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News and Opinion

Coverage of environmental attitudes since April 12, 2021.

National narcissists likely to support greenwashing campaigns to improve nation's image

"...The study, published by the Journal of Environmental Psychology, highlights the importance of group-based underpinnings of anti-environmental attitudes. It shows that nation-based defensiveness is a significant barrier in introducing pro-environmental policies, as it is associated with the preoccupation of national image more than with taking actual pro-environmental action. National narcissism, characterised by a strong need to validate a grandiose ingroup image, is related to support for pretending to be green just to impress others..."


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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about environmental attitudes relevant to the latest news.

Analyzing rural people?s resilience in the face of floodwater: Evidence from Iran

"...For this purpose, a theoretical framework, whose main core is the VBN theory [including a chain of environmental attitudes (EAF), beliefs (BFF) and social norms (NFF) in facing floods], and also the variables of place attachment (PA), time perspective (TP), knowledge in the face of floods (KF) and organizational adaptation capacity (OAC) were used to analyze RPRF..."


Do low-carbon rewards incentivize people to ridesplitting? Evidence from structural analysis

"...Confirmatory factor analysis suggests that pro-environmental attitudes do not directly force people to ridesplitting..."


Attitudes toward Wind Power in Norway?Solution or Problem in Renewable Energy Development?

"...Wind power has become an increasingly important source of renewable energy in Norway..."


Pro-Environmental Behavior of Farmers in the Dieng Plateau Indonesia

"...Some variables used to predict PEB are an environmental concern, perceived behavioral control, and environmental Attitude..."


Analyzing the green marketing approaches and their impact on consumer behavior toward the environment in China: a logistic regr

"...This study concludes that EL, ECB, EL, GBP, and GPPP are significant tools of green marketing strategies that considerably improve customers? environmental attitudes..."


Can Coral Reef Restoration Programmes Facilitate Changes in Environmental Attitudes? A Case Study on a Rural Fisher Community i

"...Based on our results, we make five recommendations: (1) continuing environmental education within the community, (2) strengthening regulations and improving enforcement, (3) increasing financial and logistical support for waste management and ecotourism, (4) continuing the construction and deployment of artificial reefs, ensuring ?best practice? recommendations are followed, and (5) utilising the influence of local leaders to create positive environmental behaviours..."


How Do Cryptocurrency Miners Perceive the Ecological Implications of Their Work?

"...The widely used proof-of-work (PoW) mining technique, which requires a significant amount of energy, has raised concerns about the long-term environmental sustainability of cryptocurrencies..."


Can a YouTube video lead to changes in environmental beliefs, attitudes, norms, and intended behavior?

"...We investigate, using concepts from social psychological theories of the determinants of environmental behavior that might be affected by video media, the impact of viewing a short YouTube video about waste reduction while controlling for pre-existing environmental attitudes and beliefs, which is the greatest challenge in evaluating the impact of video media..."


A new two-nested-game approach: linking micro- and macro-scales in international environmental agreements

"...We propose a new framework based on a two-nested-game approach composed by: (1) a one-shot game with two asymmetric countries that negotiate the international abatement target, and (2) an evolutionary game which describes the economic structure resulting from agents? interactions..."


Paddy Farmers? Pro-environmental Behavior Based on Virtue-Ethical Perspective

"...The results of the correlation test showed that environmental education, environmental knowledge, environmental attitude, moral values of virtue, and moral norms had a positive and significant relationship with environmental behavior..."