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Coverage of hydrogen since January 16, 2024.

Agri-food, climate-tech lead Canada-in-Asia Conference

"...Nankivell said there is also a high and growing demand in Asia for climate solutions, such as ammonia and green hydrogen, where Canada can be a potential reliable supplier..."


Two B.C. hydrogen-tech companies to amalgamate

"...Loop Energy Inc. (TSX:LPEN), which makes hydrogen fuel cells, is amalgamating with another local company in the hydrogen space..."


Forestry is key to growing a resilient bioeconomy in B.C.

"...More deeply integrating the bioeconomy with forestry is a key strategy for conservation, fire resilience and sustainable land management. By carefully managing forests, extracting value from every part of a tree, using wood residues and waste for value-added manufacturing and energy, while replanting trees, it's possible for B. C..."


N.B. touts potential economic development, emissions reductions in hydrogen road map

"...Holland says that's one of the primary reasons the province is so well placed to take advantage of the emerging sector. “Our positioning on the eastern seaboard and the proximity to ports and the richness of a wind environment by being coastal does give us a unique positioning,” he said. It also points to the continued development of small modular nuclear reactor (SMR) technology that may also be used to produce low carbon intensity hydrogen..."


The CHFCA and members to participate at Canada Pavilion at Hyvolution Paris 2024

"...Hyvolution 2024 offers a unique hub in Europe for business meetings and high-level conferences and will bring together all the players in the hydrogen ecosystem, spanning production, applications and associated services and focusing on three key markets: transport, energy and industry..."


Prince George perfectly positioned as site of hydrogen plant, Fortescue exec says

"...His Coyote Project, to build a hydrogen export plant in the WillowCaleIndustrial Park in the Boundary Road area west of the airport, would create a facility large enough to annually produce 140,000 tonnes of hydrogen and 700,000 tonnes of ammonia..."


Ocean biodiversity could be protected with green hydrogen byproduct, study shows

"...It's estimated that oceans have lost about two per cent of dissolved oxygen since the 1950s and are expected to lose up to four per cent by 2100. The loss rate can be more intense in some locations, such as coastal regions, and can lead to shifts in species distribution, reductions in fish stocks and biodiversity, and changes to nutrient cycling which drives increased greenhouse gas emissions or unusual algal blooms..."


The CHFCA announces the appointment of Maike Althaus as Executive Director of Hydrogen Ontario

"...We are thrilled to welcome Maike to our team at the CHFCA and Hydrogen Ontario, says Ivette Vera-Perez, President and CEO of the CHFCA. With her extensive expertise in clean energy and low carbon technologies, Maike brings a wealth of knowledge that will be invaluable to our organization. Her dedication, strong work ethic, and deep passion for the sector are perfectly aligned with our mission and we are confident that Maike's contributions will be instrumental in driving Hydrogen Ontario's growth in both membership and impact..."


B.C.'s $36-billion hydro plan opens clean power economic opportunities, says premier

"...Businesses worldwide are looking to invest and build in locations that can provide affordable, clean electricity for their projects, he said. Expanding B. C..."


Enbridge, Fortis studying hydrogen as low-carbon energy option

"...“Hydrogen is a renewable energy source that is critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping the province transition to clean energy, said Minister of Energy Josie Osborne in a release..."


Hydrogen project will cut emissions, boost jobs, BC premier says

"..."I've told people many times, and today is another demonstration, that resource workers in our province are on the front line for fighting climate change with the clean products we produce," he said. "Everything from the cleanest aluminum to natural gas to now today pulp and paper. "Teralta's proposal would reduce natural gas use at the mill by 25 per cent, Eby said..."


Eby says planned Prince George hydrogen project will cut emissions, increase jobs

"...PRINCE GEORGE, B. C. British Columbia Premier David Eby says a planned clean energy hydrogen project in Prince George is set to cut harmful carbon emissions and create jobs..."


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Jobs in hydrogen

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Specialist Hydrogen Locomotive Field Testing

"...Hydrogen Locomotive Field Testing is responsible for supporting the execution of mainline testing of hydrogen locomotives with the Golden, BC region..."

related opportunities

Assistant Professor, Sustainable Hydrogen Technology

"...Areas of particular interest are hydrogen production by electrochemical and related means, fuel cell technology, and hydrogen utilization for sustainable chemical engineering..."

related opportunities

Technical Officer - Onsite

"...The teams objective is to support CNLs Value Proposition through the Science Technology (S T..."

related opportunities

Research Scientist

"...The Branch consists of the following general areas/activities: Hydrogen production, storage, applications and safety: Thermochemical hydrogen production using nuclear..."

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Recent episodes that mention hydrogen.

TAFE unveils hydrogen-powered prototype tractor

Duration: 4:27

"...When agriculture is ready for hydrogen-powered tractors, TAFE says they'll be ready to roll..."


Farm Safety Roundup, Ep 2: The invisible risk of hazardous atmospheres

Duration: 17:57

"...In farming, there are plenty of easily identifiable hazards: running PTOs, heavy equipment, an ornery cow..."


Revisiting: Hydrogen 101

Duration: 29:11

"...Source: Terra Informa..."


MN 114. The Power of Hydrogen: Anton Paar's Latest Innovations for Mining

Duration: 44:18

"...In this episode, we are joined by Anton Paar, a leading provider of analytical solutions for the mining sector..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about hydrogen.

Green Hydrogen making Green Steel. Is 2024 the breakthrough year?

"...Huge efforts are being made to decarbonise their processes, and the most promising method is to use green hydrogen to replace coking coal to remove oxygen from iron ore..."


Is green hydrogen the answer to the climate crisis? | DW Documentary

"...Green hydrogen produces zero emissions and many believe it holds the key to limiting global warming..."


Blue Hydrogen. The greatest fossil fuel scam in history?

"...Blue hydrogen is being enthusiastically promoted by natural gas producers as the simplest and cheapest answer to decarbonising our economies..."


The EU climate deal | DW Documentary

"...We are already experiencing more heat waves, forest fires and flooding..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about hydrogen relevant to the latest news.

Innovative Technologies for the Maritime Industry: Hydrogen Fuel as a Promising Direction

"...It is a clean and renewable energy source that produces only water vapor as a byproduct, making it a desirable solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change..."


Nanomaterials: paving the way for the hydrogen energy frontier

"...Additionally, the article investigates the utilization of nanomaterials to enhance hydrogen production, emphasizing their role as efficient nanocatalysts in boosting hydrogen fuel cell efficiency..."


Study of Characteristics According to Pole?Slot Combination of Fractional Slot Concentrated Winding Permanent Magnet Synchronou

"...In the maritime shipping sector, research on eco-friendly hydrogen ships using hydrogen fuel cells is also actively underway..."


Green electrosynthesis of 3,3?-diamino-4,4?-azofurazan energetic materials coupled with energy-efficient hydrogen production ov

"...The broad employment of clean hydrogen through water electrolysis is restricted by large voltage requirement and energy consumption because of the sluggish anodic oxygen evolution reaction..."


Analysis and Prospects of Key Technologies for Hydrogen-Electric Regional Aircraft

"...The development of hydrogen-electric aircraft cannot be separated from the development of key technologies such as hydrogen storage systems, hydrogen fuel cells, and electric motors..."


Exergy-based optimization constraints for solar PVT panels and district energy systems with onboard green hydrogen production b

"...This paper highlights the significance of optimizing district energy systems with solar prosumers from an exergy-based perspective to minimize carbon dioxide emission responsibilities..."


Hydrological processes and water quality in arid regions of Central Asia: insights from stable isotopes and hydrochemistry of p

"...Thus, by collecting published hydrogen and oxygen isotopic data for precipitation, river water, and groundwater in Central Asia, a comprehensive stable isotopic and hydrochemical database was created for the first time to clarify the isotopic signatures of water from different sources and the evolution processes of river water and groundwater..."


The evaluation of renewable energy alternatives in Turkey using intuitionistic-fuzzy EDAS methodology

"...The selection and ranking of alternative renewable energy sources is a critical issue in establishing an effective energy policy and ensuring environmental improvement at the national and global levels..."