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Conservation Policy

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News and Opinion

Coverage of conservation policy since August 31, 2020.

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Short-lived plant species are more climate-sensitive

"...Climate change is considered to be one of the greatest threats to plant species diversity. To set the right priorities in nature conservation policy, it is crucial to know which regions of the world and which types of species are particularly threatened by climate change..."

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Making a difference: comparative biologists tackle climate change

"...For many, 2020 was notorious for the COVID-19 pandemic, but for climate scientists, the year is also infamous for tying with 2016 as the hottest since records began. 'Nine of the warmest years on record have occurred since 2010', says JEB Editor-in-Chief, Craig Franklin. With the ice caps and glaciers melting, devastating bushfires scorching arid regions, and hurricanes and typhoons battering coastal communities, the impact on local ecosystems has been catastrophic..."

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Violence escalates at the weekend in Nova Scotia lobster dispute

"...This comes after weeks of protests and altercations between the two groups. It comes as the Indigenous Mi’kmaw started their own ‘regulated’ commercial lobster fishery although the federally regulated season is closed. Local commercial fishers say this ‘fishing out of season’ will harm the  stocks pointing out the reason the fishery is closed at this time is because this is when lobster mate and molt, producing new shells and is a necessary conservation policy..."

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Double jeopardy for ecologically rare birds and terrestrial mammals

"...Common assumptions notwithstanding, rare species can play unique and essential ecological roles. After studying two databases that together cover all known terrestrial mammals and birds worldwide, scientists from the CNRS, the Foundation for Biodiversity Research (FRB), Université Grenoble Alpes, and the University of Montpellier[1] have demonstrated that, though these species are found on all continents, they are more threatened by human pressures than ecologically common species and will also be more impacted by future climate change. Thus they are in double jeopardy..."

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"...The protection of pollinating insects is a major issue in international nature conservation policy. Stirred up by scientific findings on high population losses of insect groups such as bees or butterflies, which, for example, affect pollination services in agriculture, Europe is putting insect protection at the forefront of environmental policy. Many governments in Europe have presented national strategies to ensure that pollinators are maintained..."

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Jobs in conservation policy

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Civil Engineer I - Waterworks Design - City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

"...Communicates with local residents and businesses, prepares letters and media information related to construction..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about conservation policy relevant to the latest news.

The impacts of agricultural and urban land-use changes on plant and bird biodiversity in Costa Rica (1986?2014)

"...Our results confirm that deforestation has been reversed and most of the biodiversity considered is housed in forestland, but also that the expansion of export monocultures and urban sprawl have fragmented and isolated these tropical forests..."

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Beyond fortress conservation: The long-term integration of natural and social science research for an inclusive conservation pra

"...Such a ‘fortress conservation’ approach is based on the flawed idea that local people's use of forests endangers biodiversity and therefore habitats should be protected by force if necessary..."

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Understanding conflicting views in conservation: An analysis of England

"...Nature conservation is being challenged to address a global biodiversity crisis yet, despite areas of consensus, there remain disagreements over issues including natural capital approaches and rewilding..."

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Domains of Change in Biodiversity Conservation

"...The opportunities for change in each domain as they relate to biodiversity conservation are discussed..."

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What makes long-term perspectives endure? Lessons from Dutch nature conservation

"...In the past decades, the long-term perspective of a national ecological network has been a key element of Dutch nature conservation policy..."

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Extensive use of the high seas by Vulnerable Fiordland Penguins across non-breeding stages

"...Year-round approach on the at-sea ecology of species seems fundamental for adequate management of threatened marine biodiversity..."

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Rapidly mapping fire effects on biodiversity at a large-scale using citizen science

"...By working with the public, often widely spread out over such disturbed areas, citizen science offers a unique opportunity to collect data on biodiversity responses at the appropriate scale..."

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Quantifying trade-offs between ecological gains, economic costs, and landowners? preferences in boreal mire protection

"...Private land often encompasses biodiversity features of high conservation value, but its protection is not straightforward..."

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Natural amenities and skill sorting in rural communities: a case study of land conservation policy

"...Using community-level data in the state of Oregon before and after a large federal land conservation program was implemented, we test this hypothesis along with several competing mechanisms..."

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Groundwater governance and implementing the conservation policy: the case study of Rafsanjan Plain in Iran

"...The groundwater system in the Rafsanjan aquifer perpetuated sustainably for decades before 1950s; however, its groundwater resources have been overexploited in the recent decades..."

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Richness and abundance of stream fish communities in a fragmented neotropical landscape

"...Environmental conditions influence ecological processes that shape stream community diversity and abundance..."

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