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Coverage of evacuations since November 3, 2023.

Halifax explores new emergency roads for subdivision ravaged by summer wildfire

"...The report, which was commissioned in the summer, recommends that council approve a plan for staff to move ahead with the engagement, planning, and design process for a new emergency-only connection between the Westwood Hills subdivision and the nearby Highway 103. “Highway 103 is an attractive option for an emergency egress due to its high-capacity nature — during an emergency, with appropriate traffic control, a connection to Highway 103 would have the potential to enable a significant number of residents to evacuate the subdivision with a low risk of encountering congested traffic conditions,” the report read. Staff identified three potential locations for the new exit by studying the topography, connection lengths, property ownership, highway access, and maintenance requirements for the proposed area..."


$1.4 million needed to repair Kelowna dump in wildfire aftermath

"...“On Aug. 17, in the evening, city staff got a call there was a fire that jumped the lake and it was coming towards the landfill,” Scott Hoekstra, manager of Landfill and Composting Operations at the City of Kelowna, said. “Fortis asked us to shut off the gas and biogas plant and staff came out and started working on getting areas around the landfill prepped in case the fire came towards us the next day..."


U.N. Suspends Aid Shipments Into Gaza

"...Meanwhile, residents of southern Gaza evacuate ahead of anticipated Israeli offensive..."


Northwest Territories head to the polls for wildfire-delayed election

"...The election had been scheduled for Oct. 3, but was delayed because of a wildfire season that saw about 70 per cent of the territory’s population under evacuation order..."


Iceland town evacuates amid earthquakes, potential volcanic eruption

"...Since late October, the Reykjanes Peninsula has experienced an increase in volcanic and seismic activity. The Reykjanes region has seen several eruptions in unpopulated areas in recent years. The latest could begin on the seabed just southwest of Grindavik, the meteorological office said..."


In Halifax, a city surrounded by forests, citizens call for wildfire escape routes

"...Her property in the Indigo Shores subdivision is one example of the city's dilemma: houses on the capital's outskirts butt up against combustible forests, and there's often just one road out — potentially creating traffic jams and panic during an evacuation. “We're worried about the spring and summer. It would be nice to have (an emergency) exit before then..."


Quebec mayor, 23, shepherded her town through forest fires. Now she's stepping down

"...After leading her small town through a historic and devastating wildfire season, one of Quebec's youngest mayors is taking a step back from politics to take care of herself..."


What is worse than the worst? Some air quality readings in Red Deer last summer

"...The 2023 wildfire season was the most disruptive and alarming in Canada’s recorded history, with evacuations in B. C. , North West Territories, as well as remote communities in northern Alberta..."


Some homes are being built to stand up to hurricanes and cut emissions, too

"...A person’s home is one of the biggest ways they can reduce their individual carbon footprint. Buildings release about 38% of all energy-related greenhouse gas emissions each year. Some of the carbon pollution comes from powering things like lights and air conditioners and some of it from making the construction materials, like concrete and steel..."


N.B. forest fire seasons wraps with 200 fires and more than 850 hectares burned

"...“In 2020, New Brunswick experienced 462 fires that burned 1,388 (hectares) of forest land,” the report said. “During the 2020 season, the largest wildfire in the province was approximately 850 hectares. ”Collet said spring is the riskiest time off year, despite the belief that because the snow has just melted that the ground is wet..."


Alberta continues opposition to national Clean Electricity Regulations

"...“Not only from a carbon emissions perspective, but also renewable sources by definition can be used over and over again, unlike fossil fuels of which have an end life. ”But she acknowledges it will be an expensive transition, something the province has been warning people of in their $8 million cross-country advertising campaign. “That cost is going to be passed down to the consumer in some way,” Simmonds said..."


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Jobs in evacuations

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Winter Seasonal - Mountain Patroller Level 4

"...avalanche control missions, lift evacuations and search and rescue operations under the supervision of the Patrol Supervisor and the Avalanche Forecaster..."

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Nurse or nurse clinician in the short and long term care unit including Medevac aeromedical evacuations

"...Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services (Puvirnituq QC): The Inuulitsivik Health Center, with more than 950 employees, is part of the Quebec health and social services network, Nunavik region..."

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Rocky Mountain Program Manager

"...Supervise the evacuation systems and other field responses, manage field staff training for evacuations and act as the primary..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about evacuations.

At least 50 West Kelowna structures lost to wildfire

"...Being called an unprecedented situation, officials with the Central Okanagan Regional District in BC say there are nearly 10,000 properties on evacuation order in the area as of this morning..."


Beijing’s Heaviest Rain in 140 Years & Racing Car Made From E-waste | WEF | Top Stories of the Week

"...3:30 These crops are suffering the most from change - Experts rank the food supply crisis as one of the world’s top 5 currently manifesting risks..."


Thousands of homes under evacuation order as Halifax-area wildfire burns out of control

"...Wildfires are ripping through the province, destroying homes and creating unbearable conditions..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about evacuations relevant to the latest news.

Economic Vessel to Clean the Polluted Water by Solid Waste in Waterway

"...Solid wastes polluted almost all rivers and lakes for several reasons: Most of them are related to bad sewage systems, industrial wastes, and even from the Flora distributed along the rivers..."


ABM-based emergency evacuation modelling during urban pluvial floods: A ?7.20? pluvial flood event study in Zhengzhou, Henan Pr

"...Increasing urban pluvial flood disasters due to climate change and rapid urbanisation have been a great challenge worldwide..."


High-Resolution Flood Numerical Model and Dijkstra Algorithm Based Risk Avoidance Routes Planning

"...Flooding is the most pervasive risk globally among natural hazards, efficient and reliable emergency evacuation path planning scheme is of great significance for improving the emergency rescue efficiency..."


The verification of wildland?urban interface fire evacuation models

"...The evacuation tests are organized in accordance with different core components related to evacuation modelling, namely Population, Pre-evacuation, Movement, Route/destination selection, Flow constraints, Events, Wildfire spread and Trigger buffers..."


A System for Evacuation Route Plan Based on the Nature of Terrain and Dynamic Nature of Construction

"...To develop an effective evacuation route plan, it is critical to consider the dynamic nature of construction (material locations, temporary stairs, later, etc..."


Understanding California wildfire evacuee behavior and joint choice making

"...While extensive research has been conducted on hurricane evacuation behavior, little is known about wildfire evacuation behavior..."


Grinding with minimum quantity lubrication: a comparative assessment

"...The minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) system, an eco-friendly, economical, and less hazardous lubrication technique, is affirmed to be an efficient substitute for these conventional lubricants..."


Arc Routing Problem and Solution Approaches for Due Diligence in Disaster Management

"...The planning, implementation, management and coordination of disaster management activities are very important..."


An optimal design method of emergency evacuation space in the high-density community after earthquake based on evacuation simul

"...The influence of community building debris caused by earthquake on evacuation passageway was analyzed..."


Roxborough Park Community Wildfire Evacuation Drill: Data Collection and Model Benchmarking

"...The dataset is released in open access and is deemed to be useful for future wildfire evacuation modelling calibration and validation efforts..."


Semeru volcano, Indonesia: measuring hazard, exposure and response of densely populated neighbourhoods facing persistent volcan

"...We studied Semeru, East Java, Indonesia, to show the population exposure to volcanic threats from its persistent, daily eruptive activity which endangers at least 50,000 of the 950,000 inhabitants living on the East, South and South-East slopes and ring plain..."


Exploring the links between flood events and the COVID-19 infection cases in Romania in the new multi-hazard-prone era

"...To this end, hazard management data concerning the flood events that were severe enough to impose the evacuation of the population were corroborated with COVID-19 confirmed cases data..."