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Coverage of food supply since June 5, 2023.

Brantford Food Bank appeals to public after record-high use in September

"...In a statement released Thursday, the food bank says it provided a three to five-day food supply for 2,991 people, making up 1,314 households in September..."


New fund aims to strengthen food security for rural B.C.

"...“British Columbians rely on strong, local food systems and it is imperative that we look at ways to help strengthen our supply chains with new and innovative ideas,” said Pam Alexis, Minister of Agriculture and Food. “By supporting this sector, we are helping increase food security and affordability, and strengthening local economies throughout B. C..."


Northwest Food Systems Initiative: Lessons Learned

"...Based in Prince Rupert, the NWFSI set out with the aim to strengthen food systems through three interconnected activities — a demonstration urban farm (Kaien Island Urban Farm), regenerative ocean farming, and a regional food trade network (Northwest Food Network). By weaving on-the-ground urban agriculture, mariculture, and regional sea- and agri-food supply chain development, the NWFSI worked to demonstrate how localized food production and procurement can act as a driver for economic development and community well-being in the Northwest while informing policymakers of local and regional opportunities to alleviate food insecurity..."


Russia is holding millions of people’s food supply hostage

"...As public trade data shows, over half of the grain, including two-thirds of the wheat, went to developing countries. In addition, the BSGI ensured continued access to grain for the World Food Program (WFP). In 2023, Ukraine supplied 80 per cent of the wheat procured to support humanitarian operations in the most food-insecure countries like Afghanistan, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen..."


Climate change is already affecting food security. How can Canadians prepare?

"...“Climate change increases the likelihood of global ‘synchronized’ production shocks – multiple major staple food producing and exporting countries facing simultaneous crop shortfalls simultaneously,” the report said. The report said wheat – 65 per cent of which is produced in water-scarce environments – will be the most vulnerable of all the major staples. Climate change is already having an impact on food supplies, particularly in Canada..."


‘Wake-up call': Simultaneous crop failure more likely than thought, study warns

"...In short, meandering jet streams can cause persistent and extreme weather patterns, like heat waves that seem to go on forever or long stretches of bitterly cold weather. And these extreme weather events can happen simultaneously in different areas along the jet stream. The researchers found that meandering jet streams have been linked to simultaneous crop failures in the past..."


Climate change, pesticides and disease wreak havoc on U.S. honeybees. Here's how beekeepers are coping

"...WASHINGTON (AP) — America’s honeybee hives just staggered through the second highest death rate on record, with beekeepers losing nearly half of their managed colonies, an annual bee survey found. But using costly and Herculean measures to create new colonies, beekeepers are somehow keeping afloat. Thursday’s University of Maryland and Auburn University survey found that even though 48% of colonies were lost in the year that ended April 1, the number of United States honeybee colonies "remained relatively stable..."


Moths deserve a little pollinator love

"...The team found that moths were carrying more pollen than scientists had previously understood, and accounted for a third of pollinator visits, also more than previously believed. “We’ve got huge diversity in the pollen that we identified from moths and bees,” says Ellis, including from wildflowers, garden crops, trees, and shrubs. Notably, the researchers found that moths were carrying pollen from a number of cultivated species — for instance, strawberries, citrus, and stone fruits — suggesting that the insects play a role in pollinating the food we eat..."


How farmers can break free of their synthetic fertilizer addiction

"...But making and applying all that synthetic fertilizer is unsustainable. The production of synthetic fertilizers alone, before farmers even sprinkle the stuff on their fields, requires copious quantities of natural gas (much of which comes from fracking, at least in the U. S..."


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Recent episodes that mention food supply.

Plant proteins have a role to play in an expanding global food supply

Duration: 13:08

"...As consumer trends change, food production adjusts to meet demands..."


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Pioneering in a niche market: GoodLeaf expands vertical farming to three major cities

Duration: 13:27

"...A new commercial-scale facility from GoodLeaf Farms may help prove the potential of vertical farming..."


Will government show grazing's good side at the UN Food Systems Summit?

Duration: 12:20

"...A series of three meetings were jointly held last week led by the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) and Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)..."


Espen Braathe + Kirk Lombard: Sustainable Seafood

Duration: 29:00

"...Source: Sea Change Radio..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about food supply.

The heat may not kill you, but the global food crisis might!

"...But the real concern is what the consequences of those events will show us about the fragility and vulnerability our global food supply network is..."


The Threat to Bees and Our Food Supply

"...And it’s not just for food sources; bees also keep the health of wild ecosystems in check by pollinating wildflowers, which in turn maintains biodiversity and a thriving terrestrial biomes..."


Food Systems in Crisis: A Roadmap for Action | Davos | #WEF22

"...The Ukraine-Russia war has piled pressure on global food systems in addition to the impact of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic on food supply chains..."


Climate change is becoming a problem you can taste | Amanda Little

"...Our food systems have not been designed to adapt to major disruptions like climate change, says environmental journalist Amanda Little..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about food supply relevant to the latest news.

New insights in food security and environmental sustainability through waste food management

"...There is a growing problem with food waste that affects every part of the waste management system, from collection to disposal; finding long-term solutions necessitates involving all participants in the food supply chain, from farmers and manufacturers to distributors and consumers..."


Interactive effects of changes in UV radiation and climate on terrestrial ecosystems, biogeochemical cycles, and feedbacks to t

"...We specifically assess effects on terrestrial organisms, agriculture and food supply, biodiversity, ecosystem services and feedbacks to the climate system..."


Modeling of Critical Food Supply Chain Drivers Using DEMATEL Method and Blockchain Technology

"...Results of this study show that the drivers namely ?Shift towards a sustainable food system in India? (D7), ?Social requirements on food security and safety? (D13), and ?Growing attention towards food SCM amidst pandemic Covid-19? (D1) are the top three critical and influential drivers..."


Promoting net-zero economy through climate-smart agriculture: transition towards sustainability

"...Land management practices, such as zero tillage, minimal tillage, crop residue decomposition, cover crops, and planting legumes, provide increased economic benefits..."


A proposed framework to develop nutrient profiling algorithms for assessments of sustainable food: the metrics and their assump

"...Purpose To holistically assess the sustainability of our global and local food systems, we need methods that combine environmental and nutritional/health dimensions..."


An Overview of Biodiesel Produced from 2nd Generation Feedstock: Mustard Seed Types

"...In biodiesel production, edible vegetable oils may cause many problems, such as jeopardizing biodiversity, depletion of food supply, economic imbalance, and high pricing..."


Sustainable Functional Food System: Key to Achieve Sustainable Development Goal 3

"...The goal of food security is to increase food availability for the population, resulting in a healthier and more favourable imbalance between food demand and supply..."


Carbon sequestration potential and the multiple functions of Nordic grasslands

"...This will enable the management of these ecosystems to align with climate mitigation, maintain biodiversity, and satisfy the global need for increased food supply..."


Multipurpose Benefits of an Underexplored Species Purslane (Portulaca oleracea L.): A Critical Review

"...Sustainable food production through integrating knowledge of indigenous and local communities has significance for meeting the UN-SDGs (sustainable development goals)..."


Differences in feeding ecology of the pink shrimps Penaeus brasiliensis and P. paulensis (Decapoda: Penaeidae) in Brazilian tro

"...As Guanabara and Sepetiba bays represent important and productive fishing areas for pink shrimps, this study will provide essential information for an ecosystem model to be used in a management programme for these fisheries resources..."


Application of Swimlane Modelling for the Digital Transformation of Vegetable Supply Chains: A Case Study from a Developing Eco

"...The fresh vegetable supply chain (FVSC) is a vital food supply chain for human consumption patterns..."