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News and Opinion

Coverage of composting since November 30, 2023.

Aiming for zero waste, Montreal public markets setting up composting programs

"...The public markets in Montreal are setting up composting programs..."


Construction begins on Calgary compost facility expansion

"...It will also include an anaerobic digestion module that will turn food and yard waste into renewable natural gas..."


The U.S. is cracking down on PFAS but not in fertilizer

"...But the stable molecular bonds that make the chemicals so effective in these applications also make them dangerous and long-lasting. The chemicals bind to blood and tissue, where they can build up over time and contribute to a range of health issues. The chemicals have been linked to testicular, kidney, and thyroid cancers; cardiovascular disease; and immune deficiencies..."


Human composting as alternative to burial and cremation gets final approval by Delaware lawmakers

"...DOVER, Del. (AP) The Delaware Senate gave final approval Thursday to a bill allowing the composting of human bodies as an alternative to burial or cremation..."


Achievements prove islands governance is not so dysfunctional

"...There have been many more accomplishments: new CRD and NSSWD water treatment plants as noted above; indoor swimming pool and more recent additions of shared recreation and daycare space; a soon to be built new fire hall and retention of the Ganges hall in public hands; an almost completed emergency room at Lady Minto; a 25,000-square-foot community centre; a new library; miles of pathways and sidewalks in and around Ganges, including the soon to be repaved Ganges hill with wider shoulder bike lanes; acquisition of a 75-acre community park on Mount Maxwell; upgrading of Centennial Park; upgrades to the Ganges sewage treatment plant and replacement of the Malaview plant; free recycling; establishment of The Root food storage and processing centre and Salt Springs first large-scale composting facility..."


Clear Bag Initiative is Cornwall's Route to Responsible Recycling

"...Furthermore, January 1 marks the introduction of an organic waste collection green bin program. Organic waste in landfills significantly contributes to methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas. We can substantially reduce our environmental impact by diverting this waste to green bin programs..."


Family's climate action journey: From carbon cutting challenge to sustainable living

"...Canadian Geographic's Live Net Zero Challenge has transformed one Winnipeg family's carbon footprint and inspired climate action..."


Peterborough County mulls options for countywide organics program

"...Otonabee-South Monaghan Township Mayor Joe Taylor says many residents currently have their own solution for organic waste. “Most rural residents, including me, dispose our food waste at the fence line behind the house,” he said. “And it works just fine..."


Christmas tree recycling program returns to Central Okanagan

"...The RDCO Waste Reduction Office recommends giving your tree another life by dropping it off at one of the many free and convenient Chip It locations, the RDCO said in a media release. The tree will then be chipped and composted into a nutrient-rich compost called GlenGrow available at various locations. From now until Jan..."


How to compost your live Christmas tree

"...If you plan on taking down your live Christmas tree before February, consider composting it this year instead of throwing it in the landfill..."


Regina landfill to serve as temporary composting facility for up to a year

"...Regina's landfill will serve as the city's temporary outdoor composting facility until EverGen can find a new location, following the rural municipality of Edenwold rejecting its application to build one within its boundaries..."


Recommended Reading

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Jobs in composting

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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CiCan Living Lab Value Add Processing WIL

"...harvesting produce, washing and packing, inventory management, supporting composting programs..."

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Home Composting Specialist Student

"...Experience using Google Workspace or equivalent applications Assets:..."

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Composting Recycling Sorter .00 per hour

"...We require a part time evening staff member to sort the food court waste stream stations to separate..."

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Part-time Traffic Director (Compost)

"...Monitor and inspect, if necessary, materials being managed at the landfill tipping face and composting area, to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, by-laws and..."

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Recent episodes that mention composting.

Episode 72: Basics of Composting with David Guion

Duration: 48:54

"...Get all your introductory composting questions answered here!..."


063 Urban Composting

Duration: 37:51

"...New year, new goals! Like composting! Did you know Canadian households waste over 300 pounds of food a year?! That's a problem in itself but in many, many cities, all of that food waste is being sent to landfill, piling up and adding to the GHG emissions that's heating our planet..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about composting.

Impactful Health R&D Founder Series

"...Wasted produce ends up in landfills that create methane which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions..."


Official Trailer - Ben & bEartha: A Community's Compost Love Story

"...Composting food scraps seems like such a small and simple act, but its one of many crucial solutions to addressing climate change, reducing waste, and creating a regenerative food system..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about composting relevant to the latest news.

Green business process management in a Polish municipal waste treatment plant-regional case study

"...The processes implemented in the MWTP were discussed, with specific consideration of the mechanical waste processing (sorting) process, including the reuse and recycling of materials, composting, energy production (anaerobic process), landfill storage and efficiency parameters of the sorting line..."


Conversion of food waste into energy and value-added products: a review

"...Here we review food waste conversion into energy and products such as biohydrogen, biogas, biofuel, biodiesel, biochar, bioplastics, fertilizers, animal feed, organic acids, enzymes, and proteins..."


Different stages of microbial community during the anaerobic digestion of food waste

"...AD is a promising solution for FW management and energy generation when compared to typical disposal options including landfill disposal, incineration, and composting..."


Life cycle assessment of source separation of biowaste, pay as you throw systems and autonomous composting units in the Municip

"...Nowadays, composting technologies are being used to manage food waste (FW), which is an environmentally friendly method of waste management in which organic matter can decompose biologically..."


Application of q-rung orthopair fuzzy based SWARA-COPRAS model for municipal waste treatment technology selection

"...The ranking of the alternatives followed the sequence as upcycling > recycling > pyrolysis > hydrolysis > biotechnological > core plasma pyrolysis > incineration > composting > gasification > landfilling..."


Exploring the impact of circular economy practices on ecological footprint, inflation rate, and renewable energy consumption: e

"...While renewable energy consumption (RENEC) and composting rate (CR) lessen environmental impact, recycling rate (RR) shows no significant effect, and repair services availability (RSA) increases the Ecological Footprint (EFP)..."


Trade-off recycling the organic wastes generated in tomatoes production under greenhouses with soilless agricultural technology

"...Therefore, this study aimed to explore the feasibility of alternative methods of recycling plant wastes generated in tomato production and to calculate the social cost of using inappropriate agricultural waste management methods in tomato production under greenhouses in Turkey..."


Investigating the Potential of Floral Waste as a Vermicompost and Dual-Functional Biosorbent for Sustainable Environmental Mana

"...Simultaneously, the study investigates the vermicomposting process of floral waste, shedding light on the intricate microbial interactions and nutrient enrichment essential for transforming floral waste into a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer..."