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Coverage of economy since July 12, 2024.

Germany to impose tougher penalties on people who break through airport perimeters

"...BERLIN (AP) Germany's Cabinet on Wednesday approved legislation that would impose tougher penalties on people who break through airport perimeters, a response to incidents such as disruptive protests by climate activists..."


UN climate talks leader says financial help for poor nations is urgent goal of negotiations

"...He noted this year's four-figure death toll from heat in India, more than 1,000 dead from heat in Saudi Arabia during the annual pilgrimage to Mecca and millions of people left without power during a brutal heat wave in Texas in calling global warming a national security threat to every country..."


Housing, infrastructure part of talks between prime minister, Kitchener mayor

"...The meeting touched on what Kitchener needs as one of Canada's fastest-growing areas, including housing, the local economy and striving toward sustainable goals. This is the third visit from the prime minister to Kitchener in the past year, a press release reads..."


Israeli military says it will begin drafting ultra-Orthodox men. That could rattle the government

"...A massive amount of rain is predicted for Waterloo Region and surrounding areas on Tuesday morning. Environment Canada issued a rainfall warning calling for up to 100 mm of rain, with precipitation..."


Q&A: Can debt-for-nature swaps help tackle biodiversity loss and climate change?

"...In this Q&A, Carbon Brief examines how debt-for-nature swaps work, the criticism they have received and whether they can alleviate biodiversity loss and climate change in developing countries..."


Soros' Open Society Foundations say their restructuring is complete and pledge $400M for green jobs

"...How do you improve regulations so that pollution comes down? How do you create tax breaks for businesses that adopt green technologies? How do you address the whole issue of critical minerals? Nowrojee said were the types of questions OSF is asking with this new funding. How do you help governments with building up green infrastructure solar, wind, hydropower? And then with the nature of work changing, how do you upskill workforces?..."


Bolivia's beleaguered president announces natural gas discovery, promising a boon for the country

"...In more recent years, investment in exploration projects by Bolivias state-owned energy company has dwindled and natural gas extraction has faded fast..."


In beachy Galveston, locals buckle down without power after Beryl's blow during peak tourist season

"...Galveston about 50 miles (80 kilometers) southeast of Houston has certainly weathered its share of natural disasters. Etched into its collective memory is the fury of a 1900 hurricane that killed thousands back when the island was emerging as a crown jewel for the state. More recently, Hurricane Ikes 2008 wrath flooded its historic downtown with storm surge as high as 20 feet and caused more than $29 billion in damage..."


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott demands answers as customers remain without power after Beryl

"...Power companies along the Gulf Coast must be prepared to deal with hurricanes, to state the obvious, Abbott said at his first news conference about Beryl since returning to the state from an economic development trip to Asia..."


Rock the Park overcomes pitfalls to draw record crowds in 20th year

"...From a late headliner cancellation, to near record rainfall, organizers of the 20th edition of Rock the Park (RTP) say they are proud of their team..."


A Taiwan-based Buddhist charity attempts to take the founding nun's message of compassion global

"...Within Taiwan, Tzu Chi is known for its earthquake relief efforts. Globally, it has built a network of movers and shakers whose work ranges from disaster relief and building schools, houses of worship, homes and hospitals to refugee resettlement and feeding the hungry. The organization has had a significant presence in the U..."


Caribbean seeks help in fighting climate change after Hurricane Beryl devastates small islands

"...SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) Caribbean officials on Friday demanded more access to funding and help in fighting climate change, weeks after Hurricane Beryl devastated the region..."


Recommended Reading

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Life Cycle Assessment

A Metric for The Circular Economy

"...Circular economy (CE) thinking is a conceptual way of considering the impacts of consuming resources. By taking a closed loop approach, CE provides a framework for influencing behaviours and practices to minimise this impact..."

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The Circular Economy

A User's Guide

"...This book, written by Walter Stahel, who is widely recognised as one of the key people who formulated the concept of the Circular Economy, is the perfect introduction for anyone wanting to quickly get up to speed with this vitally important topic for ensuring sustainable development..."

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Jobs in economy

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Senior Project Manager Swms

"...Transitioning to a circular economy is essential in the fight against climate change and to build a resilient, inclusive, green, and prosperous future for residents..."

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General Practitioner in Oncology - BC Cancer - Victoria

"...Home to a dynamic, thriving economy and vibrant arts and culture scene, with an unparalleled natural environment enjoyed by residents..."

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Project Manager

"...As our organization continues to grow, we are hiring for the role of Project Manager to join our team of IT professionals in Saint John, New Brunswick..."

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Senior Lead - Indigenous Energy Project

"...Communicate effectively with external project partners and funders..."

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Recent episodes that mention economy.

Profitable Practices: Driving efficiency at Van Belle Nursery

Duration: 10:19

"...When Dave Van Belle hears the word ‘sustainability' the first two things that come to his mind are environmental sustainability and economic sustainability..."


Pulse School: Pea leaf weevil damage happens below ground

Duration: 8:36

"...Once peas have emerged and get growing, it's time to scout for pea leaf weevil feeding..."


305 Scott Poynton Crises drive change: stories from within the transformation of Nestl's palm oil value chain

Duration: 1:36:17

"...A conversation with Scott Poynton, founder of the Forest Trust, now known as the Earthworm Foundation, about supply chains, environmental regeneration and addressing environmental scandals from the forests of rural Australia to his groundbreaking work with major corporations like Nestl on no-deforestation commitments..."


Ag Policy Connection Ep. 9 What should carry the most weight in deciding how land gets used?

Duration: 50:44

"...There are many priorities that influence how land is used the need for housing and economic development often drives the conversion of farmland and natural habitat into urban or suburban landscapes, but food security, productivity, biodiversity, crop or livestock prices, renewable energy policy, and of course, NIMBYism are among the many factors that can. ..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about economy.

4 Ways to Combat Superbugs & How AI Is Supercharging Science | WEF | Top Stories of the Week

"...It can help scientists create much more detailed climate models and understand the impacts of climate change on the ocean better..."


Circular design for food: six short stories

"...This collection of six short stories screened at the COP28 Future Economy Forum Pavilion Cinema Club will take you on a regenerative production journey, from Africa and Latin America to India and the United Kingdom, and will explore how, by applying circular design strategies, we can create a food system that builds biodiversity and soil health, delivers clean air and water, and positively contributes to tackling climate change..."


Completing the Picture: Designing a food system thats positive for nature and our climate

"...The transition to renewable energy is critical in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, but its only half the story..."


Mr. Bruce Knight: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem Services Market

"...Knight explains the history of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) and details how ecosystem service markets can add incentives to motivate farmers and ranchers to improve soil health..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about economy relevant to the latest news.

Sustainable high-quality seaweed production from deep seawater

"...Small-scale industries utilising DSW have been established, with DSW being employed for bottled drinking water, aquaculture, agriculture, cosmetics, medicine, food, and power generation?all contributing to substantial economic benefits..."


Bioremediation: An Economical Approach for Treatment of Textile Dye Effluents

"...In bioremediation, the microorganisms utilize organic pollutants as a source of food or energy..."


Valuing farmers in transitions to more sustainable food systems: A systematic literature review of local food producers? experi

"...This systematic literature review identifies the values, motivations, and concerns as key elements of the experiences of local food producers within short food supply chains across literature globally, their contributions to social-ecological resilience, and discusses how these experiences and contributions can influence transitions to sustainable food systems..."


Stakeholder perspectives on landslide triggers and impacts in five countries

"...The comprehensive impacts of landslides included economic losses, infrastructure disruption, agricultural losses, and food security concerns, underscoring the multifaceted nature of this hazard..."


Green business process management in a Polish municipal waste treatment plant-regional case study

"...The processes implemented in the MWTP were discussed, with specific consideration of the mechanical waste processing (sorting) process, including the reuse and recycling of materials, composting, energy production (anaerobic process), landfill storage and efficiency parameters of the sorting line..."


Economic Development, Energy Consumption, and Environmental Deterioration: A Non-Linear Evidence from India

"...The findings reveal that although hydropower consumption and economic expansion contribute to reducing the ecological footprint, fossil fuel consumption accelerates environmental degradation..."


Modeling, Mapping and Analysis of Floods Using Optical, Lidar and SAR Datasets?a Review

"...Occurrence of natural disaster can never be prevented, and floods are one among the major natural disaster that affects the human life and economy of the country..."


Foraging for the future: traditional culinary uses of wild plants in the Western Himalayas?Kashmir Valley (India)

"...Further research into the nutritional value of these edible species could pave the way for their commercial cultivation, which would mean potential economic growth for local communities, make an important contribution to food security in the area under study, and contribute to scientific progress..."


Livestock Manure Compost Mixed with Biochar: Efficient Pelleting and Pellet Production Characteristics

"...The pelleting of biochar mixed with livestock manure compost could have the following advantages: (1) use compost as a binder, (2) reduce the moisture content of compost for pelleting by simply mixing without drying, and (3) promote the application of biochar for carbon sequestration by simultaneous application with agricultural machinery for chemical fertilizers while preventing dust pollution and additional work for the farmer..."


Formulation and development of composite materials for thermally driven and storage-integrated cooling technologies: a review

"...Also, thermal energy storage is an emerging technology to relocate intermittent low-grade heat source, like solar thermal energy and industrial waste heat as well as to exploit off-peak electricity, for cooling applications..."


Integrated Optimization of Component Parameters and Energy Management Strategies for A Series?Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle

"...Taking component parameters and energy management strategy as research objects, this paper elaborates an integrated optimization approach for a series?parallel hybrid electric vehicle..."


Towards an understanding of landslide risk assessment and its economic losses: a scientometric analysis

"...The current identified research combines advanced statistical methods, including logistic regression, with climate change scenarios and susceptibility assessments to reveal intricate connections between climatic shifts, hydrogeological hazards, and their economic and environmental impacts..."