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Coverage of freshwater since September 15, 2023.

A rare survivor: Team rescue effort ends in spectacular triumph for beached sea turtle

"...An endangered green turtle that drifted into water that was too cold for it is happily swimming in a roomy, warm-water tank in Bermuda after being found hypothermic on a Nova Scotia beach and reared back to health by a team of veterinarians, government officials, a conservation group and a Canadian airline..."


As B.C. glaciers retreat, gold mining companies stake claims in new salmon habitat

"...A freshwater lake recently formed by glacier retreat in B. C. 's Tulsequah watershed..."


UNBC project advancing marine oil spill technology

"...“Our lab has been developing and testing improved oil/water separation and wastewater disposal technologies under different spill conditions,” Li said in a statement. “This funding will greatly help us to advance our oil spill response solution through technological innovation and multi-partner collaboration. ”..."


Climate change: Intensity of ongoing drought in Syria, Iraq and Iran ‘not rare anymore’

"...Large parts of Iraq, Iran and Syria have been gripped by an intense drought for years. Low rainfall and high temperatures have caused crops to fail and driven water shortages across the region, pushing millions of people into food insecurity..."


5 Takeaways for Companies Setting Science-based Freshwater Targets

"...Most notably that while greenhouse gas emissions have global implications, and therefore can be managed with global targets, water is a localized resource, so water challenges must be locally managed. However, the data and information to do so properly is not available in every water basin throughout the world. Moreover, water challenges come in many forms: water scarcity, poor water quality, lack of access, droughts, flooding and more..."


Dal researchers tested the water in a local lake for viruses. Here's what they found

"..."As we continue to optimize, we could in the long run help improve the information we provide to public health agencies. And this could be useful for many sources in addition to freshwater, like groundwater systems and untreated water supplies. It's exciting..."


DFO monitoring an invasive crayfish species found in N.S. lake

"...Near Lower Sackville, N. S. , the DFO and SMU experts have found dozens of red swamp crayfish for the first time in Canada..."


Lough Neagh: How climate change intensified toxic algae on the UK’s largest lake

"...These cyanobacteria – a type of bacteria that can photosynthesise – naturally inhabit freshwater ecosystems.  ..."


Sable Island’s shifting landscape offers insights into global groundwater loss

"...They found fresh groundwater loss tied to decades of dune erosion, seasonal waves, storms and hurricanes. During storms, seawater floods the beaches, leaches into the ground and salinizes fresh beach groundwater. When storms repeatedly batter the island, floodwaters can erode dunes and cause groundwater salinization to incrementally shift landward and lead to long-term freshwater loss..."


WMO: Global stocktake of water resources needed

"...StocktakeThough further research is needed, and more information from regions like Africa, the Middle East and Asia is required, the conclusions made based on data from 273 stations around the globe are straightforward, the Report authors believe. In the realm of river discharge and reservoir inflow, over 50 per cent of global catchment areas and reservoirs displayed deviations from normal conditions, of which a majority were drier than usual. There were anomalies in soil moisture and evapotranspiration (transfer of land water into the atmosphere, either by evaporation or through plants) registered throughout 2022..."


What Is Peat Subsidence and How Can Countries Prevent this Environmental Disaster?

"...Firefighters work to extinguish a peatland fire in Riau, Indonesia. Beyond the obvious destruction, peatland fires also trigger peat subsidence. Photo by Faiz Zulfikar/Getty Images/iStock..."


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Jobs in freshwater

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Seasonal Fish Culture Technician Opportunities

"...conservation, fish science and research, public education and the development and marketing of freshwater sport fishing in BC..."

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Senior Fisheries Biologist

"...aquatic components of projects in the transportation infrastructure, land development and/or oil and gas sector among others..."

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Aquatic Research Biologist (1)

"...biodiversity and population monitoring; and (3) fish and freshwater mussel field sampling methods in order to implement aquatic research project design, analysis and reporting..."

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Assistant Professor in Freshwater Community Ecology

"...Ecology Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Job description The Department of Biological Sciences invites applications for a full-time faculty position at the rank of..."

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Recent episodes that mention freshwater.

Rivers: Pollution, pesticides and poop

Duration: 34:10

"...With untreated sewage, fertiliser nutrients, agriculture chemicals and ALL SORTS ending up in our rivers in the UK through a variety of ways, we turn our attention to some of our beautiful freshwater habitats. ..."


6/12/20 - Conference on Great Lakes Research; Clean Water Ambassadors

Duration: 02:35

"...Freshwater researchers gathered online this week for the Conference on Great Lakes Research..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about freshwater.

How Offshore Solar Could be the Future of Energy

"...How do we balance the urgency of the clean energy transition with the space needed for agriculture, housing, and conservation? Establishing offshore wind farms is one way..."


The Tropical Giant on the Brink of Extinction

"...That's far easier said than done though, with threats ranging from habitat degradation and overharvesting to invasive species and disease..."


The Missing Pieces in the 6th Mass Extinction

"...It's important to look locally since biodiversity affects how ecosystems impact water supply, fuel, pollination, food, and more for their surrounding regions..."


Is the St. Lawrence River healthy? | Science in Action

"...CAROLINE GIRARD (Head, National Coordination and Integration, Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance, Environment and Climate Change Canada): ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about freshwater relevant to the latest news.

Soil Salinity and Water Level Interact to Generate Tipping Points in Low Salinity Tidal Wetlands Responding to Climate Change

"...In this study, we examined the effects of soil porewater salinity and water level on changes in net primary productivity (NPP) and greenhouse gas fluxes [GHG: methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and carbon dioxide (CO2)] in LSTW using a wetland biogeochemistry model, Tidal Freshwater Wetland Denitrification and Decomposition (TFW-DNDC)..."


Issues and Challenges of Small-Town Water Supply and Distribution: A Case Study of Leh Town in UT Ladakh

"...The annual tourist arrivals have ever increased in Leh town without appropriate and necessary urban infrastructure evolving such as water supply and sewage system..."


Wet and Dry Climate Regimes Impact Particulate Organic Matter Quality in a Low-Inflow Subtropical Estuary

"...Low-inflow estuaries on the arid, subtropical Texas coast are often subject to oscillations between dry and wet climate cycles, interspersed with stochastic weather events such as prolonged drought, storms, or hurricanes..."


The ecological niche of native and invasive fish congeners in Texas streams: evidence from morphology, stable isotope analysis,

"...Freshwater invasions have occurred worldwide with significant ecological, evolutionary, and economic impacts on recipient ecosystems..."


Inland Surface Waters Quantity Monitored from Remote Sensing

"...Most of the world's water demand relies on continental surface waters (rivers, lakes, wetlands and artificial reservoirs) while less on underground aquifers and seawater desalination..."


Chironomus riparius Larval Gut Bacteriobiota and Its Potential in Microplastic Degradation

"...The characterized strains are promising candidates for the development of environmentally friendly strategies to degrade organic pollution and microplastics in freshwater ecosystems..."


Historical trends of aquatic invasive species introduction and establishment in Illinois, USA

"...Tracking the introduction and establishment of aquatic invasive species (AIS) is important for monitoring the biological and economic health of freshwater environments..."


Design and simulation of a reuse water system for a houseboat using EPANET

"...Greywater reuse is of paramount importance as it not only conserves freshwater resources but also contributing to sustainable water management efforts..."


Fishes of the Emirates

"...Fishes are among the most diverse and abundant groups of animals in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and support fisheries that are second most important economic resource in the UAE, after oil..."


DNA barcode-based survey documents underestimated diversity and intricate phylogeographic patterns of aquatic Heteroptera in an

"...Lake Skadar with its surrounding springs, wetlands and larger affluents is among the most diverse freshwater ecosystems in the Mediterranean region and a key biodiversity/endemism hotspot in Europe..."