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Coverage of ecosystems since July 2, 2024.

Seagrass and Plastic Are Not Friends Hakai Magazine

"...In 2021, what sounded like a good news story hit the media: in the Mediterranean, seagrasses were trapping plastic waste, capturing fragments in their leaves and locking microplastics in seafloor sediments. The news cycle was spurred by a study of Neptune grass, which showed that when this seagrass species sheds its leaves each autumn some of that plastic debris is jettisoned back to shore, slightly cleaning the marine environment. At the time, scientists and reporters billed the Mediterranean seagrass as a potent ally in the fight against marine plastic pollution..."


New England fishermen sentenced in complex herring fraud case

"...“The defendants in this case subverted regulations for the sole purpose of lining their own wallets regulations that are in place to ensure Atlantic herring are not overfished and are available for future generations of fishermen and safeguard the viability of the marine ecosystem, McElwee said..."


What we can learn from Mexico's struggle to ban the pesticide glyphosate

"...The farmers we work with are abandoning glyphosate one hectare at a time. With funding from Mexicos National Research Council, we have built a team of 38 agroecology technicians and community leaders who are helping farmers develop the knowledge and skills they need to replace chemicals with other practices..."


Rebuilding coastal communities after hurricanes is complex, and can change the character of a place

"...The tens of thousands of dollars it can cost to perch a new home on stilts, plus the hundreds of thousands more to build the house, is cost prohibitive for many people. So are the rising rates of insurance. Resiliency plans also must address the compounding impacts of flooding, erosion, intensifying storms and sea level rise..."


Mind the mangroves! Some Kenyans combat the threat of logging with hidden beehives

"...Mangroves are threatened by illegal logging, climate change and rising seas, pollution and urban development. According to a Kenya environment ministry report in 2018, about 40% of mangroves along the Indian Ocean coast are degraded..."


Viewpoint: Lifting the watershed invisibility cloak

"...At this point, a Salt Spring Island Healthy Waters initiative is a potential project only, as some quite significant funding (about $45,000) is needed for successful execution. A key part of any possible Salt Spring Island Healthy Waters field program will be field work and sampling with Tracker to determine basic freshwater quality parameters while in the field, and relatively high-end, lab-based analysis to allow us to determine the extent of so-called invisible pollutants entering our watershed and ecosystems. The invisibles are chemicals and compounds that should not be present in a natural system and which are natural system disrupters for all life..."


Great White North: Documentary featuring Dal vet explores increase in Nova Scotian shark activity

"...The expedition also breaks new ground in expanding our knowledge of these elusive animals. Many questions remain: how many great whites are visiting Nova Scotian waters and for how long? Are they reproducing here, or just summer visitors feasting on seals and tuna? What role does climate change play in the proliferation of sharks north of the 49th parallel? Are these curious juveniles carving out new territory, or mature breeding adults that are expanding their range? What impact are they having on the local ecosystem, and does their presence mean the North Atlantic Ocean is becoming healthier?..."


Rebuilding Kenya Stronger: Here's What's Needed to Rebound After Catastrophic Floods

"...With a struggling economy, Kenya will need major finances to rebuild its infrastructure at the expense of planned development initiatives. Crops washed away from the floods will mean a huge drop in harvests. Many will go hungry, while farmers will lose income..."


International environmental watchdog wants probe into shipping pollution enforcement

"...“Initiating an investigation into Canadas non-enforcement of its domestic environmental laws would help to prevent further harm to these sensitive ecosystems, while also addressing unfair competition that favours commercial operators in Canadian waters,” the body says in a document released this week..."


Tropical forest degradation due to edge effects is 200% higher than thought

"...The study, published in Nature, explains that trees near deforested or degraded areas of the forest are more vulnerable to drought, as well as to human activity such as logging. These edge effects are measurable up to 1. 5km into the forest, the authors find..."


More Whale Falls Found off Los Angeles than in the Rest of the World Combined Hakai Magazine

"...The abundant whale falls provide a concentrated opportunity to learn more about the food webs these biological bounties support and the lives of the creatures who depend on them. They may also reveal more about the role decomposing whales play in the oceans carbon and nutrient cycle. If they last for many decades in other places beyond these basins, the big oceanographic picture would be different, says Rouse, because it would mean that these behemoths are transporting and sequestering more carbon on the seafloor than previously thought..."


Support for nature conservation is unwavering across British Columbians, survey finds

"...BRITISH Columbians are sending an overwhelming message of support for nature conservation and environmental protections ahead of the upcoming 2024 BC election, according to a new survey. Among BC residents, 85 per cent support the goal of protecting 30 per cent of lands by 2030, with protecting species at risk, intact watersheds and wildlife corridors topping the charts..."


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Jobs in ecosystems

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Regional Aquatic Ecosystems Science Specialist (1)

"...You have the ability to interpret and apply guidelines, policies and legislation regarding natural resource protection, and..."

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BIO 24R - Ecosystems Biologist

"...The Role: The Ecosystems Biologist supports collaborative stewardship through the development and implementation of regional..."

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Associate Specialist, Arctic Ecosystems

"...The incumbent will play a part in the organizational efforts to promote community conservation priorities..."

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BIO 27R - Senior Ecosystems Biologist

"...The Senior Ecosystems Biologist is a supervisory position that implements and supports ecosystems management in the Northeast Region..."

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Recent episodes that mention ecosystems.

300 Koen van Seijen's journey into regenerative food and agriculture and introducing the Generation-Re investment syndicate

Duration: 1:35:25

"...Koen van Seijen settles into the guest chair for a special 300th episode celebration and is interviewed by Naeem Lakhani and Antony Yousefian..."


Canada's wild pig problem could become a U.S. problem, too

Duration: 16:00

"...Wild pigs are smart, adaptable, and multiply quickly..."


MN 131. Ausenco - Climate Risk and Ecosystem-Based Adaptation Strategies

Duration: 31:29

"...In this episode, our host Jerrod Downey takes you to CIM MTL 23, live from Montreal, Canada..."


Drowning coastal ecosystems

Duration: 28:05

"...Global sea levels are rising more than 3mm per year under current climate conditions..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about ecosystems.

4 Ways to Combat Superbugs & How AI Is Supercharging Science | WEF | Top Stories of the Week

"...It can help scientists create much more detailed climate models and understand the impacts of climate change on the ocean better..."


Mr. Bruce Knight: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem Services Market

"...Knight explains the history of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) and details how ecosystem service markets can add incentives to motivate farmers and ranchers to improve soil health..."


Burning Pantanal | What’s Behind the Fire?

"...Human activity such as deforestation and cattle ranching is encroaching on this precious ecosystem and causing it permanent damage..."


What are cumulative effects?

"...Pollutants from urban runoff, like oil and gas, that might have spilled or dripped on the road..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about ecosystems relevant to the latest news.

Bioremediation: An Economical Approach for Treatment of Textile Dye Effluents

"...In bioremediation, the microorganisms utilize organic pollutants as a source of food or energy..."


Taxonomic and functional Odonata assemblage metrics: macrophyte?driven changes in anthropogenically disturbed floodplain habita

"...As Odonata are used as bioindicators of freshwater status worldwide, the presented results could be used in the protection of endangered wetland ecosystems and their biota..."


Spatio-temporal analysis of precipitation in eastern India for last three decades

"...Climate change emerges as a significant factor influencing rainfall variability, as it results in changes in annual or seasonal rainfall patterns along with precipitation intensity..."


Quantitative assessment of the supply, demand and flows of ecosystem services in the Yangtze River Basin, China

"...This study attempted to quantitatively assess the supply and demand flows of ecosystem services in the Yangtze River Basin in 2000, 2010, and 2020; assess the evolution of the spatial patterns of ecosystem service flow at the provincial, watershed and urban agglomeration scales; and design a zoning standard for ecosystem service flow..."


Archetypal typology of European forest ecosystems integrating management intensity and naturalness

"...The crises of climate change and biodiversity loss have pushed the aim for increasing the resilience of forest ecosystems high on the agenda of foresters and policymakers..."


Speciation happens in company ? not in isolation

"...Ecosystem functioning, such as the regulation of abiotic fluxes of energy and matter, has been intensely studied in the context of climate change and biodiversity loss..."


Resource utilisation and trophic niche overlap of coralline intertidal benthic amphipods: an isotopic perspective

"...High overlapping ecological niche amongst species was detected by SIBER analysis which indicated co-existence of the benthic amphipods in their respective microhabitats..."


Dataset of soil hydraulic parameters in the Yellow River Basin based on in situ deep sampling

"...Soil hydraulic parameters are vital for precisely characterizing soil hydrological processes, which are critical indicators for regulating climate change effects on terrestrial ecosystems and governing feedbacks between water, energy, and carbon?nitrogen cycles..."


How does payment for watershed ecosystem services alleviate farmer poverty in conservation intervention areas? Evidence from Ch

"...Payment for watershed ecosystem services (PES) has been applied to water conservation and poverty reduction in an increasing number of developing countries..."


Climate change and Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) in North America: modelling possible changes in range with different clima

"...Regardless, management that considers the climate stresses on Arctic charr populations will be important to preserve this highly valued resource that is pivotal for food security and traditional ways of life for northerners..."


Geoscape Characterization of Ashtamudi, Sasthamkotta, and Vembanad Ramsar Sites in Kerala, India

"...Wetlands, which serve as transitional zones between terrestrial and aquatic environments, play a crucial role in providing diverse ecosystem services for the sustenance of wildlife and mankind..."