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Coverage of energy efficiency since May 15, 2024.

Liberal energy minister promises ban on oil furnaces for new builds as soon as 2028

"...Liberal ministers say the Canada Green Buildings Strategy released today aims to drive energy efficiency improvements while addressing affordability and emissions..."


House backs bills to roll back energy efficiency standards for refrigerators, dishwashers

"...Energy efficiency standards save Americans money on their energy bills, boost innovation by modernizing appliances for the future and reduce greenhouse gas pollution in our ongoing efforts to combat the climate crisis,” Pallone said..."


Advancing tenants rights to retrofits and energy efficiency: Research Report (2024)

"...Tenants, who make up one-third of households in British Columbia (BC), typically have very little agency over matters that influence their energy bills or the health and comfort of their homes. Currently, it is much easier for a homeowner to improve the energy efficiency of their living space, or to add cooling, compared to tenants. Most BC buildings were not originally designed for extreme weather, and an increase in extreme heat and poor air quality events precipitated by climate change, combined with rising pressure on housing and affordability, threaten to reverse rather than advance progress on energy rights for tenants..."


'Natural gas' can no longer be the default option for heating new buildings: Report

"...The report pins much of that problem on the way buildings are heated, with more than half of the furnaces and boilers in Canadian homes and commercial buildings running on fossil fuels, mostly gas. While the sector can increase the energy efficiency of new construction and speed up energy retrofits in the existing building stock, decarbonizing and largely electrifying heat will require a focus on the wider energy system..."


Fossil fuel executives raked over coals by House environment committee

"...“I believe this is false,” he said. “Profits and the planet are not mutually exclusive, they're mutually dependent. ”Kruger took the helm of Suncor just over a year ago and said at the time the company had previously been too focused on the energy transition and should focus on increasing the value of its oil business..."


Quebec must accelerate its energy transition: economic barometer

"...Quebec must improve its energy efficiency and focus on better resource utilization in order to ensure its future economic viability, according to the 2024 edition of Prospera, an economic barometer designed by BCF Avocats d'affaires and Quadrat Conseils..."


Pass or flunk? Canada's clean-energy report card

"...These provinces were the only two to score the lowest possible ranking on the Clean Energy Canada scorecard. The Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut were not graded because of the unique challenges these jurisdictions face. Screenshot of the Clean Energy Canada scorecardAlberta isn’t living up to its potential to be a renewable energy power house, stated the report..."


Innovative programs make Colchester homes cosier and more climate-friendly

"...For close to six years, she has led the county toward a greener future by building partnerships, engaging stakeholders and helping homeowners reduce their carbon footprint. She wants to help everyone play a role in the municipality’s transition to renewable energy and eventual goal of meeting its net-zero emissions target by 2050. Long before she came on board, Colchester Council had already laid the essential groundwork for their current programs..."


BYD BD11 launched: a new double decker EV bus for UK market

"...The lightweight battery pack “has been designed to improve space utilisation by 50% more than a traditional battery pack, while maintaining high levels of energy density. Using each cell as a structural beam to help withstand force, the battery also achieves high levels of strength and torsional stiffness and has a low centre of gravity to increase stability and manoeuvrability”, BYD says..."


Powering Up: How Canada keeps the lights on

"...This data does not show the electricity provinces import from other jurisdictions — only what they generated in 2022. Smaller jurisdictions — such as Nunavut and the Northwest Territories — have a high percentage of fossil fuels on their grids. But because they are sparsely populated their total greenhouse gas emissions arising from electrical generation are still far lower than Ontario and New Brunswick, which have a cleaner mix..."


At international energy conference, delegates push to make clean cooking accessible to all

"...The Paris-based International Energy Agency's 9th annual conference on energy efficiency brings together ministers, CEOs and thought leaders from around the world to discuss how to speed up progress on energy efficiency, which experts say can drastically reduce planet-warming emissions. On the agenda is how to deliver affordable clean cooking, which involves using electricity, solar and other solutions instead of more polluting fuels like charcoal, wood and kerosene..."


Community colleges offer clean energy training as climate-related jobs expand across America

"...The warming planet is fueling the interest of many students like Johnson. The job market was already changing as more businesses sprang up to address climate change, and now legislation, including the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, is adding more investment, meaning they'll have plenty of jobs to pursue. Millions of clean energy workers are needed to meet ambitious targets that governments and companies have set to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, so many of these job opportunities are growing faster than overall employment in the U..."


Recommended Reading

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Jobs in energy efficiency

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Director of Energy, Environment and Climate Change - Island Health Authority (Victoria, BC)

"...Excellent written and oral communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills, ..."

related opportunities

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Energy Management Coordinator - City of Burnaby (Burnaby, BC)

"...An incumbent coordinates the administration of the corporate energy management program complimented under the City’s Climate Action Framework and City Energy Strategy; participates with supervisors in developing goals, strategies and plans for reducing consumption of energy, all utilities, gas, hydro and water in municipal facilities; coordinates efforts in transitioning gas and diesel powered fleet to Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV); prepares reports and updates on program objectives and goals; conducts a technical study of the feasibility and processes involved in the improvement of energy efficiencies for the City; recommends and implements energy and GHG emissions reduction projects and alternatives; develops plans for retrofits and upgrades to existing systems; compiles energy consumption statistics, prepares reports and recommendations and may present same as required; recommends and monitors annual budgets for hydro and gas; identifies funding sources for energy retrofits and the expansion of energy efficiency programs; liaises with BC Hydro, FortisBC..."

related opportunities

Senior Green Building Planner II - Energy Benchmark Reporting - City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

"...They will be involved in all phases of related projects including regulation design, planning, IT systems and data management design, support program design, industry/utility partnerships, and handover/closeout as appropriate..."

related opportunities


Recent episodes that mention energy efficiency.

Energy Agenda for U.S. States

Duration: 34:03

"...This week, David Terry,Executive Director of the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) joinsMorgan Higman (Clean Resilient States Project, CSIS) to look at how states are working together and with the federal government to craft workable and innovative solutions to implement energy policies..."


E074: Energy Efficiency in the Philippines and the Growth of Asia-Pacific ESCO Industry Alliance

Duration: 50:58

"...Today we hear form Alexander Ablaza, the man behind many energy energy efficiency initiatives across Asia, for more than two decades in development agencies and the private sector..."


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E070: RE Development in the Philippines and Regulatory Challenges

Duration: 45:01

"...Monalisa Dimalanta is the former Chairman of the National Renewable Energy Board of the Philippines. ..."


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243 Get rid of Gas

Duration: 37:42

"...Richard Keech lives in a zero-carbon home in Melbourne..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about energy efficiency.

The Next Generation Of Brain Mimicking AI

"...Early neuromorphic chips from IBM and Intel have supported millions of simulated neurons with 50-100x better energy efficiency than GPUs..."


GW Sustainability Summit 2021 | Part 5 - Energy Innovation

"...How is renewable energy, energy efficiency, and clean energy critical to recovery? ..."


273. Nukes or No Nukes - What is the role of nuclear in getting to a low carbon economy?

"...Is nuclear power the only we we can reach net-zero emissions or is it a threat to civilization and a distraction from other low carbon sources of energy such as solar and wind? Green Energy Futures teams up with the Energy vs Climate Podcast..."


Decarbonizing Steel Production: Challenges and Opportunities

"...He joined Primetals Technologies in 1997 (before SiemensVAI 2005-2014 and VAI 1997-2004) and is a recognized expert in sustainable iron and steel production, including waste gas cleaning, carbon footprint reduction, energy efficiency, by-product management and waste water treatment..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about energy efficiency relevant to the latest news.

A Thermodynamics Model for the Assessment and Optimisation of Onboard Natural Gas Reforming and Carbon Capture

"...The paper examines pre-combustion carbon capture technology (PreCCS) for liquefied natural gas (LNG) propelled shipping from thermodynamics and energy efficiency perspectives..."


Examining building energy retrofit effects on indoor environmental quality before the Covid-19 era: a critical assessment

"...These comforts include sound level, light level, ergonomics, aesthetics, odour, thermal comfort, and indoor air quality or collectively to be said as indoor environmental quality..."


Adoption of energy-efficiency measures by Australian low-income households

"...Increasing the adoption of energy-efficiency measures (EEM) by households is one of the practical strategies to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions..."


An overview of global energy scenarios by 2040: identifying the driving forces using cross-impact analysis method

"...Among the 10 global energy driving forces by 2040, population growth rate and climate change are identified as social and environmental driving forces, respectively..."


A biogas-fired cogeneration (cooling and power) system combined with biomethane facilities: 3E evaluation, sensitivity analyses

"...This study presents a novel approach to biogas-powered cogeneration with the objective of concurrently producing electricity and cooling while utilizing heat from liquefied natural gas..."


Energy-efficient buffer and service rate allocation in manufacturing systems using hybrid machine learning and evolutionary alg

"...Simultaneous allocation problems have been solved previously to satisfy economic requirements; however, owing to the progress of green manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection have become increasingly crucial..."


Energy data classification at the edge: a comparative study for energy efficiency applications

"...As the global economy is increasingly influenced by energy policy and efficiency, the opportunities of energy data classification are broadening..."


Towards direct superlubricity and superlow wear via amino modification of polyhydroxy alcohol solutions

"...Friction remains as the primary mode of energy dissipation and components wear, and achieving superlubricity shows high promise in energy conservation and lifetime wear protection..."


Energy intensity convergence among Chinese provinces: a Theil index decomposition analysis

"...The factors causing the energy intensity divergence in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang are related to lagging economic growth and low energy efficiency, which impedes carbon emission reductions significantly..."


Do market-based environmental policies encourage innovation in energy storage?

"...My results highlight the role of environmental taxes, feed-in tariffs for solar energy and tradable certificates for CO (_2) emission to promote firms? patenting activity, whereas renewable energy certificates and energy efficiency certificates discourage it..."


Target decomposition of regional CO2 emissions peaking under multiple allocation models: a case study in Jiangsu province, Chin

"...The target decomposition scheme based on an efficiency-directed model with consideration of the current emissions situation, ability to pay, energy efficiency, and development potential was most feasible..."