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News and Opinion

Coverage of cellulosic materials since July 6, 2021.

Energycane produces more biodiesel than soybean at a lower cost

"..."The productivity of these non-food crops is very high per unit of land. Soybean is the traditional crop used for biodiesel, but we can get higher yield, more oil, and subsequently more biofuel from lipid-producing energycane," says Vijay Singh, Founder professor in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE) at U of I and co-author on all four papers..."


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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about cellulosic materials relevant to the latest news.

Cellulase-immobilized chitosan-coated magnetic nanoparticles for saccharification of lignocellulosic biomass

"...This review aims to bridge the gap between sustainable utilization and economic viability of employing replenishable agro-residues for cellulosic ethanol production by incorporating the recently emerging nanocomposite immobilization approach..."


Production of Bioethanol from Mixed Lignocellulosic Biomass: Future Prospects and Challenges

"...So, cheaper and more sustainable biofuel production, especially bioethanol, which can be used as a substitute, forest materials, energy crops, agricultural residues, and municipal solid waste are used as raw materials for bioethanol production..."


Microbial application of thermophilic Thermoanaerobacterium species in lignocellulosic biorefinery

"...Recently, thermophilic Thermoanaerobacterium species have attracted increasing attentions in consolidated bioprocessing (CBP), which can directly utilize lignocellulosic materials for biofuels production..."


Polluted lignocellulose-bearing sediments as a resource for marketable goods?a review of potential technologies for biochemical

"...Lignocellulose-bearing sediments are legacies of the previously unregulated wastewater discharge from the pulp and paper industry, causing large quantities of toxic organic waste on the Baltic Sea floor and on the bottom of rivers and lakes..."


Manganese-catalyzed cross-coupling of primary alcohols with biomass-derived ethanol for upgrading to linear alcohols under solv

"...Bioethanol is a major raw chemical produced in large quantities by the fermentation of sugar-containing crops and lignocellulosic materials..."


Environmental and performance assessment of hydrophobic and flame-retardant cotton fabrics modified with functional integrated

"...As seen from an environmental assessment, applying functional integrated graphene can decrease the time required, reduce the energy consumption, and reduce the wastewater discharge..."


Energy performance of compressed biomethane gas production from co-digestion of Salix and dairy manure: factoring differences b

"...Biogas from anaerobic digestion is a versatile energy carrier that can be upgraded to compressed biomethane gas (CBG) as a renewable and sustainable alternative to natural gas..."


Feedstocks, Synthesis, and Characterization of Cellulosic Materials for Advanced Applications with Emphasis on Microcrystalline

"...Cellulosic materials find applications in pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industry due to their surface, mechanical, and antimicrobial properties..."


Nano-biocatalytic Systems for Cellulose de-polymerization: A Drive from Design to Applications

"...Cellulases are robust biocatalysts that offer applications in industrial bioprocesses, such as catalytic hydrolysis, biopolishing, enhancing the softness of the fabric, increasing the digestibility of cereal-based food, bioconversion, and biotransformation of cellulosic materials to fermentable sugars, enzymatic deinking, bio-pulping, clarification of fruit juices, etc..."


An Overview on Pretreatments for the Production of Cassava Peels-based Xyloligosaccharides: State of Art And Challenges

"...The valorization of agroindustrial wastes has drawn attention, since there is an increasing demand for energy aligned with obtaining bioproducts with higher added-value..."


3D Bioprinting of Cellulosic Structures for Versatile Applications

"...Recent studies indicated, those cellulosic materials have been investigated in additive manufacturing to acquire three-dimensional (3D) bio-printed patterns and tailored design objects such as filaments..."


Performance and Durability of Cellulose Pulp-Reinforced Extruded Earth-based Composites

"...This study aimed to investigate the influence of two alternative cellulosic materials: bamboo organosolv pulp and recycled waste carton pulp, on the flexural strength, fracture toughness, drying shrinkage, and durability of extruded earth-based building materials by varying the reinforcement content at 5, 7..."