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Coverage of environmental impact assessment since December 9, 2022.

Alberta Energy Regulator won't reconsider approval for Suncor expansion into wetland

"...The McClelland Lake complex, about 90 kilometres north of Fort McMurray, Alta. , was excluded from development in 1996 because of its environmental value. That exclusion was lifted in 2002 for the part of the wetland within an oilsands lease then owned by True North Energy..."


Small modular reactor developer unveils early procurement schedule

"...At the same time, they also submitted an environmental impact assessment registration to the province. Environment Minister Gary Crossman later announced that the application will undergo a comprehensive environmental impact assessment..."


Input sought for proposed small modular nuclear reactor project

"...The environment minister recently announced that the proposed project would undergo a comprehensive environmental impact assessment..."


Head of Alta. commission on Rocky Mountain coal mining concerned over new applications

"...That’s despite a ministerial order issued under former environment minister Sonya Savage. That order says no new applications will be accepted until land use planning for the area is complete or until the regulator receives a letter from either the province’s energy or environment ministers authorizing it..."


‘We should not negotiate with a facilitator sent by bullies’: Hamilton residents incensed by Ford's orders to build on

"...Protesters at Wednesday’s rally agreed with that view but remain worried about how development will affect sprawl, wildlife habitat and food security in the area. Many were not impressed by the city’s decision to meet with the province. “My belief is that we should not negotiate with a facilitator sent by bullies..."


Plans for coal mine scrapped in Alberta's foothills

"...In a letter, Montem Resources is asking the Alberta Energy Regulator to end the environmental impact assessment for its Tent Mountain proposal. The letter says the company will not be resuming mining for metallurgical coal at the site, which last operated in 1983..."


Deep-sea mining could be greenlit in summer despite unknown environmental risks

"...“Surely, it makes sense to be carrying out extractive industries in parts of the planet where there is the least life, not the most life,” he said. Barron argues the impact of his company’s mining practices is a fraction compared to the alternatives on land. The energy transition seems impossible without vast quantities of metals that could replace fossil fuels, he said..."


Controversial Alberta coal mine could soon get green energy makeover

"...Conservationists are pleased that coal mining is no longer part of the plans for Tent Mountain, but are eyeing the project with cautious optimism while it waits to see environmental impact assessments. “Although a renewable energy complex would be better than a coal mine, it could still have adverse environmental impacts,” Devon Earl with the Alberta Wilderness Association said as part of a statement to Global News. “Pumped hydro storage generally takes more electricity from the grid than it adds, and we’re concerned about siting industry in alpine areas, which are particularly sensitive to disturbance and difficult to reclaim, so any development could have a really high impact even in preliminary stages..."


B.C. coal mines' economic impact overstated, thwarting environmental analysis: study

"...The report, authored by six scholars including Simon Fraser University professor Rosemary Collard and University of British Columbia professor Jessica Dempsey, concludes the province's environmental impact assessment process did not protect wildlife habitat as intended..."


Countries reach

"...The treaty also establishes ground rules for conducting environmental impact assessments for commercial activities in the oceans. “It means all activities planned for the high seas need to be looked at, though not all will go through a full assessment,” said Jessica Battle, an oceans governance expert at the Worldwide Fund for Nature. Several marine species _ including dolphins, whales, sea turtles and many fish _ make long annual migrations, crossing national borders and the high seas..."


Ontario auditor general to make decision on Greenbelt investigation next week

"...Ontario’s auditor general will be releasing her decision next week regarding requests made by opposition leaders to investigate the financial and environmental impacts of the Doug Ford government’s plans to develop the Greenbelt. “We’ve received a lot of correspondence on this,” Bonnie Lysyk told CTV News Toronto over the phone. “We’ve been thinking about it for the last while, so we’ll be responding next week, taking into account all of the information we’ve been receiving..."


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Jobs in environmental impact assessment

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Environmental Conservation Specialist - Capital Regional District (Victoria, BC)

"...Prepares and coordinates the preparation of ecological management and restoration plans and oversees implementation of these plans in accordance with CRD strategic goals and objectives..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about environmental impact assessment relevant to the latest news.

Consequences of Coastal Wetlands Reclamation and the Need for Integrating Impact Assessment of Invasive Alien Plants Species an

"...We examine quantitative methods for cause-effect evaluation of three major biodiversity loss drivers: biodiversity/habitat loss, greenhouse gases GHG warming and nutrient enrichment/eutrophication, which are pertinent to IAPS, and coastal armoring in wetlands..."


Environmental impact assessment and efficiency of cotton: the case of Northeast Iran

"..., respiratory effects resulting from winter smog caused by emissions of dust, sulfur, and nitrogen oxides to air) posed the greatest environmental burden in cotton production, followed by non-renewable energy, carcinogens, and global warming..."


Customary Norms, General Principles of International Environmental Law, and Assisted Migration as a Tool for Biodiversity Adapt

"...Among the customary norms and principles of international environmental law discussed in the article and relevant to the regulation of AM are the permanent sovereignty over natural resources, the principle of cooperation, the no-harm rule, the precautionary principle, the principles of prevention, due diligence, and obligation to conduct environmental impact assessment (EIA), the principles of integration and intergenerational equity, common but differentiated responsibilities, and the polluter pays principle, the principles of non-regression, progression, resilience, in dubio pro natura, the principle of ecological proportionality, and the principle of access to information, public participation, and access to justice in environmental matters (principle of good governance, environmental democracy)..."


Considering Fish as Recipients of Ecosystem Services Provides a Framework to Formally Link Baseline, Development, and Post-oper

"...In most countries, major development projects must satisfy an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process that considers positive and negative aspects to determine if it meets environmental standards and appropriately mitigates or offsets negative impacts on the values being considered..."


Environmental Impact Assessment of Low-Density Polyethylene and Polyethylene Terephthalate Containers Using a Life Cycle Assess

"...The system boundary included all life cycle stages, including resin production, packaging production, collection, transportation, and waste management (mechanical recycling, landfill, incineration)..."


Multi-criteria Decision-making Approach for Environmental Impact Assessment to Reduce the Adverse Effects Of Dams

"...The improvement alternatives are: (1) relocation of city waste disposal, (2) forestry and watershed management, (3) construction of a sewage collection network and treatment plant, and (4) controlling the use of pesticide and fertilizer in agricultural lands and optimizing their type and method of use..."


The Environmental Assessment of Biomass Waste Conversion to Sustainable Energy in the Agricultural Biogas Plant

"...This article presents the environmental impact assessment of two agricultural biogas plants with different type of feedstock provision..."


Environmental Impact Assessment of Pulsed Electric Fields Technology for Food Processing

"...Nowadays, thermal processing is still one of the most commonly used technologies in the food industry for various purposes such as tempering, softening, cooking, or preserving numerous foods..."