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Coverage of energy resources since December 14, 2023.

A big boost for a climate solution: electricity made from the heat of the Earth

"...Clean electricity like this reduces the need for traditional power plants that cause climate change. The boost could go a long way toward bringing down the cost of a new generation of geothermal energy, said Wilson Ricks, an energy systems researcher at Princeton University..."


Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut receive proposals for offshore wind projects

"...BOSTON (AP) Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut received proposals Wednesday for offshore wind projects as the three East Coast states hope to boost their reliance on the renewable energy source..."


Interior Department issues rule to limit methane leaks from public lands drilling

"...The rule issued by the Interior Department's Bureau of Land Management will tighten limits on gas flaring on federal lands and require that energy companies improve methods to detect methane leaks that add to planet-warming greenhouse gas pollution..."


Diamondback Energy to buy Endeavor in $26 billion deal to create a Permian drilling giant

"...Diamondback Energy will buy rival Endeavor Energy Resources in a cash-and-stock deal valued at about $26 billion to create a drilling giant in the Southwest United States..."


Fossil-dependent Puerto Rico can fully shift to clean energy by 2050, a two-year federal study says

"...The two-year study found that Puerto Rico has more than tenfold the renewable energy resources required to meet the islands demands through 2050, but that new infrastructure capable of generating hundreds of megawatts is needed..."


Manitoba cabinet minister at odds with Crown corporation CEO over energy plans

"...Finance Minister AdrienSala, who is responsible for Manitoba Hydro, says the NDP government wants future energy resources to be publicly owned and is opposed to demand-response measures. That runs counter to comments by Manitoba Hydro chief executive officer Jay Grewal earlier this week, who said Manitoba could need new energy sources as early as 2029..."


Doig River Chief emphasizes cooperation with industry at BC Natural Resources Forum

"...Makadahay said the overall goal is for all parties, including industry, First Nations, and government, to share in the sustainable benefit that energy resources can offer..."


Utilities throw down on a bigger, cleaner, smarter grid

"...British Columbia has just hit the accelerator on the clean energy transition, announcing a $36-billion investment in electricity grid expansion and upgrades over the next decade. BC Hydro’s updated capital plan, announced last Tuesday, marks a 50 per cent increase over the utility’s previous plan. The bulk of these investments will go towards new customer connections and upgrading existing assets, including substations, transmission lines and hydro dams to produce power more efficiently..."


Canadians Willing to Explore Trade Beyond the United States

"...Most residents want to capitalize on Asias need for Canadian energy resources, but reject state-owned corporate takeovers..."


Event Summary: Climate Geopolitics and The U.S. Military at COP28

"...It is not only climate adaptation but also the transition to renewable energy that comes with risks and opportunities for the US military. Ferguson stated that the war in Ukraine provided a wake-up call for the need to ensure sufficient energy resources from a dependable source. Domestically, she noted this can be accomplished through distributed generation on military bases..."


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Jobs in energy resources

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Telecom Administrator

"...The role is the primary support function for the daily maintenance, administration and system management for all telephony systems..."

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Transportation Project / Design Engineer

"...Tetra Tech is a leading provider of high-end consulting and engineering services for projects worldwide..."

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Senior Director Business Development Indigenous Relations, Energy Resources

"...Energy Resources Bilingual French English Montreal, QC (preferred), Burlington, ON Grow your career with a company that shares your passion! We are looking for our Senior Director Business..."

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Intermediate Mechanical Project Engineer

"...planning and feasibility studies and development of business cases;..."

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Recent episodes that mention energy resources.

How Locational Value Is Transforming Energy Policy Across the U.S.

Duration: 21:00

"...What changes are driving an increase in the use of locational value for distributed energy resources? Policymakers across the United States are struggling to determine the best model for optimizing electric power distribution that meets their priorities and grid needs..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about energy resources.

342. FULL INTERVIEW - Simon Dyer on Alberta's Pathway to the New Energy Economy

"...But alas Alberta, Canada's oil capital also has the best renewable energy resources in the country..."


Offsetting the future with Kai Landwehr

"...Emissions are reduced thereby replacing fossil energy resources with renewable energies, and by implementing local afforestation measures with smallholder farmers and energy-efficient technologies..."


Connected Communities: A Multi-Building Energy Management Approach

"...of Energy and Bill Livingood, NREL join Cara Carmichael and Seth Coan of Rocky Mountain Institute to discuss recently release research about “connected communities. ” Learn how these communities, made up of collections of buildings and distributed energy resources, integrate energy management strategies at the multi-building scale..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about energy resources relevant to the latest news.

Enhancing energy efficiency and cost redemption through solar-powered electric vehicles with induction cooking system for mobil

"...This paper addresses the urgent challenges posed by limited energy resources and environmental degradation, focusing on the critical issue of excessive energy consumption and advocating for sustainable practices..."


Exploring the 3E, hydrogen, and ammonia creation potentials of a concentrated solar power (CSP) plant using an air-cooled conde

"...Africa has the greatest potential to transition to more sustainable energy sources due to its enormous renewable energy resource potential, particularly solar..."


Critical assessment of biorefinery approaches for efficient management and resource recovery from water hyacinths for sustainab

"..., compost, biofertilizer, and mulch, energy resources such as bioethanol, biomethane, biohydrogen, and biochar, and other resources such as biopolymers, animal feed and fish feed, and high-value chemicals have been gaining popularity in the last decade..."


Energy management strategy for a hybrid micro-grid system using renewable energy

"...Its significance lies in achieving the overarching objectives of these systems, including optimizing renewable energy utilization, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting energy independence, and ensuring grid resilience..."


Urban integrated energy system construction plan selection: a hybrid multi-criteria decision-making framework

"...Therefore, a scientific UIES construction plan should contribute more to the enhancement of economic benefit, energy utilization efficiency, and environmental protection..."


Multi-objective optimization of the hybrid photovoltaic-battery-diesel-desalination system based on multi-type of desalination

"...Our findings reveal that the RO desalination method, when combined with renewable energy, outperforms other methods both economically and environmentally..."


Optimization algorithm analysis of EV waste battery recycling logistics based on neural network

"...The advancement of electric vehicles (EVs) has important implications for the sustainable use of energy resources..."


Wind energy resource assessment and wind turbine selection analysis for sustainable energy production

"...The quantity of greenhouse gas emissions that will be reduced if this type of turbine is implemented was also calculated, considering the average CO2 emission intensity factor (kg CO2/kWh) of the national electricity system..."


Feasibility investigation and economic analysis of photovoltaic, wind and biomass hybrid systems for rural electrification in A

"...This paper compares the design feasibility and economic advantage of photovoltaic (PV)-diesel generator (DG)-battery, PV-wind-battery, and PV-biogas (BG)-battery hybrid systems..."


Functional biochar as sustainable precursors to boost the anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge from a circular economy

"...Anaerobic digestion (AD) can be used to efficiently recover energy resources and stabilize pollutants in WAS, with biochar emerging as an ideal additive to boost this process..."


Microgrid Harmonic-Restrained Dual Slope Differential Protection

"...Maintaining the reliability of distributed energy resources (DER) in a grid-connected system is challenging due to fluctuating fault currents and harmonics..."