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Coverage of invasive species since October 13, 2023.

Cats: Cuddly fluff balls or world's worst invasive species?

"...So do cats have us fooled? Do they need to be kept indoors to save the lives of our ecosystems? What if cats were the worst invasive species the world has known?..."


$73 million in funding for projects to improve water quality in Manitoba waterway

"...The feds have announced a hefty $650 million freshwater action plan, with a portion set to flow to Manitoba and northwestern Ontario waterways. Manitoba MP Terry Duguid, who also serves as special advisor for water, made the announcement Monday at the Manitoba Museum on behalf of Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault. The ten-year project is aimed at protecting and restoring water quality and ecosystem health in five major watersheds across Canada..."


Funding for projects helping Canadian freshwater bodies now open, Manitoba lakes included

"...“Lake Winnipeg is Canada's sixth-largest lake. It's the 11th-largest freshwater body in the world, and is a valuable freshwater resource known for its fisheries, beaches and importance to the livelihood of so many communities, including many Indigenous communities along its shores. ”Likewise, he said Lake of the Woods provides drinking water for more than 700,000 people in Ontario, Minnesota and Manitoba..."


63% of Metro Vancouverites would pay for a regional green tax, finds poll

"...The pollstersfound Metro Vancouver residents expressedstrong concern over the prospect of disasters and contaminating the natural world, with 88 per cent of respondents saying they worry about increasing water pollution and wildfires. ..."


We can be the generation that holds on tight to our natural wealth

"...But despite this evidence of extinction, the risk of more wildlife disappearing has only accelerated, with estimates that up to one million species could be at risk of extinction in the coming decades. Preventing extinction is not just a task for tropical countries, and it’s not just about pandas and polar bears. What people are reading Saskatchewan will stop collecting gas tax from natural gas and electrical heat By Jeremy Simes | News, Politics | January 2nd 2024 Every country has a role to play in stopping the loss of all life on Earth..."


A look at the new additions to Ontario's invasive species list

"...A large rodent from South America that officials say is often mistaken for a beaver along with two types of non-native crayfish are among 10 new invasive animal and plant species now prohibited or restricted in Ontario. A semi-aquatic herbivore called a nutria, whose name in Latin (Myocastor coypus) translates to mouse rat, is the only mammal on the provinces updated invasive species list, which came into effect on Jan. 1..."


Manitobans urged to use caution on ice, when using fishing equipment: natural resources minister

"...Natural resources minister Jamie Moses said Friday that ice is still forming at this time of year in southern Manitoba, and could be dangerous. “Manitoba has a lot to offer for those who enjoy winter activities like ice fishing, cross-country skiing and ice skating on our waterbodies, especially with the recent mild weather conditions,” he said. “We want to remind people to keep themselves and their families safe by thoroughly checking ice conditions, and by following local municipal rules, before they venture onto lakes and rivers..."


Zebra mussels found in Clear Lake, Man., raising concerns about spread of invasive species

"...Now that they're in Clear Lake, there is concern for lakes both inside and outside Riding Mountain park. “As far as we know, Clear Lake is now the most western lake in Canada to be invaded with zebra mussels, and we don't want them to spread westward,” Higgins said, adding it's even more important now that Parks Canada continue its stringent boating protocols to contain the spread. He said water bodies with higher calcium make it harder for the mussels to thrive..."


5 B.C. politicians demanding Ottawa spend more on aquatic invasive species prevention

"...In a joint letter published on Thursday, the Conservative MPs stated that inequitable funding and a lack of border inspections are leaving lakes and rivers across B. C. vulnerable to invasive mussels..."


Battling Scotch Broom on the South Coast

"...Our efforts to cut and remove scotch broom in the South Coast Region help to reduce fuel and fire risk while increasing biodiversity and persistence of native species. The field crew also conducts many surveys of scotch broom where it was removed, and future removal sites. This way The Nature Trust and our partners can prioritize new restoration projects and rapidly detect encroachment of invasive species..."


DFO monitoring an invasive crayfish species found in N.S. lake

"...Near Lower Sackville, N. S. , the DFO and SMU experts have found dozens of red swamp crayfish for the first time in Canada..."


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Jobs in invasive species

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Section Manager, Urban Forestry & Natural Areas - District of North Vancouver (North Vancouver, BC)

"...Considerable knowledge of the methods, procedures and best management practices related to urban forestry and arboriculture, natural areas management, invasive species management, safety and wildfire risk mitigation, ecological restoration, and natural areas recreation..."

related opportunities

Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator - Okanagan and Similkameen Invasive Species Society (Summerland, BC)

"...Do you love being outdoors and working around water? Are you excited about engaging the public on important environmental issues? Do you have experience with fieldwork and supervision? Then this position is for you! We are seeking an enthusiastic, motivated individual to join our team..."

related opportunities

Communications and Outreach Coordinator - Okanagan and Similkameen Invasive Species Society (Summerland, BC)

"...Do you love biology or nature? Are you excited about engaging the public on important environmental issues? Do you have experience in communications or outreach? Then this position is for you! We are seeking an enthusiastic, motivated individual to join our team..."

related opportunities

Operations Coordinator - Okanagan and Similkameen Invasive Species Society (Summerland, BC)

"...Are you passionate about a healthy environment? Are you experienced in team leadership? OASISS is looking for a highly motivated individual for our Operations Coordinator..."

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Recent episodes that mention invasive species.

#192 Conservation Roundtable Ep5: Invasive species, sage grouse & nuclear disaster wildlife recoveries

Duration: 41:34

"...In the fifth of six conservation roundtable episodes, Byron is joined by Jess Johnson, government affairs director at the Wyoming Wildlife Federation, and Ford Van Fossen, conservation and content manager at First Lite to tackle stories from around the world..."


#179 Jake Muise: Harvesting wild meat in Hawaii. The Maui Nui story. Conservation / invasive species / venison / food / ecology

Duration: 01:14:03

"...Jake Muise is the co-founder of Maui Nui Venison based in Hawaii..."


6/26/20 - Tick App; Saginaw River Water Quality; Spotted Lanternfly

Duration: 03:00

"...The Tick App gives users tips on avoiding ticks and lets them share their tick exposure..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about invasive species.

Our Bizarre Approach to Rewilding Sea-Cliffs

"...The rewilding membership that restores nature across a wide range of ecosystems..."


The Tropical Giant on the Brink of Extinction

"...That's far easier said than done though, with threats ranging from habitat degradation and overharvesting to invasive species and disease..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about invasive species relevant to the latest news.

A Review of Knowledge on the Impacts of Multiple Anthropogenic Pressures on the Soft-Bottom Benthic Ecosystem in Mediterranean

"...exploitation of natural resources, habitat destruction, climate change, pollution and alien invasive species ? on the soft-bottom benthic ecosystem in Mediterranean coastal lagoons (period 2000?2022), and to identify perspectives for future research that can contribute to the improvement of monitoring programs..."


Stormwater ponds serve as variable quality habitat for diverse taxa

"...Stormwater ponds are primarily designed for flood control and water quality protection, but they often serve as habitats of differing quality for a variety of organisms..."


Sustainable blue economy: Opportunities and challenges

"...This review discusses various aspects of the blue economy like food, value-added products, offshore energy, oxygen source, mining, fisheries, carbon sequestration, and cloud seeding..."


Regional habitat suitability for aquatic and terrestrial invasive plant species may expand or contract with climate change

"...The threat of invasive species to biodiversity and ecosystem structure is exacerbated by the increasingly concerning outlook of predicted climate change and other human influences..."


Characterization of saline soil for the halophytes of largest inland saline wetland of India using geospatial technology

"...Importantly, agricultural diversion, illegal encroachment, pollution, and invasive species could cause these lakes to dry up completely or partially by 2025..."


Individual-Based Models for Incorporating Landscape Processes in the Conservation and Management of Aquatic Systems

"...Recent Findings We present exemplary cases that cover (1) the conservation and management of native species in systems impacted by invasive species, (2) life history evolution impacts on the management of fisheries, (3) predictions of the interaction between changing environments and management decisions, and (4) testing factors that drive system dynamics in order to prioritize management decisions..."


Media myopia distorts public interest in US invasive plants

"...Using a phylogenetically-controlled structural equation model, we investigated three hypothesized drivers of interest: (1) plant abundance as quantified by national and state-level occurrence records in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, (2) four key plant traits that might influence plant conspicuousness to the general public: ornamental use, human health risks, monoculture formation, and plants with positive economic value, and (3) media coverage, in particular the volume and sentiment of news articles over the same 10-year period..."


Leaves of an invasive shrub induce mass mortality of an amphibian apex predator and its macroinvertebrate prey

"...Studies of plant invasions have primarily focused on effects within shared habitats of native and invasive species..."


Ghana ecological risks: a space law and science education approach to the management frameworks

"...Finally, it is recommended that future work is required in the areas of: preserving, sustaining and maintaining biodiversity and the ecosystems; management frameworks for invasive species and biosecurity; management frameworks for environmental degradation and climate change; a management framework that focuses on the fair and equitable access to and sharing of the benefits of biodiversity resources with all communities in Ghana; and assessing and including biodiversity and ecosystem in the development process of space law and science education..."


Historical trends of aquatic invasive species introduction and establishment in Illinois, USA

"...Tracking the introduction and establishment of aquatic invasive species (AIS) is important for monitoring the biological and economic health of freshwater environments..."


Ecological Restoration of Campos Sulinos Grasslands

"...Ecological restoration is an important activity to ensure biodiversity conservation and the provision of ecosystem services..."