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Coverage of erosion since October 17, 2023.

Transforming Climate Action: Ensuring the science is safe

"...The ocean’s supreme power for carbon sequestration has drawn Transforming Climate Action researchers to focus on it as a potential gamechanger in the fight against global warming. They’re hoping to learn if the ocean’s natural abilities to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere can be amplified to help us meet net zero carbon targets by 2050 and avoid the worst impacts of a hotter planet..."


B.C. announces all repairs on Coquilla Highway finished from 2021 flood

"...“Climate-resilient highways are crucial for B. C. The province has improved infrastructure to handle more frequent extreme weather events in the future,” Fleming said..."


Battling Scotch Broom on the South Coast

"...Our efforts to cut and remove scotch broom in the South Coast Region help to reduce fuel and fire risk while increasing biodiversity and persistence of native species. The field crew also conducts many surveys of scotch broom where it was removed, and future removal sites. This way The Nature Trust and our partners can prioritize new restoration projects and rapidly detect encroachment of invasive species..."


South Okanagan protected areas damaged following unauthorized work

"...According to the organization, unauthorized work by the Ministry of Forests and improper cattle grazing led to environmental damage in the South Okanagan and White Lake Grasslands protected area. Back in 2020, the organization’s executive director, Jesse Zeman, came across the damage and reported it. “We were following a wildlife trail on foot and found a road in the protected area on a slope that had no road previously,” said Zeman in a press release..."


TC Energy says Coastal GasLink pipeline now fully installed

"...But the completion of the Coastal Gas pipeline has not been without challenges. What was initially expected to be a $6. 2-billion capital project has run into significant budget overruns over the course of construction..."


Coastal GasLink pipeline fully installed: TC Energy

"...CALGARY, ALTA. — The Coastal GasLink pipeline, one of the largest energy infrastructure projects in recent Canadian history, is physically complete..."


The Shifting Sands of Hurricane Resilience

"...A study by Jacob M. Sigren, Jens Figlus, Wesley Highfield, Rusty A. Feagin, and Anna R..."


'Soil is everything': Inside one Dal prof's work to understand how dirt can help humanity

"...“I certainly liked digging holes and things like that as a kid, but I guess a lot of my interest in soil is that it is the interface of many of our vital earth system processes,” explains Dr. Heung, an associate professor in Dalhousie's Department of Plant, Food, and Environmental Sciences. “Soils are the centre of my universe..."


Ecology group says Nova Scotia coastal protection legislation needs to be proclaimed

"...The Ecology Action Centre says the Coastal Protection Act is urgently needed because of the damage being caused by an increasing number of intense storms. Marla MacLeod, the centre's director of programs, says the delay in proclaiming the act, which is now into its third set of public consultations, is “recklessly irresponsible” and represents a disregard for the safety of Nova Scotians. Passed by the former Liberal government, the law is aimed at offering better protection for areas like dunes and salt marshes and to set out where people can build along the coastline in order to avoid the effects of erosion..."


Sable Island’s shifting landscape offers insights into global groundwater loss

"...They found fresh groundwater loss tied to decades of dune erosion, seasonal waves, storms and hurricanes. During storms, seawater floods the beaches, leaches into the ground and salinizes fresh beach groundwater. When storms repeatedly batter the island, floodwaters can erode dunes and cause groundwater salinization to incrementally shift landward and lead to long-term freshwater loss..."


First atmospheric river of fall deluges parts of B.C. south coast, southern Interior

"...“Following a season of severe drought and wildfire, rainfall on impacted areas can generate high surface water run-off and erosion due to a lack of vegetation, leading to a possibility of localized flooding and landslides,” the province's statement says..."


B.C.'s South Coast in for a soaking as season's first atmospheric river arrives

"...“Rainfall on impacted areas can generate high surface water runoff and erosion due to a lack of vegetation, leading to a possibility of localized flooding and landslides — although widespread or severe impacts are not expected as part of this atmospheric river system,” the ministry said in a media release. Story continues below advertisement..."


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Jobs in erosion

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Environmental Technician / Construction Monitor

"...soils, erosion and sediment control, vegetation, fish and fish habitat, contaminated sites, archaeology, Indigenous communities, etc..."

related opportunities

Ecology Practice Lead

"...Wetland Evaluation System , Canadian Certified Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control..."

related opportunities

Environmental Project Professional – Surrey

"...Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) and monitoring..."

related opportunities

Faculty, Ecological Restoration

"...soil classification and properties, analyses of the origin of soil erosion, analyses of the origin of soil erosion, soil erosion and control; basic definition and classification of erosion according..."

related opportunities


Recent episodes that mention erosion.

Canola School: Strip-tilling creates a happy medium of seedbed prep, water conservation

Duration: 5:13

"...To till or not to till? It's an ongoing conversation in areas where water is controlled through irrigation or risk of soil erosion is high..."


Thirsty cover crops consume valuable moisture in dry years

Duration: 6:22

"...When it comes to soil management, living roots produced by cover crops provide a laundry list of soil health benefits — everything from building soil aggregates and pore spaces to improving soil infiltration and controlling wind and water erosion..."


Profitable Practices: Strip tilling with Dan Petker

Duration: 7:35

"...Minimizing erosion, better crop inputs management and higher corn yields is what Port Rowan, Ont. , farmer Dan Petker was looking for when he adopted strip tillage five years ago..."


Wheat Pete's Word, Apr 12: To go or not to go? Consider compaction, temperature, and upcoming forecast

Duration: 18:28

"...It's summertime, says Peter Johnson, host of Wheat Pete's Word..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about erosion.

Steep lot was unbuildable. He raised retro-futuristic home over lake

"...The designs are made to work with the land so they don’t require any excavation of the steep hillside nor do they affect rainwater runoff, meaning there should be no erosion nor risk of landslide..."


What are cumulative effects?

"...Pollutants from urban runoff, like oil and gas, that might have spilled or dripped on the road..."


How These Volunteers Are Fighting Soil Erosion

"...Ecosystem Restoration Camps, a Dutch nonprofit, has launched more than 20 camps on six continents to fight soil erosion..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about erosion relevant to the latest news.

Monitoring temporal changes in coastal mangroves to understand the impacts of climate change: Red Sea, Egypt

"...Change detection analyses using satellite imagery were conducted to evaluate the effects of rapid coastal sustainable development, including human urban and tourism activities; the decline and destruction of large areas of the mangrove forest for animal feeding along camel trade roads; and the threat of natural impacts such as flash flooding, coastal and soil erosion or human impacts such as established desalination plants and other human activities along the coastal zone of the Egyptian Red Sea..."


Prediction of Soil Organic Matter with Deep Learning

"...Soil is the most important component of the ecosystem and the most significant characteristic of soil is its organic matter content, because organic matter undertakes many tasks by preventing soil moisture, absorption of water after rainfall, and good aeration by correcting bad textural properties and preventing soil erosion..."


Impacts of Tibetan Plateau Vortex Activities on the Ecological Environment in the Yellow River Basin

"...Once it moves out of the plateau, it can cause heavy rainfall and even lead to flooding, soil erosion, and other impacts on the ecological environment to the east of the plateau, especially in the Yellow River Basin (YRB)..."


Optimization of Hydraulic Design of Spillways and Its Appurtenant Structures?Role of Physical Model Studies

"...Due to the steep slopes and fragile geology, the soil erosion rate is high during snowmelt and monsoon causing severe sedimentation problems..."


Erosion mitigation with biocementation: a review on applications, challenges,

"...MICP marginally influences the hydraulic conductivity of soils with a substantial improvement in compressive strength, making it desirous over traditional soil cementation agents for erosion control due to the limited intervention to natural groundwater flow..."


Environmental determinants of vegetation in the drawdown zones of a Columbia River Treaty reservoir: a template for ecosystem e

"...Water storage reservoirs alternately inundate and expose the drawdown zones, limiting riparian vegetation that provides wildlife habitats and contributes to the aquatic food-web..."


Remedy Solutions for a Deep-Seated Landslide on Road No. 155, Section Km 12?+?667.85?Km 12?+?711.57, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Provinc

"...While these two zones were reinforced with the retaining structure, soil nails, and grounded anchor system, a landslide (named Zone 3) happened in the area between Zones 1 and 2, where soil erosion and water erosion appeared serious because of heavy rainfall and cutting slopes..."


Contributions to the floristic and vegetation knowledge of Maputo National Park, Mozambique

"...Coastal vegetation plays an important role in the environmental protection of dunes, preventing the advance of seawater toward the continent, in dune erosion and in the maintenance of ecosystem services..."


Climate change effects on riverbank erosion Bait community flood-prone area of Punjab, Pakistan: an application of livelihood v

"...The objective of this study is to investigate the effects of climate change on livelihood vulnerability in riverbank erosion Bait community flood-prone area of Punjab, Pakistan..."


Hydraulic Design of Plunge Pool Downstream of Ski-Jump Bucket of Orifice Spillways

"...The Himalayan region is blessed with perennial rivers and heads required for hydropower generation..."


Surface runoff and sediment yield response under the rainfall simulation condition controlled by soil variables of a semi-arid

"...The study of soil erosion is one of the necessities of watershed management, and erosion control requires understanding the behavior of runoff and sediment production in different conditions..."