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News and Opinion

Coverage of landfills since June 23, 2024.

Ground crews to start attacking Labrador City fire, national help limited

"...LABRADOR CITY, N. L. Ground crews are set to begin dousing a roaring wildfire near Labrador City that forced thousands of people to evacuate last week..."


Quick response credited in corralling SE Calgary landfill fire

"...After a brief reprieve from the extreme heat, the City of Calgary is once again under a heat warning that could last well over a week. Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) issued the warning..."


New plastic regulations will keep more plastic waste out of communities

"...These changes will keep harmful waste out of landfills and will reduce oxo-degradable plastics, which contain chemicals that cause breakdown into microplastics and pollute the environment..."


Single-use plastic bags banned as next round of B.C. plastic regulations kicks in

"...A statement from the province says food-service businesses are also restricted from distributing single-use containers with certain plastics that are hard to recycle, including “biodegradable” and “compostable” plastics as well as polystyrene foam..."


Premier says weather co-operating as firefighters attack Labrador City blaze

"...A change in wind direction, cooler temperatures and possible precipitation made for favourable conditions for attacking the wildfire threatening Labrador City, the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador said Sunday.  ..."


'Food Waste Is Too Good To Waste': Slogan selected for new 2025 Green Bin Program

"..."Food Waste Is Too Good To Waste - Green Bin It!" was revealed as the winning selection on Wednesday after the Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority (EWSWA) invited residents to submit suggestions this past spring..."


FortisBC says all customers now see renewable natural gas on utility bills

"...RNG is a non-fossil-fuel form of natural gas, typically produced by harnessing the methane produced from landfills or agricultural waste..."


For India's garbage pickers, a miserable and dangerous job made worse by extreme heat

"...The landfills themselves seethe internally as garbage decomposes, and the rising heat of summer speeds and intensifies the process. That increases emissions of gases such as methane and carbon dioxide that are dangerous to breathe. And almost all landfill fires come in summer, experts say, and can burn for days..."


Proposal to pile trash higher at N.B. landfill nears decision

"...A proposal to pile trash higher at a Saint John area landfill is nearing a decision..."


Flatulent cows and pigs will face a carbon tax in Denmark, a world first

"...COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) Denmark will tax livestock farmers for the greenhouse gases emitted by their cows, sheep and pigs from 2030, the first country in the world to do so as it targets a major source of methane emissions, one of the most potent gases contributing to global warming..."


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Jobs in landfills

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Transport Driver

"...Transport Driver will transport bulk material to and from various locations in diverse settings, including manufacturing plants, landfills and remote areas..."

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Plant Shift Supervisor (5-6 days a week)

"...We are committed to preventing these end-of-life products from being disposed of in our landfills or littered on our natural landscapes..."

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Water Management Consultant (Water Treatment Sales) - Barrie

"...We are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible way, including keeping as much waste out of landfills as possible, and giving back to the..."

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Solid Waste Management Engineer

"...Proven application of government and industry regulations, standards, guidelines, design and specifications in..."

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Recent episodes that mention landfills.

How to choose clothes for longevity, not the landfill | Diarra Bousso

Duration: 10:47

"...Source: TED Talks Daily..."


Episode 132: Halloween Tricks and Treats

Duration: 22:45

"...www. startingsustainability. com Its the Halloween episode! Kaylin has a trick and some treats for you in this episode! Enjoy the recipe for People Noodle Soup and a list of ways to keep your leftover pumpkins OUT of the landfill after Halloween..."


The Outrageous Waste of Food: Deborah Manning, Kiwi Harvest

Duration: 38:36

"...Every year New Zealand food industry sends 103,000 tonnes of food waste to landfill..."


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Today's Show: solitary confinement in Canadian prisons, Alberta landfills, tech hearings, Oilfield Services Activity Forec

Duration: 1:55:16

"...Guests: Professor Anthony Doob, University of Toronto criminologist, Dr..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about landfills.

Impactful Health R&D Founder Series

"...Wasted produce ends up in landfills that create methane which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions..."


World's Largest Carbon Removal Plant & Jakarta's New Sky Train | WEF | Top Stories of the Week

"...2:33 How coffee is being used to strengthen concrete - This could cut the amount of organic waste going to landfill, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from concrete production and help tackle a global shortage of sand..."


Building roads with your rubbish! How do they do that?

"...Every year, we humans bury hundreds of millions of tonnes of non-recyclable trash in landfill sites all over the world, with all the energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and local ecosystem impacts that we all hear so much about in the news these days..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about landfills relevant to the latest news.

Fe Oxides?Eggshell Composites: Development, Characterization, and Oxytetracycline Adsorption Test

"...The findings of the present work contribute to the development of a circular economy by reducing waste generation, minimizing the consumption of natural resources, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while improving environmental protection..."


Green recycling of red brick waste into aerogel panels for thermal insulation in buildings

"...Moreover, the use of heating and cooling systems is the major reason for making the building sector the most energy-harvesting sector and raising its greenhouse gas emissions..."


A comprehensive review of the resource efficiency and sustainability in biofuel production from industrial and agricultural was

"...The rationale behind implementing this sustainable energy solution is driven by its notable environmental benefits, which include reducing greenhouse gas emissions and facilitating ecological contaminants..."


Assessing Bioplastics? Economic, Commercial, Political, and Energy Potential with Circular Economy Modeling: a Sustainable Solu

"...To mitigate these issues, recycling plastics and using recycled materials instead of extracting natural resources are recommended, although the current recycling rate is low due to high costs and limited market applications..."


Conversion of food waste into energy and value-added products: a review

"...Here we review food waste conversion into energy and products such as biohydrogen, biogas, biofuel, biodiesel, biochar, bioplastics, fertilizers, animal feed, organic acids, enzymes, and proteins..."


Recycling polyolefin plastic waste at short contact times via rapid joule heating

"...This laboratory-scale approach demonstrates effective deconstruction of real-life waste materials, resilience to additives and impurities, and versatility for circular polyolefin plastic waste management..."


Performance evaluation of bioreactor landfills with leachate recirculation: an experimental study

"...Investigation of bioreactor landfills is the need of the hour in developing countries like India, with rapid population growth..."


"...Here, we reviewed biodegradable plastics, with focus on their conversion into microplastics, their interactions with pollutants, and their combined toxicity for aquatic biota..."