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Coverage of environmental impact since May 14, 2024.

Moving Day: Dispose of your old fridges and A/C units responsibly, say eco groups

"...These items should not be left on sidewalks as garbage, as they contain greenhouse gases that need proper recycling..."


Camping on Crown Land Fish'n Canada

"...Signs may be posted by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to limit certain kinds of travel or activity (including camping), as well as close forest access roads for reasons of public safety or environmental protection..."


The UN says more aquatic animals were farmed than fished in 2022. That's the first time in history

"...Manuel Barange, who heads FAO's fisheries and aquaculture division, said aquaculture has benefited from a growing recognition of the nutritional benefits like Omega 3 and other micronutrients found in food from aquatic animals and lesser environmental impact than food derived from land animals..."


Hawaii judge orders a new environmental review of a wave pool that foes say is a waste of water

"...The judge said in her ruling that there was insufficient evidence for the HCDA to determine whether there is a likelihood of irrevocable commitment of natural resources and whether secondary and cumulative impacts of water use, injection, land use changes, and wildlife mitigation would likely lead to a significant impact, thereby favoring an injunction..."


Gold mine collapse in northern Kenya leaves 5 people dead

"...The mining activities were also in violation of the law because no environmental impact assessment had been done, and the tunnels were described as weak and on the brink of cave-in. Residents told media outlets that mining had continued despite the March ban and blamed authorities for allowing it..."


Doctors, patients call for options to reduce dialysis waste that exacerbates climate change

"...Patient care manager Laila Aparicio points to a garbage bin filled with waste. “We came here about 10 minutes ago and it was empty,” Aparicio said. "It would be awesome if we were able to decrease that as much as possible to reduce the environmental impact..."


Doctors, patients want options to reduce dialysis waste adding to climate change

"...In another room, hoses in the wall pump hundreds of litres of purified water into a dialysis machine where it is mixed with electrolyte solutions. Toxins from blood are removed, as is excess water from a patient's body, and the wastewater is piped into the city's sewer system..."


Health professionals take climate action to care for patients and the planet

"...“People are understanding the role that food plays in both our health and the health of our planet. The main goal of the project was looking at it from a greenhouse gas emissions perspective,” she said..."


California's water tunnel to cost $20 billion. State officials say the benefits are worth it

"...The analysis, conducted by the Berkeley Research Group but paid for by the state, said the tunnel would yield $38 billion in benefits, mostly because of an increased water supply that would be better protected from natural disasters like earthquakes..."


Oilsands carbon capture project must have a full assessment: Ecojustice

"...The environmental law charity points out Shell’s Quest facility – a much smaller carbon capture project – underwent a joint federal and provincial environmental impact assessment in 2010. The Pathways Alliance’s proposed project would capture roughly nine times more carbon dioxide than Quest and require a pipeline network seven times longer. The request noted a CCS project of this magnitude introduces a suite of impacts: increased water consumption would put pressure on the watershed, natural gas will likely be used to power CCS equipment and contribute to pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, CO2 becomes explosive when compressed for transport and CO2 leaks are difficult to detect and dangerous..."


Environment groups, First Nation want public hearing on Pathways carbon capture plans

"...Environmental organizations, a northern Alberta First Nation and a group of concerned landowners are asking the Alberta Energy Regulator to conduct a full-scale environmental impact assessment of the oilsands' industry's massive proposed carbon capture and storage project..."


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Jobs in environmental impact

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Environmental Protection Technician - City of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

"...Cover letters should express interest and highlight additional information relevant to the position and resumes should include a tailored summary of skills and experience related to the position..."

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Environmental Conservation Specialist - Capital Regional District (Victoria, BC)

"...Prepares and coordinates the preparation of ecological management and restoration plans and oversees implementation of these plans in accordance with CRD strategic goals and objectives..."

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Environmental Protection Officer - District of West Vancouver (West Vancouver, BC)

"...The preferred candidate will possess considerable knowledge regarding: coastal, freshwater, and environmental issues facing local government; the environmental methods, procedures, equipment, and instruments used; knowledge of the relevant Federal, Provincial, and Municipal legislation, regulations, and bylaws related to the work; the ability to communicate effectively with a variety of internal and external contacts..."

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Technical Training Specialist – Battery, UPS and Alternative Energy - CSA Group - Toronto, ON

"...Supports technical excellence, competency, consistency, leadership, and integrity, to support the strategic direction and objectives of CSA Group globally..."

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Recent episodes that mention environmental impact.

An Upfront Talk About Carbon With Lloyd Alter

Duration: 29:00

"...For some time now, ecologists and environmentalists have been promoting life-cycle analyses – calculations of the environmental impact of a product, from the sourcing of materials all the way through to its disposal..."


The Burgeoning Seaweed Industry on Vancouver Island

Duration: 34:27

"...We learn about the up and coming industry of seaweed..."


Episode 67: Factory 45 with Shannon Lohr

Duration: 40:50

"...Learn how to make smart choices for new clothing with minimal environmental impact, decipher which materials are eco friendly, and learn tips for creating a capsule wardrobe. ..."


Funding the Future of Social Entrepreneurship with Wayne Miranda – March 24th 2020

Duration: 30:32

"...Want to build a business that’s about more than a bottom line? Wayne Miranda, Social Finance Investment Readiness Lead at the McConnell Foundation wants to help you do it! Wayne’s passion is to grow ventures that generate a social and environmental impact..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about environmental impact.

The Powerful Possibilities of Recycling the World's Batteries | Emma Nehrenheim | TED

"...The problem is storing that energy and getting it where we need it, when we need it, says battery recycling pioneer Emma Nehrenheim..."


Sven Mutke - Non-wood Provisioning Services from Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems

"...Pine nuts, mushrooms, and woodland pastures are just a few examples of the nontimber forest products that are increasingly part of the bioeconomyan economic model that embraces forests as a source of food while prioritizing biodiversity and sustainability..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about environmental impact relevant to the latest news.

Air pollution modeling to support strategic environmental assessment: case study?National Emission Reduction Plan for coal-fire

"...The paper presents a specific method of environmental impact assessment applied in Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the National Emission Reduction Plan (NERP) in the Republic of Serbia, based on air quality..."


A comparative assessment of microbial biodiesel and its life cycle analysis

"...Life cycle analysis of biodiesel produced from microorganisms takes into consideration the environmental impact and sustainability of each step in the production process, including the impact on land use, water use, greenhouse gas emissions, and the availability of resources..."


Thermo-Environ-Economic Optimization of an Integrated Combined-Cycle Power Plant Based on a Multi-objective Water Cycle Algorit

"...The integration of power plants and desalination systems has attracted increasing attention over the past few years as an effective solution to tackle sustainable development and climate change issues..."


Valorization of liquid digestate from wastewater and microalgae: a promising proposal for nutrient recovery in hydroponic syste

"...Therefore, this review article seeks to elucidate the factors associated with the anaerobic co-digestion of wastewater and microalgae, focusing on the valorization of liquid digestate in hydroponics, while also listing economic and circular economy factors..."


Sustainable transition in the fertilizer industry: alternative routes to low-carbon fertilizer production

"...Agriculture is a focus point where sustainable transition is required to correlate a balance between food supply and demand through introducing environment-friendly agricultural inputs or organic/industrial-derived wastes with low-carbon footprint to increase the circularity of the materials and focusing on low-carbon-targeted technology developments to lower the ecological footprint of the current technologies employed in fertilizer industry..."


Slope stabilization of coal mine overburden dumps: life cycle environmental sustainability assessment of alternatives

"...The carcinogenic, followed by ecotoxicity and fossil fuel depletions, were the most impacted categories for the mechanical methods, which may be due to the release of chemical pollutants during material production or handling..."


Abandoned, lost, and otherwise discarded fishing gear in world?s inland fisheries

"...This has negative impacts on the aquatic ecosystem, which includes but not limited to ghostfishing mortality to commercial, recreational and protected species, degradation of benthic habitat, and change to the ecosystem..."


Analyzing surface water quality and assessing environmental impacts downstream of the Tafna river (northwest Algeria)

"...The Tafna river serves as a model for assessing surface water and environmental quality by combining water quality and pollution indices using multivariate statistical methods..."


"...Subsequently, the environmental impacts of the asphalt mixtures, including global warming potential, acidification, eutrophication, and smog formation potential, along with the total energy demand, were calculated across different stages of the LCA..."


A novel economic benefit calculation modeling applying to coal mining

"...For example, backfilling mining is environmentally friendly but raises mining costs for surface settlement, coal gangue solid waste pollution, etc..."


The impact of innovative technologies in construction activities on concrete debris recycling in China: a system dynamics-based

"...We suggest that financial support from the government is needed for upcycling by recyclers and technology providers to improve the base recycling rate in order for innovative technologies to make an effective contribution to the sustainable construction industry, creating a win?win situation for both the economy and the environment of the recycling system..."


Life cycle sustainability assessment method for concrete

"...An environmental impact assessment method was developed using the ELCA technique announced through the ISO 14,040 Series and KOLID, one of the life cycle impact assessment indicators..."