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Coverage of circular economy since August 23, 2023.

Using Trash to Track Other Trash Hakai Magazine

"...Taits partner, Brett Tait, Tangaroa Blues circular economy developer, had a brainwave that would see the buoys not just recycled but reused..."


Recyclables fill Ontario dumps like nowhere else in Canada

"...“A deposit would dramatically reduce the amount of single-use beverage container litter on the ground and in litter bins,” said Emily Alfred, waste campaigner at Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA), one such environmental advocacy group that is pushing the province to introduce a deposit system. “This can help the informal economy and people who collect those containers, but we also know that deposit systems create more jobs in general than disposal. ”Alfred told Canada's National Observer that municipalities in Ontario don't have deposit-return regulations, as it falls outside their jurisdiction..."


Electric vehicles expose the myth of ethical oil

"...Let’s crunch some numbers for an Alberta motorist driving 1,500 kilometres per month. For city driving in cold weather, the battery performance of the Tesla Model Y is estimated to be 179 watt-hours per kilometre, or 268. 5 kilowatt-hours (kWh) for the month..."


EV battery industry runs circles around the rest

"...But there is evidence that the rapidly growing battery industry can be much better than the gasoline economy it’s replacing. EV battery minerals are used for the lifetime of the vehicle. Instead of filling our cars with a liquid fuel that must be found and extracted continuously, we can harvest energy from renewable sources and fill our cars with electricity..."


Dal engineer explores how agriculture and forestry byproducts could accelerate our shift to clean energy

"...To achieve the net-zero emission targets set by the Canadian government and corporations, researchers and others say it is imperative to accelerate innovation and market deployment of clean energy, biofuels, and carbon offsetting solutions..."


UN calls on countries to find ways of turning waste into wealth

"...Scientists have pointed out that indiscriminate waste disposal practices can introduce hazardous chemicals into soil, water bodies, and the air, causing long-term, potentially irreversible damage to local flora and fauna, negatively impacting biodiversity, harming entire ecosystems, and entering the human food chain. Another report by UNEP shows that methane, a greenhouse gas released from the decomposition of organic waste in landfills and dumpsites, directly contributes to global warming..."


The weighty debate about electric vehicles

"...In the 1950s, the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO) performed testing to determine how much road damage was being caused by trucks. The report produced the generalized fourth power law to compare road damage caused by vehicles of different weights. Based on the formula derived from AASHO’s results, an electric XC40 is roughly 1..."


Smart Cities celebrates four years in Guelph-Wellington

"...“We have 17 different KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and we are pleased with all of them. ”Guelph-Wellington Smart Cities also showed off some of the awards that they received including the 2022 Federation of Canadian Municipalities Sustainable Communities Award in the waste category. “We really see the value of the circular economy for helping the community achieve its climate goals,” said Ashley Cooper, Guelph's manager of food equity and community resiliency..."


New UN framework to protect environment from harmful chemicals

"...Agreed at the fifth International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM5), in Bonn, Germany, the Global Framework on Chemicals sets concrete targets and guidelines across the lifecycle of chemicals. Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), welcomed the new framework. Everyone on this planet should be able to live and work without fear of falling sick or dying from chemical exposure..."


Victoria circular economy creators sell out collaboration tote bag in days

"...“It was just a really good fit because the used sailcloth is part of the circular economy, they’re a local manufacturer and they have that sort of grassroots start similar to where we were almost 10 years ago,” said Long, giving a shoutout to the Victoria seamstresses that helped the clothing company get off the ground..."


B.C. lagging on wildfire prevention 2 decades after report's dire warning: experts

"...Treating at-risk forests is a laborious job, and crews need to return years down the road to do maintenance on areas already cleared. “Its a very expensive process to undertake. Thinning is very time consuming..."


Recommended Reading

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Cradle to Cradle

Remaking the Way We Make Things

"...Products might be designed so that, after their useful life, they provide nourishment for something new-either as "biological nutrients" that safely re-enter the environment or as "technical nutrients" that circulate within closed-loop industrial cycles, without being "downcycled" into low-grade uses (as most "recyclables" now are)..."

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Jobs in circular economy

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Division Manager, Solid Waste Planning - Metro Vancouver (Burnaby, BC)

"...Demonstrates a broad-based view of issues, understands the long term implications of actions and aligns the business strategies of the Planning function with department and corporate strategic objectives..."

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Clean Tech - Organic Waste Diversion Coordinator - City of Nelson (Nelson, BC)

"...Additionally, your solid understanding of waste management, zero waste initiatives, circular economy, and climate action will help you to achieve the goals set out in Nelson Next, Nelsonâs Climate Change Action Plan..."

related opportunities

Waste Water Treatment Operator

"...circular economy, we can count on more than 1500 employees like you! Currently, we are recruiting our next resource person whose role will be: Waste Water Operator located in Dunnville, Ontario..."

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Business Analyst IT

"...circular economy, we can count on more than 1500 employees like you! Currently, we are recruiting our next resourcer whose role will be: Business Analyst The Business Analyst works within teams to..."

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Recent episodes that mention circular economy.

Understanding Circular Design with Lindsay Lorusso – January 12, 2021

Duration: 50:21

"...Sustainability is a buzz word in the entrepreneurship community but what is true sustainability and how do we achieve circularity within our ventures? Just ask Lindsay Lorusso, Co-Founder and CEO of Nudnik! Lindsay is a circular economy nerd After spending 15+ years innovating. ..."


Episode 45: Retrain Your Brain

Duration: 18:34

"...Learn what it means to "close the loop" and what is "circular economy"..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about circular economy.

Circular Economy… it’s the way forward

"...Short animation explaining circular economy. The ..."


Creating stories for impact #shorts

"...The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is an International charity that develops and promotes the idea of a circular economy, which - driven by design, eliminates waste and pollution, circulates products and materials, and regenerates nature..."


Completing the Picture: Designing a food system thats positive for nature and our climate

"...The transition to renewable energy is critical in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, but its only half the story..."


Circular design for food: six short stories

"...This collection of six short stories screened at the COP28 Future Economy Forum Pavilion Cinema Club will take you on a regenerative production journey, from Africa and Latin America to India and the United Kingdom, and will explore how, by applying circular design strategies, we can create a food system that builds biodiversity and soil health, delivers clean air and water, and positively contributes to tackling climate change..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about circular economy relevant to the latest news.

Anaerobic Digestion: Advance Techniques for Enhanced Biomethane/Biogas Production as a Source of Renewable Energy

"...The process, in turn, reduces the local waste and helps in recycling in a manner that reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, conserves the resources, and establishes a circular economy in the time of undetermined future for the production of energy and safe disposal of the waste..."


Innovations and development of sustainable personal protective equipment: a path to a greener future

"...Additionally, recycling and upcycling methods can convert the waste into valuable alternate products or energy sources, thereby reducing their environmental impact..."


A comprehensive review of the resource efficiency and sustainability in biofuel production from industrial and agricultural was

"...The rationale behind implementing this sustainable energy solution is driven by its notable environmental benefits, which include reducing greenhouse gas emissions and facilitating ecological contaminants..."


Technological analysis of the sustainable production of $$omega $$

"...All in all, the presented research demonstrates through quantitative data the feasibility of (omega ) -3 production and provides a tangible instance highlighting how the circular economy paradigm can foster innovation within the agri-food industry..."


Financing mechanism for solid waste management in Anambra, Nigeria: analyses of emerging challenges and implication for circula

"...The creation of incentives for behavioral changes, adoption of neo-liberal policies, and formal integration of informal waste pickers are factors that can minimize the cost of waste management services while promoting a circular economy..."


A green manufacturer?retailer circular economic production model with carbon emissions and waste control

"...The study concludes that the implementation of the reuse, recycle, and rework concept of circularity for the end-of-life processing and product recovery of discarded mobile phones enhances the supply chain profit without contributing to pollution, which is the ultimate goal of a sustainable economic model..."


"...However, circular economy in the electric vehicle battery (EVB) ecosystem can provide a sustainable solution to resource management..."


Hemodialysis water reuse within a circular economy approach. What can we add to current knowledge? A point of view

"...Circular water economy, meaning reuse and recycling of water, and recovering resources can help reducing emissions and enhancing resilience to climate change..."