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Coverage of gas emissions since July 2, 2024.

New project aims to make Atlantic Canada a greenhydrogen research hub

"...Commercially, green hydrogen is produced using a process called water electrolysis, in which an electrolyzer powered by a renewable energy source such as wind or solar splits fresh water into hydrogen and oxygen. Unlike other methods of producing hydrogen, which can involve the use of natural gas, coal, or non-renewable energy, green hydrogen does not result in any greenhouse gas emissions. A hindrance to more widespread use is that commercial proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers require precious metals as catalyst materials on its anode (iridium) and cathode (platinum)..."


World's first hydrogen-powered commercial ferry set to operate on San Francisco Bay, officials say

"...Frank Wolak, president and CEO of the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association, said the ferry is meaningful because its hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vessels..."


Friends shouldn't let friends buy natural gas from bad places Montreal Economic Institute

"...The plan, announced in December by Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the oil and gas sector to 38 per cent below 2019 levels by 2030..."


Demand for rare elements used in clean energy could help clean up abandoned coal mines in Appalachia

"...The project is one of the leading efforts by the federal government as it injects more money than ever into recovering rare earth elements to expand renewable energies and fight climate change by reducing planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions..."


Seeking carbon-free power, Virginia utility considers small nuclear reactors

"...Virginia's largest utility said Wednesday that it will explore the possibility of using small nuclear reactors to help meet growing electricity demands while reducing greenhouse gas emissions..."


Q&A: How Denmark plans to tax agriculture emissions to meet climate goals

"...Denmark is on its way to introducing a world-first tax on greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture in 2030.  ..."


SPONSORED: Public Comment Period on Inga Gas Plant Expansion Project

"...The proposed expansion to the Inga Gas Plant does not meet the thresholds to automatically require an environmental assessment; however, because the existing Inga Gas Plant currently produces more than 125,000 tonnes of greenhouse gasses per year the proponent, ConocoPhillips Canada, is required to notify the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) of any modifications that will further increase greenhouse gas emissions. The EAO is currently seeking public feedback to help determine whether an environmental assessment of this expansion should nevertheless be required..."


Federal government announces $19M for Science World upgrades in B.C.

"...The federal governments says the money is coming from its Green and Inclusive Community Buildings program, and the upgrades will cut Science World's greenhouse-gas emissions and reduce its energy consumption by 42 per cent..."


GM will pay $146M in federal penalties because 5.9 million older vehicles emit excess carbon dioxide

"...GM will be forced to give up credits used to ensure that manufacturers' greenhouse gas emissions are below the fleet standard for emissions that applies for that model year..."


New rebate to help Manitobans purchase electric vehicles

"...Its a great opportunity to lower your energy costs while also helping to reduce our provinces greenhouse gas emissions..."


Google falling short of important climate target, cites electricity needs of AI

"...Making that electricity by burning coal or natural gas emits greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide and methane, which warm the planet, bringing more extreme weather..."


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Jobs in gas emissions

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

District Energy Infrastructure and Planning Lead - City of Surrey (Surrey, BC)

"...(TERM: Up to 18 months)As one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, City of Surrey is a globally recognized leader in building vibrant, sustainable communities through technology and innovation. City of Surrey employees are talented innovators, inspired by meaningful work and the opportunity to drive our cityâand their careersâforward..."

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Manager, Fleet & Solid Waste Services - District of Saanich (Saanich, BC)

"...They will be an innovator with a commitment to lifelong learning, organizational excellence, and knowledge development and have demonstrated ability to lead and supervise employees in a unionized environment..."

related opportunities

Climate Change Specialist - Municipality of North Cowichan (Duncan, BC)

"...Ability to use tact, discretion, persuasion, diplomacy, respect and courtesy to gain the cooperation and commitment of others; facilitate groups; and to establish and maintain effective working relationships and rapport with departments, officials, the media, representatives of other groups, agencies, entities or businesses, and diverse members of the public.  ..."

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District Energy Infrastructure and Planning Lead - City of Surrey (Surrey, BC)

"...City of Surrey employees are talented innovators, inspired by meaningful work and the opportunity to drive our cityâ and their careersâforward..."

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Recent episodes that mention gas emissions.

Digging deeper on agriculture's carbon capture potential

Duration: 6:26

"...We know that agriculture plays an important role in both greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration; however Dr..."


David Messina: Rumin8 Strives To Reduce Cow Methane Emissions

Duration: 29:00

"...When we think about greenhouse gas emissions, automobiles, airplanes, and power plants usually figure more prominently than livestock..."


Increased 4R adoption could reduce fertilizer emissions by 14%, says new report

Duration: 27:35

"...A new report commissioned by Fertilizer Canada and the Canola Council of Canada shows increased adoption of 4R stewardship practices could result in a 14 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from nitrogen fertilizer approximately halfway to the Canadian governments 30 per cent reduction target for 2030..."


Wheat School: Fixing the leaky N2O pipe

Duration: 9:06

"...From a crop nutrition perspective, nitrogen losses as N2O or nitrous oxide pale in comparison to whats lost in N2 form, but N2O has a much greater impact on the total greenhouse gas emissions from fertilizer..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about gas emissions.

What are the 'positive tipping points' that could help us accelerate out of climate disaster?

"...Things that can happen to speed up the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in ways that humanity has so far failed to achieve..."


Mr. Bruce Knight: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem Services Market

"...Knight explains the history of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) and details how ecosystem service markets can add incentives to motivate farmers and ranchers to improve soil health..."


Completing the Picture: Designing a food system thats positive for nature and our climate

"...The transition to renewable energy is critical in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, but its only half the story..."


Circular design for food: six short stories

"...This collection of six short stories screened at the COP28 Future Economy Forum Pavilion Cinema Club will take you on a regenerative production journey, from Africa and Latin America to India and the United Kingdom, and will explore how, by applying circular design strategies, we can create a food system that builds biodiversity and soil health, delivers clean air and water, and positively contributes to tackling climate change..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about gas emissions relevant to the latest news.

Combining the role of urbanization and renewable energy in sustainable development: testing the EKC hypothesis for Africa

"...The pressing necessity to curb greenhouse gas emissions due to climate change has sparked significant scientific interest in comprehending the factors behind CO2 emissions, particularly concerning environmental sustainability challenges..."


A Comprehensive Review of Food Waste Dryers and Their Energy Supply Methods

"...On the other hand, the significance of waste management has grown daily as a result of restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions, drought, global warming, and other environmental issues..."


Optimal planning for power systems considering the interconnections between isolated regions

"...The results show that planning the expansion of generation and transmission capacities using the proposed model decreases water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 45 percent considering an increase in energy demand, as a result of demographic and industrial growth..."


Projected changes in heatwaves and its impact on human discomfort over India due to global warming under the CORDEX-CORE framew

"...Strict enforcement of the stringent policies on stabilization of population growth, improvement of local adaptive capacities, and economic status of the vulnerable population along with enforcing effective measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions are important to reduce human exposure to future heat stress..."


Fe Oxides?Eggshell Composites: Development, Characterization, and Oxytetracycline Adsorption Test

"...The findings of the present work contribute to the development of a circular economy by reducing waste generation, minimizing the consumption of natural resources, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while improving environmental protection..."


Potential use of maize?peanut intercropping to adapt to drought and nitrogen?shortage impacts

"...Aims The objective of this study was to propose a maize?peanut intercropping system for traditional sole maize to increase economic benefits and decrease environmental pollution for dryland farming..."