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Coverage of landfills since January 10, 2024.

California is forging ahead with food waste recycling. But is it too much, too fast?

"...Over time, food scraps and other organic materials like yard waste emit methane, a gas more potent and damaging in the short-term than carbon emissions from fossil fuels. California's goal is to keep that waste from piling up in landfills, instead turning it into compost or biogas..."


TNRD expands recycling mandate with EPR program integration

"...The purpose of this bylaw is to make sure that recyclable materials are properly disposed of and kept out of our landfills. A similar bylaw is in place in other parts of southern B. C..."


'A terrible spot': Area farmers concerned over proposed location for new Moose Jaw city landfill

"...A group of Moose Jaw area farmers are concerned over the proposed location of the citys new landfill. Moose Jaws current landfill, east of the city, is over 100 years old and nearing the end of its useful life. The city also says the facility would need upgrades to meet some modern regulations..."


The City of Ottawa wants to hear your garbage opinions again

"..."Ottawas vision is to be a zero-waste city. And yet, more than half of what we throw in the garbage could be recycled or composted. We need a plan that can stand up to challenges such as climate change and a landfill that is filling up fast," the city said in a news release Wednesday..."


Landfill liaison committee forms to address issues with Region of Waterloo site

"...The Region of Waterloo is looking for feedback on the landfill..."


Postal Service, once chided for slow adoption of EVs, announces plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions

"...Postmaster General Louis DeJoy described a mix of environmental initiatives and cost-cutting business practices that together would combine to reduce the Postal Service's contribution to planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions by 40% over five years, meeting the Biden administration environmental goals in the process..."


The bottom line is that plastic bag bans work

"...In total, there are more than 500 citywide ordinances banning plastic bags in the U. S. , as well as 12 statewide bans — in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawai‘i, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington..."


U of S students launch Re-Colour, crayon recycling program

"...“We have had 70 kilograms of crayons that we have diverted from landfills and also $700 in revenue that we've generated from selling the crayons,” said Maahi Shah, Re-Colour's project manager. The group working on the project said that it has also become an opportunity to educate youth on sustainable practices as they actively collaborate with public school divisions in the city to show kids the importance of recycling beyond melting down crayons..."


Solid waste costs piling up for Peace River Regional District

"...DAWSON CREEK, B. C. Peace River Regional District directors are sounding the alarm about soaring solid waste costs..."


Summerside, P.E.I., walking the walk on green transition with 68 acre, 48K panel solar farm

"...There are more than 48,000 solar panels at the farm. With an acre of battery capacity, that means they can save excess power generated by the farm during the sunniest part of the day for high demand times in the evening..."


Londons new green bin collection program starts Monday

"...I know many households have eagerly waited to start using the green bin, and Im excited that Monday is the first day of collection for this important program, said Mayor Josh Morgan. By properly sorting our food scraps and other organic materials to go into the new Green Bin, the program will help divert valuable resources from our landfill, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help our community take climate action together. ..."


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Jobs in landfills

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Plant Shift Supervisor

"...We are committed to preventing these end-of-life products from being disposed of in our landfills or littered on our natural landscapes..."

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Water Management Consultant (Water Treatment Sales) - Barrie

"...We are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible way, including keeping as much waste out of landfills as possible, and giving back to the..."

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Senior Financial Analyst - Accounting

"...environmentally responsible way, including keeping as much waste out of landfills as possible, and giving back to the communities where we live and work..."

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Water Management Consultant (Water Treatment Sales) - GTA NW (Newmarket and Richmond Hill)

"...We are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible way, including keeping as much waste out of landfills as possible, and giving back to the..."

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Recent episodes that mention landfills.

The Outrageous Waste of Food: Deborah Manning, Kiwi Harvest

Duration: 38:36

"...Every year New Zealand food industry sends 103,000 tonnes of food waste to landfill..."


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Today's Show: solitary confinement in Canadian prisons, Alberta landfills, tech hearings, Oilfield Services Activity Forec

Duration: 1:55:16

"...Guests: Professor Anthony Doob, University of Toronto criminologist, Dr..."


Could Alberta see landfill approval changes?

Duration: 16:33

"...Guest Dr..."


2/21/20 - Landfill Waste Up; Fishing Shanties

Duration: 02:25

"...Solid waste in Michigan landfills increased in 2019..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about landfills.

This Electric Car is Made From Recycled Vapes!

"...Recycling vapes in the UK alone could equate to many MWh of battery capacity or thousands of Teslas..."


Impactful Health R&D Founder Series

"...Wasted produce ends up in landfills that create methane which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions..."


World's Largest Carbon Removal Plant & Jakarta's New Sky Train | WEF | Top Stories of the Week

"...2:33 How coffee is being used to strengthen concrete - This could cut the amount of organic waste going to landfill, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from concrete production and help tackle a global shortage of sand..."


Building roads with your rubbish! How do they do that?

"...Every year, we humans bury hundreds of millions of tonnes of non-recyclable trash in landfill sites all over the world, with all the energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and local ecosystem impacts that we all hear so much about in the news these days..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about landfills relevant to the latest news.

Estimation of Short-Lived Climatic Pollutants (SLCPs) and Other Pollutants Generated from the Solid Waste Management (SWM) Sura

"...The various activities of solid waste management contributed to the emission of Carbon dioxide, Oxides of Nitrogen, Oxides of Sulphur, Particulate Matter and Short-Lived Climatic Pollutants (SLCPs) such as Methane and Black Carbon..."


Integrated hesitant fuzzy-based decision-making framework for evaluating sustainable and renewable energy

"...According to the achieved results, landfill gas and biogas have the highest rank among the alternatives to renewable energy..."


Assessing Bioplastics? Economic, Commercial, Political, and Energy Potential with Circular Economy Modeling: a Sustainable Solu

"...To mitigate these issues, recycling plastics and using recycled materials instead of extracting natural resources are recommended, although the current recycling rate is low due to high costs and limited market applications..."


Effects of landfill food waste diversion: a focus on microbial populations and methane generation

"...The early stages of municipal solid waste degradation in landfills are complex harmonies of physical, biological, and chemical interactions that all work in concert to degrade trash into smaller and more stable materials..."


A Survey on Current Practices, Strategies and Research Needs for Circular Manufacturing of Plastics

"...The great success of plastics comes along with a strong negative environmental impact and their accumulation in landfills and leakage into the natural environment is now recognized as a global environmental crisis..."


Post-closure Cost Efficiency in Public Versus Private Landfills: The Case of Emilia-Romagna (Italy)

"...Waste management systems have developed in recent years toward the adoption of sustainable management principles and practices, such as circular economy, zero waste, resource efficiency, waste avoidance, re-use, and recycling..."


Performance evaluation of bioreactor landfills with leachate recirculation: an experimental study

"...Investigation of bioreactor landfills is the need of the hour in developing countries like India, with rapid population growth..."


Regional management options for floating marine litter in coastal waters from a life cycle assessment perspective

"...Method A study of the North Sea German Bight identified existing technologies suitable for the collection and treatment of floating marine debris including, recycling of plastics, mechanical biological treatment (MBT), and landfilling..."


Microbially modified effect of exogenous organic matter on soil chemical and biological indices and plant responses

"...Increasing the dose of poultry manure and sewage sludge from 20 to 40 t ha?1 increased dehydrogenase, acid and alkaline phosphatase activity..."


Recycled Aggregates and Circular Economy: The Case of Centrifuged Reinforced Concrete Poles for Electric Power Lines

"...Finally, a specific Life-Cycle Analysis with the aim to quantify the environmental impacts of the proposed recycling procedure..."


Application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) in solid waste management in Southern Africa: a rev

"...Results illustrate that GIS and RS are utilised in solid waste management issues namely siting of disposal sites and monitoring, accurate solid waste data collection and indicating relationship of landfills with other environmental attributes..."


Absorption Technologies for Biomethane Production from Biogas to Replace Natural Gas in Gas Distribution Networks and Use as Mo

"...Modern eco-friendly oriented countries are implementing biomethane from biogas production projects, using biomethane as motor fuel or supplying it to the natural gas distribution grid..."