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Fusion Energy

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News and Opinion

Coverage of fusion energy since September 28, 2020.

Huge breakthrough from BC-based company could lead to 1st commercial fusion energy plant

"...A British Columbia-based company has announced a major breakthrough that it believes could lead to the world’s first commercial fusion energy plant..."

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B.C.-based company announces milestone that could lead to commercial fusion energy

"...A British Columbia-based company has announced a major breakthrough that it believes could lead to the world's first commercial fusion energy plant..."

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Chinese tokamak keeps plasma 2.6 times as hot as the Sun for 17 minutes

"...Good news for fusion energy progress and a new world record for the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as its Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST), or "artifical sun," maintains 70 million degrees Celsius (126 million °F) for 1,056 seconds. High-temperature plasma is a critical part of many large-scale fusion energy initiatives, which attempt to replicate some of the conditions that make the Sun a powerful enough fusion reactor to warm our solar system, with the goal of eventually supplying safe, clean energy for humankind. Heat can be viewed as an energetic vibration of atoms, and this vibration becomes so extreme at ultra-high temperatures that atoms begin to randomly smash into one another with enough speed to jam their nuclei together, fusing them together and creating a new atomic element..."

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KSTAR fusion reactor sets record with 30-second plasma confinement

"...Scientists are exploring nuclear fusion technology through various experimental devices, and a popular design for this pursuit of clean, practically inexhaustible energy is known as the tokamak. An exciting example of these donut-shaped reactors can be found at the Korea Institute of Fusion Energy, where scientists have reportedly set a new record by maintaining super-hot plasma for 30 seconds. The idea behind fusion power is to recreate the processes that take place inside the Sun..."

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Argon fluoride laser could lead to practical fusion reactors

"...The US Naval Research Laboratory (AFL) is developing an Argon Fluoride (ArF) laser that may one day make fusion power a practical commercial technology. The wide-bandwidth ultraviolet laser is designed to have the shortest laser wavelength that can scale up to power a self-sustaining fusion reaction. To call fusion energy a game changing technology is like saying that fire might one day find a practical application..."

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Rapidly Evolving Energy Innovation Makes Eco-Extremists’ Apocalyptic Predictions Suspect

"...Soaring electric vehicle demand and supply were unforeseen, nor were the steep declines in battery, solar and wind technology costs. Similarly unpredicted: the Shale Revolution which massively disrupted the petro-world. Hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling, 3D seismic, multi-well drill rigs and advanced reservoir modelling analytics made the US a net energy exporter; natural gas displaced dirty coal globally..."

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Fooling fusion fuel: How to discipline unruly plasma

"...Maintaining stability in future tokamaks such as ITER, the international facility going up in France to demonstrate the feasibility of fusion energy, will be essential to harvesting the energy to generate electricity. One way to minimize the impact of the field ripples is to add additional magnets to cancel out, or heal, the effect of magnetic field errors. However, field ripples can never be completely cancelled and there has been no optimal method for mitigating their effects until now..."

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Extreme-scale computing and AI forecast a promising future for fusion power

"...Efforts to duplicate on Earth the fusion reactions that power the sun and stars for unlimited energy must contend with extreme heat-load density that can damage the doughnut-shaped fusion facilities called tokamaks, the most widely used laboratory facilities that house fusion reactions, and shut them down. These loads flow against the walls of what are called divertor plates that extract waste heat from the tokamaks..."

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Report: Now's the time to invest in an American fusion pilot plant

"...A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine has recommended that if the United States wants to capitalize on its contributions to multi-national projects like ITER and ride the wave of private green energy investment, now is the time for an "urgent" major investment push to build a pilot fusion energy plant to be operational between 2035-2040 – regardless of exactly which fusion technology it will use. The report was commissioned by the US Department of Energy, and sought input from leading fusion researchers, component manufacturers, power plant operators, fusion developers, regulators and government to address questions around the critical goals and innovations needed to get such a facility up and running. "A fusion plant producing net electricity should lead to a commercially viable fusion power plant by providing the information needed by utilities to design, build, license and operate future plants," reads the report..."

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General Fusion unveils demo plant design after commissioning architect (PHOTOS)

"...“Nuclear power kind of started behind the eight ball, if you will, in terms of community engagement. And I think fusion, because of the nature of the technology, has an opportunity to really redefine the relationship between society and energy. ”..."

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Clean Energy Frontier Region to lead Canada’s next generation of nuclear technology

"...Today’s announcement from the Province of Ontario outlining an ongoing commitment to nuclear power – including development of new nuclear technologies – continues to expand the range of future opportunities for the Bruce Power site and aligns with the company’s strategy to contribute to a Net Zero Canada by 2050. The Clean Energy Frontier Region, including Bruce, Grey and Huron counties, is home to Bruce Power, more than 60 nuclear companies, Ontario’s Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII) and key electricity transmission lines that are connected to the fastest growing parts of the province, all bolstered by strong community support. “Our Life-Extension Program is a fundamental contributor to providing Ontario’s residents and businesses with clean, affordable electricity and life-saving medical isotopes for the long term, which includes advancing new technologies that leverage our current infrastructure,” said Mike Rencheck, Bruce Power’s President and CEO..."

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Bruce Power's interest in small modular reactors continues

"...Bruce Power will continue to play an important part in the pursuit of small modular reactor technology, it announced on the day the provincial energy minister announced his support for SMR technology at the Darlington nuclear site in Clarington, Ont. Friday. “We have established a capability in this region that will allow us to be home to new technologies including small modular reactors (SMRs), and hydrogen production, Mike Rencheck, the company’s president and CEO, said in a news release which declared this region would lead Canada’s next generation nuclear technology..."

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Recent episodes that mention fusion energy.

Audio long-read: The chase for fusion energy

Duration: 22:39

"...A host of private companies are promising commercial fusion reactors in the next decade..."

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TIL about fusion energy

Duration: 13:52

"...Let’s talk about a technology that could change our whole energy system, but so far hasn’t generated a single watt..."

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Frank Close and particle physics

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"...Frank Close is a theoretical particle physicist and a pioneer of popular writing about physics..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about fusion energy.

Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about fusion energy relevant to the latest news.

Towards Fusion Energy in the Industry 5.0 and Society 5.0 Context: Call for a Global Commission for Urgent Action on Fusion Ene

"...This article provides a high-level review of the geopolitical status quo of nuclear fusion energy and outlines a vision for the future against the backdrop of Industry 5..."

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A Domestic Program for Liquid Metal PFC Research in Fusion

"...Following the Fusion Energy System Study on Liquid Metal Plasma Facing Components study that recently was completed by Kessel et al..."

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Application of two-dimensional materials as anodes for rechargeable metal-ion batteries: A comprehensive perspective from densit

"...Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) have been serving as one the most critical components of fast growing technologies, such as the mobile electronic and electrified vehicles..."

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High-mass loading V3O7·H2O nanoarray for Zn-ion battery: New synthesis and two-stage ion intercalation chemistry

"...This study may provide an elucidation for the disputed Zn2+ intercalation chemistry of vanadium-based cathodes in ZIBs as well as a guidance to the design of high-mass-loading battery materials..."

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Mechanistic investigations of N-doped graphene/2H(1T)-MoS2 for Li/K-ions batteries

"...Besides, grNGr/2H(1T)-MoS2 composites have low Li+/K+ diffusion energy barriers and large diffusion coefficients..."

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Conceptual design of primary heat transfer system for CFETR power extraction system

"...Power Extraction System (PES) is the major port of outputting fusion energy in the Chinese Fusion Engineering Testing Reactor (CFETR)..."

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Rapid kinetics of Na-ion storage in bimetallic sulfide composite

"...Herein, Sb was introduced into SnS2 on graphene (ATS/GNS) to enhance the kinetics of Na+ storage..."

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Flexible MXene-Ti3C2Tx bond few-layers transition metal dichalcogenides MoS2/C spheres for fast and stable sodium storage

"...The mono/few layer structured MoS2 is helpful to decrease ion diffusion energy barrier for accelerating electrochemical reaction kinetics..."

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