggest contributor to higher prices at the pumps in B..."

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Canadian Taxpayers Federation: Time to rethink carbon tax?

"...The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says it's time to rethink the carbon tax as emissions in B. C. continue to rise..."

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B.C.'s climate plans battered by extreme weather as 2022 begins

"...Premier John Horgan’s CleanBC plan has far-reaching goals, including 10,000 public electric vehicle charging stations by 2030, the same year as 90 per cent of all new vehicles sold in B. C. would have to be zero-emission..."

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Almost $90,000 go into new reserve fund to help fight climate change in Sidney

"...New goals call for Sidney to cut greenhouse gas emissions 50 per cent by 2030, 90 per cent by 2050 Wolf DepnerDec. 27, 2021 5:00 a. m..."

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Local farmers share a common wish for Christmas, recognition for becoming carbon net-zero

"...According to the Western Canada Wheat Growers Association, grain farmers pay tens of thousands of dollars in carbon tax. Yet, the federal carbon tax credit results in less than 25 per cent of the costs returned. With the yearly rise in carbon tax costs, they say, food security is at risk..."

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Carbon tax increase won't budge SaskPower rates

"...Next week the federal government's carbon tax will jump from $40 to $50 per tonne but SaskPower ratepayers won't experience that rise in large part due to a sizeable uptick in renewable energy being connected to the power grid..."

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BC to surpass Alberta in natural gas production: CER

"...The Canada’s Energy Future 2021 outlook projects Canada’s energy use and production between now and 2050, with projections varying depending on two main scenarios – current policies and evolving policies. The latter is one in which Canada and other countries adopt even more stringent climate change policies, like higher carbon taxes, than what are currently in place or announced..."

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SaskPower not passing on 2022 federal carbon price increase to its customers

"...The Crown utility says reduced coal emissions and more reliance on renewable energy will allow customers to pay the same rate for the carbon price next year as they did in 2021. “SaskPower is working hard to reduce its carbon emissions while keeping rates as low as possible,” Don Morgan, the minister responsible for SaskPower, said in a statement Wednesday. “Because of reduced emissions from coal generation, the addition of more than 400 megawatts of wind, solar, and biomass, as well as an improved outlook on hydro generation, SaskPower is able to avoid passing federal carbon tax rate increases on to customers in 2022..."

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Could hydrogen airships return as fast, cheap, green cargo transports?

"...It's a tough ask for investors, although a new class of investor might have the stomach to throw down. Green hydrogen projects are taking off at an extraordinary rate as countries and companies alike wrestle with the hurdles and opportunities of decarbonization. The investors behind these have plenty of skin in the game already, and an incentive not just to develop potential markets for their hydrogen, but to rehabilitate its image..."

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Global carbon fee – it's the only way

"...Record-breaking heat with forest fires last summer. Record-breaking rainfall with floods and landslides this fall. There can’t be very many climate-change deniers left in British Columbia..."

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Jobs in carbon taxes

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Climate Change Coordinator - Grey County (Owen Sound, ON)

"...Reporting to the Director of Planning and Development, our ideal candidate will have the combination of education, experience and strong consensus building skills to successfully lead a broad stakeholder group in realizing our goals Climate Change Action Plan goals..."

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Recent episodes that mention carbon taxes.

RealAg Radio, April 28: A carbon tax rebate, rodeo stock, and handling conflict

Duration: 54:53

"...Welcome to the mid-week edition of RealAg Radio..."

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RealAg LIVE! with Meagan Murdoch on key political conversations

Duration: 39:20

"...With a potential federal election coming our way, politics are on the minds of many..."

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RealAg LIVE! with Todd Lewis and Marla Orenstein on what's next for the carbon tax

Duration: 35:04

"...The federal government has the right to impose a national price on pollution, says the Supreme Court of Canada..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about carbon taxes.

Costa Rica's Carbon Tax | UpLink

"...This is how Costa Rica doubled its forest cover with help from an innovative carbon tax..."

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The great death of insects | DW Documentary (ecology documentary)

"...Landscape ecology professor Alexandra-Maria Klein from Freiburg, for example, has been researching the effects of human interventions in natural environments for decades and has launched an experiment in a fruit plantation on Lake Constance: What happens when insects disappear?..."

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Is Quiet Climate Policy Enough?

"...While quiet climate policy has arguably delivered most climate progress achieved to date, on this panel we will consider whether it is sufficient to match climate targets, whether the global two-degree target, various net-zero emissions commitments, or other goals..."

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Carbon Dioxide Removal. A BIG loophole for business?

"...Others are banking on throwing money at carbon offset schemes like large scale reforestation to enable them to carry on business as usual..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about carbon taxes relevant to the latest news.

How Climate-Related Policy Affects the Economics of Electricity Generation

"...Purpose of Review Concerns surrounding climate change are increasing pressure on policymakers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions..."

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Optimising photovoltaic-centric hybrid power systems for energy autonomy

"...The results demonstrate that carbon taxation or outright bans on independent fossil fuel systems (IFFSs) in emerging economies might not be effective policies in mitigating the impact of climate change on our environment..."

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Inequalities in the Impact of the Carbon Tax in Japan

"...Although Japan?s current carbon tax rate is much lower than the rates applied in European countries, the Japanese government may increase the tax rate in the near future, in order to strengthen measures to combat global warming..."

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Climate Policy in Transportation Sector: Role of Carbon Pricing

"...First, although the carbon tax rate on fuel consumption is small in Japan, compared to the European countries, the ECR is rather high..."

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Addressing transportation and environmental externalities with economics: Are policy makers listening?

"...Although carbon taxes are too low, and caps on tradable permits too high, to induce significant Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reductions, governments at all levels are starting to implement these instruments, and climate change is now on the international political agenda as the Paris Agreement demonstrates..."

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Balancing Energy, Environment, and Economics

"...The energy resources used by any society at any time are defined by technology, controlled by economics, and directed by policy..."

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The International Influence of the Emissions Trading System in Mexico

"...First, it briefly examines both the international Climate Change regime through the description of such instruments as the 1997 Kyoto Protocol and the 2015 Paris Agreement, and the national regime by reviewing as the 2012 General Law on Climate Change (LGCC), the National Emissions Registry (RENE) and its Regulations, as well as other instruments regarding mitigation from carbon tax and clean energy..."

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"...One crucial concern is whether geoengineering crowds out efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions..."

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How to incentivise hydrogen energy technologies for net zero: Whole-system value chain optimisation of policy scenarios

"...The optimisation results show that both carbon budgets and carbon taxation approaches can be effective in achieving net-zero emissions, but that the details of the policy design can significantly influence overall costs and emissions..."

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Potential Pathways for Mining Operations to Transition to Renewable Energy?a Case Study

"...The case study considers three phases to accomplish such a transition; phase I considers installation of renewable power generation at the site to meet a portion of the current electric power needs, phase II considers conversion of diesel combustion mining equipment to electric equipment, and phase III considers implementation of renewable energy generation coupled with energy storage systems to provide approximately 90% of the total mine site energy requirements..."

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Expectations for Carbon Pricing in Japan in the Global Climate Policy Context

"...Realizing a decarbonized society in consistent with the Paris Agreement, a fundamental transformation of the entire economic and social system is needed, and not only carbon intensive sectors but also all sectors and all stakeholders including households must be decarbonized..."

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Double Dividend of the Carbon Tax in Japan: Can We Increase Public Support for Carbon Pricing?

"...If a government uses revenue from a carbon tax to reduce existing distorting taxes, such as corporate taxes or labor taxes, a carbon tax can improve economic efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions..."

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