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Electric Buses

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News and Opinion

Coverage of electric buses since November 3, 2021.

Moscow welcomes 1,000th electric bus to the city

"...In 2021, Moscow stopped buying diesel buses for the main surface public transport operator. Today, the city is focusing on green alternatives and keeping up with global electric vehicle market trends. Next year, Moscow plans to purchase 600 more electric vehicles..."

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Our View: BC Hydro needs upgrades for electric vehicle future

"...The benefits of all this work will be cleaner air and better health. We can expect fewer kids with asthma and likely fewer cases of lung cancer. That’s before we get to the vital task of tackling climate change..."

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Go Transit is testing electric buses

"...Go transit is testing two fully electric buses..."

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Former e-bus batteries supporting the shift towards zero emissions: Zenobe installs on-site batteries to power e-forklifts in Be

"...Zenobe is partnering with construction group Aertssen in Belgium: on-site batteries have been installed at its main office in order to store surplus renewable energy generated by 5,500 solar panels and manage energy price volatility. The stored energy can be released to power Aertssen’s business operations, including its fleet of electric forklifts. What is interesting, […]..."

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Here's a look at OC Transpo's first electric bus

"...The battery-powered bus is one of four that will begin picking up passengers in 2022. By 2023, 74 more electric buses will be added to the fleet, with 450 in operation by 2027. The goal is to have an entirely electric bus fleet by 2036..."

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Zen to Participate in Alberta Fuel Cell Electric Bus Demonstration Project

"...On Monday November 1, 2021, Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) and the Government of Alberta announced $4. 6 million in funding for the City of Edmonton to demonstrate two hydrogen fuel cell electric buses (FCEB) and supporting fueling infrastructure to be used in road trials shared by the municipalities of Edmonton and Strathcona County, with the active participation of Calgary, and Banff/Bow Valley. In total, the four partner transit agencies operate 41% of Alberta’s urban transit buses..."

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32 percent increase in onboard energy. Gillig selects Akasol and will launch in 2023 an improved battery-electric bus

"...Gillig announced the availability of a next-generation energy storage system for its battery electric bus. The new storage system, manufacturer by Akasol, provides up to 686 kWh of available energy, the largest capacity in a North American transit bus, the company claims. In July this year Clark County Public Transit (C-Tran) in Vancouver, Washington State, […]..."

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Los Angeles to install solar and storage microgrid and EV Charging to power more than 100 e-buses with Proterra and Apparent

"...The solar and storage microgrid paired with 104 EV chargers will support Ladot’s adoption of electric buses as the agency transitions to a fully electric fleet by 2028. Ladot selected Proterra and Apparent to install the EV-charging microgrid at the agency’s Washington Bus Yard where it will manage EV charging and overall energy use for more than 100 electric buses. By delivering clean solar energy generated and storage capacity, the project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower Ladot’s electricity costs, and also provide emergency back-up power that will enable the agency to continue to operate in an outage..."

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All Aboard America to deploy a converted double decker coach in the US. A cooperation Lightning eMotors and ABC Companies

"...“As large corporate campuses begin to open up after COVID-19, we are seeing an increased interest in zero-emission employee transportation,” said Bill Trimarco, CEO of All Aboard America! Holdings. “Not only do electric buses provide an attractive total cost of ownership, but the clean, quiet ride makes them perfect for employees or students that want to collaborate or do other work while commuting to or across corporate campuses. ”..."

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Electric buses: Over $1,500 per tonne of GHG emissions avoided Montreal Economic Institute

"...“We all agree that Quebec can and must take action to achieve its GHG emission reduction targets. Yet the government has a moral duty to achieve these reductions at the lowest possible cost. Unfortunately, it is doing the exact opposite,” says Mr..."

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Quebec to fund majority of $5 billion electric bus purchase

"...MONTREAL -- Quebec will fund the lion's share of a $5 billion purchase of electric buses..."

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Recent episodes that mention electric buses.

270. Artsy home for YEG's Electric Bus Fleet

Duration: 04:00

"...Edmonton's new artsy home for its electric bus fleet has energy storage, a rainwater bus washing system and a fast-charging system for its fleet of 40 e-buses..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about electric buses.

Electric Cars 'Cleaner'; Recyclable Blades & Russian Buses

"...'Almost Breaking News' is BACK! This month our roving 'Roberter' looks at electric buses in Russia, shocking news that electric cars are cleaner, a PV factory running on clean energy and the rise of driverless cars in the UK..."

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BYD: Factory Tour & Full Range of EVs | FULLY CHARGED

"...SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE if you want Clean Energy & Electric Vehicles to be the norm..."

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So many EVs, but which would you choose? February ROUND-UP

"...#CleanEnergy #ElectricVehicles #ElectricCars #ElectricBikes #ElectricBuses #Wind #Solar #Batteries ..."

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The City with 16,000 Electric Buses & 22,000 Electric Taxis | 100% Independent, 100% Electric

"...This episode is overflowing with positivity as Elliot visits a world-leading city in which the drive to go electric has resulted in 16,000 electric buses and 22,000 electric taxis..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about electric buses relevant to the latest news.

Well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions of heavy-duty transports: Influence of electricity carbon intensity

"...Battery-electric buses show a large reduction of GHG emissions compared to diesel buses and many other alternatives, while battery-electric trucks have higher GHG emissions than diesel in carbon intense electricity systems..."

related research

Optimal design of electric mobility services for a Local Energy Community

"...This leads to reduce the environmental impact in urban areas and contributes to the implementation of the microgrid concept..."

related research

Coordinated management of connected plug-in hybrid electric buses for energy saving, inter-vehicle safety, and battery health

"...For plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, deeper battery discharge provides more electrical energy at a lower cost than fossil fuel, which reduces the overall energy consumption cost..."

related research

Economic MPC for online least costly energy management of hybrid electric vehicles

"...A least costly objective function accounting for battery energy consumption and aging, and for the auxiliary power unit fuel consumption and noise emissions is considered..."

related research

Optimal Merging of Transportation System Using Renewable Energy-Based Supply for Sustainable Development

"...Nowadays, sustainable energy have been focused on electrification of the transportation systems, using electric vehicles (EVs) and electric buses, as well as considering the bidirectional perspective of these technologies by intensifying the grid resilience and reliability through vehicles to grid (V2G) options..."

related research

Tackling SOC long-term dynamic for energy management of hybrid electric buses via adaptive policy optimization

"...The common reference state-of-charge (SOC) profile based methods are limited by the adaptiveness which restricts the economic performance of on-line energy management systems..."

related research

A Review of Battery Fires in Electric Vehicles

"...Over the last decade, the electric vehicle (EV) has significantly changed the car industry globally, driven by the fast development of Li-ion battery technology..."

related research

Electric and hydrogen buses: Shifting from conventionally fuelled cars in the UK

"...Electric buses (EBs) and hydrogen buses (HBs) have the potential to fulfil requirements if powered from low carbon renewable energy sources..."

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Assessment of Renewable Energy-Driven and Flywheel Integrated Fast-Charging Station for Electric Buses: A Case Study

"...This study develops a renewable energy-based system integrated with a flywheel-based storage system and presents a thermodynamic analysis for the renewable energy-driven and flywheel integrated fast-charging station for electric buses..."

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The Impact of E-Mobility on Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Vietnam

"...This paper aims to develop possible scenarios of electric bus introduction and their impact on the Vietnam Greenhouse Gas (GHG) mitigation..."

related research

Transit route network redesign under Electrification: Model and application

"...In this context, this study proposes a model for the optimal redesign of an existing transit route network, so that electric buses may be deployed where possible..."

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Solar potential assessment of public bus routes for solar buses

"...It was found that installing solar panels on the rooftop of an electric bus may offset ∼8..."

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