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Coverage of electric vehicles since June 26, 2024.

German leader to visit Serbia seeking lithium for his country's car industry

"...BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will visit Serbia later this week to discuss a tentative deal with the Balkan country for the controversial excavation of lithium, a critical substance in making batteries for electric vehicles, officials from both states confirmed Wednesday..."


China Briefing 11 July: Wartime flooding emergency; EU tariff impact; Record-low coal share

"...WARTIME EMERGENCY: Extreme weather events continued over the past two weeks. Dongting lake Chinas second-biggest freshwater lake in southern Chinas Hunan province experienced a wide dyke breach on 6 July, the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported. The newspaper found the flooding in Hunan was the most severe flooding seen in 70 years, with local authorities declaring a wartime emergency..."


Demand for rare elements used in clean energy could help clean up abandoned coal mines in Appalachia

"...The project is one of the leading efforts by the federal government as it injects more money than ever into recovering rare earth elements to expand renewable energies and fight climate change by reducing planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions..."


China launches investigation in response to EUs probe of solar, wind power and other products

"...BEIJING (AP) Chinas Commerce Ministry announced Wednesday it will launch an investigation into whether unfair trade practices were adopted by the European Union in its probe of Chinese companies..."


Europe is slapping tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles

"...FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) The European Union is imposing sharply higher customs duties on electric vehicles imported from China. EVs are the latest flash point in a broader trade dispute over Chinese government subsidies and Beijing's burgeoning exports of green technology to the 27-nation bloc..."


Many Gen Z and millennial Canadians dont believe in EV corporate welfare: op-ed

"...According to a new Leger poll, a significant percentage of Gen Z and millennial Canadians dont believe that billions of dollars in government subsidies to build electric vehicle (EV) plantsincluding $5 billion to Honda, $13. 2 billion to Volkswagen and $15 billion to Stellantiswill benefit them. And based on a large body of research, theyre right..."


New rebate to help Manitobans purchase electric vehicles

"...Its a great opportunity to lower your energy costs while also helping to reduce our provinces greenhouse gas emissions..."


Ottawas EV mandate may destroy Canadian auto industry: op-ed

"...According to energy transition and net zero enthusiasts, the future looks bright for electric vehicles (EVs). So bright that the federal government and some provincial governments have had to offer some $15 billion in subsidies to prompt carmakers to develop Canadian production facilities while also offering lavish subsidies to get people to buy EVs. And since even that isnt enough, according to a Trudeau government mandate, all new light-duty vehicles sold in Canada must be electric or plug-in hybrid by 2035..."


Swedish police investigate three unexplained deaths at an electric vehicle battery plant

"...COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) Police in northern Sweden said Thursday they were looking into the unexplained deaths of three men who had died within a short period after working at an electric vehicle battery plant in the Arctic. They want to find out whether the deaths are linked, whether a crime has been committed, or if they are a string of accidental workplace fatalities..."


Prospect of low-priced Chinese EVs reaching US from Mexico poses threat to automakers

"...Chinese carmakers set up shop in Mexico to exploit North American trade rules. Once in place, they send ultra-low-priced electric vehicles streaming into the United States..."


Tesla ordered to stop releasing toxic emissions from San Francisco Bay Area plant

"...FREMONT, Calif. (AP) Tesla must fix air quality problems at its electric vehicle manufacturing facility in the San Francisco Bay Area after racking up more than 100 violations for allegedly releasing toxic emissions into the atmosphere over the last five years, an air quality board said Tuesday..."


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Jobs in electric vehicles

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Climate Change Coordinator - Grey County (Owen Sound, ON)

"...Reporting to the Director of Planning and Development, our ideal candidate will have the combination of education, experience and strong consensus building skills to successfully lead a broad stakeholder group in realizing our goals Climate Change Action Plan goals..."

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Recent episodes that mention electric vehicles.

Nicole Voudren: Charged Up For EVs

Duration: 29:00

"...According to Reuters, electric vehicle sales leapt 50% in the US in 2023, and are expected to grow by another 30% in 2024..."


RealAg on the Weekend: 2024 plans, electric vehicles, and a lack of snow, Dec 23, 2023

Duration: 39:54

"...Thanks for tuning in to this episode of RealAg on the Weekend! On this weekends show, host Shaun Haney is joined by Saskatchewan farmers including: Keith Fournier of Lone Rock, Sask; Kris Mayerle of Tisdale, Sask; Scott Hepworth of Assiniboia, Sask; and, Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel of Mossbank, Sask..."


RealAg Radio: Year-end bookkeeping, electric vehicles, and farm succession, Dec 21, 2023

Duration: 55:59

"...Thanks for tuning in to this Thursday edition on RealAg Radio, brought to you by Pioneer Seeds Canada! On this weeks Farmer Rapid Fire, host Shaun Haney checks in with: Jeff Harrison of Quinte West, Ont. ; Steve Twynstra of Alisa Craig, Ont. ; Landon Friesen of Crystal City, Man..."


EVs unlikely to derail growth in renewable diesel demand

Duration: 13:44

"...Government policies that promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) are unlikely to make a major dent in future demand for renewable diesel, says an author of a recent report on the future of the renewable diesel market..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about electric vehicles.

BYD Yangwang U9: The Reasonably Priced Hypercar!

"...#byd #yangwang #electricvehicles #tesla #elonmusk #byd #homeenergy #cleanenergy ..."


The worlds most electric city | Future of Cities

"...Oslo is on a mission to achieve a nearly 100% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 2009 levels..."


It's All About To Happen Down Under!!

"...Ahead of this weekend's first Everything Electric AUSTRALIA expo in Sydney, Robert has pulled together his selection of topical News stories, including some stinky goings on in an EV transport vessel, a V2L set up that saved lives and the bikes that are saving the burning of 1 million barrels of oil a day! ..."


The truth about mineral resources.

"...Will batteries for hundreds of millions of future electric vehicles rob the planet of all its precious minerals? And what about all the minerals and materials for billions of wind turbines and solar panels? Can our planet really cope with the transition away from fossil fuels and will that transition really be 'sustainable'? ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about electric vehicles relevant to the latest news.

Enhancing energy efficiency and cost redemption through solar-powered electric vehicles with induction cooking system for mobil

"...This paper addresses the urgent challenges posed by limited energy resources and environmental degradation, focusing on the critical issue of excessive energy consumption and advocating for sustainable practices..."


A hierarchical optimization approach to maximize hosting capacity for electric vehicles and renewable energy sources through de

"...Within the scope of sustainable development, integrating electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy sources (RESs) into power grids offers a number of benefits..."


PV-Based Grid Integrated EV with GWO Optimized PI Controller for Boost Integrated Luo Converter

"...Thereby, in this work, focus is towards combining photovoltaic (PV) system and grid with an electric vehicle (EV) such as electric train, which successfully satisfies the requirement of both decarbonized energy generation and transportation..."


Joint Effects of Perceived Benefits, Perceived Barriers, and Policy Interventions on Behavioral Intentions Toward Electric Vehi

"...The current study applies a hybrid model to investigate the combined effects of perceptions towards benefits and barriers and policy interventions on behavioral intention to use electric vehicles (EVs) in Vietnam, a country where the EV market is still in its infancy, and transportation is becoming a significant greenhouse gas (GHG) emitter..."


Development of petroleum pitch/polymer composite binder for anode material of the lithium-ion battery

"...The lithium-ion battery has been utilized in various fields including energy storage system, portable electronic devices and electric vehicles due to their high energy and power densities, low self-discharge, and long cycle-life performances..."


International and Domestic Factors of Battery Electric Vehicle Technology Diffusion in Japan

"...This paper studies the diffusion of battery electric vehicle (BEV) technology in Japan..."


Integrated Optimization of Component Parameters and Energy Management Strategies for A Series?Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle

"...Taking component parameters and energy management strategy as research objects, this paper elaborates an integrated optimization approach for a series?parallel hybrid electric vehicle..."


Comparison of Tire Rolling Resistance Measuring Methods for Different Surfaces

"...This resistance has a very significant contribution to the energy consumption of wheeled vehicles..."


A STC-DAB converter for PV?EV battery-based hybrid system with a unified power management scheme in a grid-integrated and islan

"...The idea of achieving zero-carbon emissions in the transportation sector through microgrid-based charging increases green electrification, fostering sustainable development with renewable energy sources (RES)..."


Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Super-Capacitors in Electric Vehicles Using Neural Networks

"...The main factor determining whether electric vehicles can be sustained is an increase in battery cycle life..."


Tracing evolutionary trajectory of charging technologies in electric vehicles: patent citation network analysis

"...The development of electric vehicles (EVs) has been expanding rapidly in recent years to meet the demand of energy conservation and environmental protection..."