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Coverage of habitat degradation since February 23, 2022.

Taking Flight: The Conservation of Endangered Bird Species in British Columbia

"... The threat of logging looms larger with shorter rotation times in forest harvests, leaving many forests insufficiently mature for the needs of the northern goshawk before they are logged. To combat this pressing issue, The Nature Trust of BC proactively protects large tracts of goshawk habitat. One example of their conservation success is the Meteor Lake Wetland-Bog property in the Upper Fraser River watershed..."


Fisheries Department to close 15 fish farms off B.C.'s coast to protect wild salmon

"...She said the decision came after extensive consultations with First Nations, the industry and others, and the department is taking a "highly precautionary" approach to managing salmon farming in the area. Murray said she called First Nations and industry representatives Friday before announcing what she said was a difficult but necessary decision to protect wild salmon from the potential risks posed by farmed fish. What people are reading Calls for Trudeau to step down during ‘Freedom Convoy’ traced back to Russian proxy sites By Caroline Orr | Analysis | February 16th 2023 "There have been some assessments from DFO that suggest minimal risk and there's also been science since that main assessment that has been suggesting that there may well be risk from the viruses and sea lice from the farms," she said..."


Fisheries Department confirms closure of 15 Discovery Islands salmon farms

"...Aquatic science biologist Shawn Stenhouse releases a Atlantic salmon back into its tank during a Department of Fisheries and Oceans fish health audit at the Okisollo fish farm near Campbell River, B. C. Wednesday, Oct..."


Ottawa to shut 15 salmon farms off B.C.'s coast to protect wild fish

"...Murray says the decision came after extensive consultations with First Nations, the industry and others, and the department is taking a “highly precautionary” approach to managing salmon farming in that area. She says there are multiple stressors on wild salmon, including climate change, habitat degradation and both regulated and illegal fishing. More to come…..."


Rare Pender Island habitat slated for ‘mega-mansions' to become nature preserve

"...“It was urgent to make sure that this place didn’t get clear cut to put in all these mega-mansions along the coastline,” Doll, who works as director of Raincoast’s forest conservation program, told Black Press Media. “It wasn’t like the housing was going to be accessible to average people … so it wasn’t fulfilling any social need while putting the ecology of the area at risk. ”..."


Discover Lake Ontario: The Lake of Shining Waters Nature Canada

"...Despite being the smallest of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario is the most urban and populous. This means that it is also the most vulnerable of all the Great Lakes. The lake and its inhabitants, people and animals alike, are threatened by pollution, habitat degradation, wetland loss, invasive species, and climate change..."


Two U.S. towns declare rights for critically endangered southern resident killer whales

"...The proclamation declared that southern residents have a right to life, free and safe passage, adequate natural food and freedom from conditions causing physical or mental harm, including habitat degradation from noise and pollution..."


Tightening Kootenay Lake shoreline regulations examined

"...Proposed environmental protections would include 30 metres inland from lakeshore Local Journalism InitiativeNov. 21, 2022 3:30 p. m..."


Conservation authority works to save endangered spiny soft shell turtle

"...“There's quite a few different threats that are affecting the species, from habitat degradation, so loss of that habitat that they need to survive, as well as poaching,” said Kelli Smith, a watershed biologist with the SCRCA..."


Why Lake Ontario’s Eastern Basin is a Biogem that Needs Protection Nature Canada

"...One of the rarest minnows in eastern North America, these timid fish live in nearshore areas and coastal embayments in Wellers Bay, West Lake, East Lake, and Smith Bay. Pugnose Shiners are threatened by habitat degradation, including the alteration and destruction of wetlands and increased erosion from shoreline development..."


Trail biologist sets sail on international salmon expedition

"...While many attribute the demise of salmon stocks to a variety of causes including over-harvesting, pollution, habitat degradation, and mismanagement, Beamish says there is much more to it..."


Ottawa allocates close to $12 million for Indigenous commercial fisheries in B.C.

"...Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray announced the funding at a news conference Wednesday, saying it would support business and training opportunities for 31 Indigenous companies involving 117 First Nations in the province. Murray says commercial fisheries help support social and economic development and self-sufficiency in Indigenous communities, and her department is “working every day” to increase First Nations' involvement in fisheries management..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about habitat degradation.

We Built Fake Beaver Dams to Rewild this Dead River

"...The rewilding membership that restores nature across a wide range of ecosystems..."


The Tropical Giant on the Brink of Extinction

"...That's far easier said than done though, with threats ranging from habitat degradation and overharvesting to invasive species and disease..."


Our Strange Plan to Fully Rewild This River

"...With us, you will restore nature and fight climate change every month ..."


Why the EU Energy Crisis Fuels Severe Logging, even in the US

"...Biomass makes up roughly 60% of the EU’s renewable energy, supported by large subsidies worth €13bn in 2020..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about habitat degradation relevant to the latest news.

Ecological condition, biodiversity and major environmental challenges in a tropical river network in the Bago District in South-

"...The dominant pressures on rivers were urban land use, inputs of untreated sewage, in-stream and riparian garbage littering, run-off from agricultural fields and plantations, as well as physical habitat degradation..."


The biology and ecology of coral rubble and implications for the future of coral reefs

"...Structural complexity provided by the living coral reef framework is the basis of the rich and dynamic biodiversity in coral reefs..."


Consequences of Coastal Wetlands Reclamation and the Need for Integrating Impact Assessment of Invasive Alien Plants Species an

"...We examine quantitative methods for cause-effect evaluation of three major biodiversity loss drivers: biodiversity/habitat loss, greenhouse gases GHG warming and nutrient enrichment/eutrophication, which are pertinent to IAPS, and coastal armoring in wetlands..."


Anthropogenic threats and habitat degradation challenge the conservation of palm genetic resources?an appraisal of current stat

"...This genetic erosion could considerably reduce the adaptation potential and persistence of taxa under climate change, which could pervasively impact the functioning of tropical forest ecosystems..."


The Emirates at 2050: Balancing Development and Environmental Stewardship

"...To chart a more sustainable course for the Emirates by 2050, the paper proposes policy recommendations such as adopting a national strategy for sustainable development, strengthening environmental policies, investing in urban planning and design, promoting sustainable water management, encouraging use of nature-based solutions, addressing climate change, fostering environmental education, supporting research in environmental sciences, encouraging national and regional cooperation, promoting sustainable business practices in the private sector, and monitoring the progress of environmental policies..."


Ecological quality, rarity and risk assessment of the wildlife habitats at the Meighan watershed in central Iran

"...The results highlight the significance of land conservation and protected areas in maintaining the habitat quality and reducing the risks associated with habitat degradation and biodiversity..."


Prioritizing the next decade of freshwater turtle and tortoise conservation in West Africa

" the rainforest belt of West Africa); effects of livestock overgrazing and climate change (specifically in regards to desertification impacting the Sahel region) on behaviors and species sex ratios (Centrochelys sulcata, Kinixys belliana and K..."


A Review on the Emerging Asian Aquaculture Fish, the Malaysian Mahseer ( Tor tambroides ): Current Status and the Way Forward

"...However, this freshwater riverine species is currently under the threats of habitat degradation and overfishing, apart from its poorly documented taxonomy..."


150 years of anthropogenic impact on coastal and ocean ecosystems in Brazil revealed by historical newspapers

"...We found evidence of anthropogenic impacts involving overfishing and bycatch as early as the 19th century, well before the commencement of scientific studies and collection of fisheries landing data in the region..."


Importance of Serpulid Reef to the Functioning of a Hypersaline Estuary

"...Biogenic reefs provide important ecological functions and services to coastal and marine environments, supplying high levels of biodiversity, providing refuge and foraging habitat, and supporting fisheries..."


Agroforestry orchards support greater butterfly diversity than monoculture plantations in the tropics

"...Large-scale deforestation in the tropics, triggered by logging and subsequent agricultural monoculture has a significant adverse impact on biodiversity due to habitat degradation..."


Compendium of technologies for the treatment of reverse osmosis concentrate from inland desalination plants

"...Desalination of groundwater and brackish water reverse osmosis is becoming more common worldwide as a means of supplementing and diversifying fresh water supply..."