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Landscape Ecology

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News and Opinion

Coverage of landscape ecology since August 9, 2020.

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Vancouver Island forester says more than climate change behind our trickling rivers

"...The Ladysmith resident comes from a forestry family. He worked for the BC Forest Service as a forest technician for several years; managed and advised 10 major forest companies with 30 different operations and completed a Bachelor of Forestry in Finland. Further academic training at the University of Washington included: forest, old growth, watershed and landscape ecology along with wildfire and fire ecology..."

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Plant provenance influences pollinators

"...Researchers at the University of Münster have now taken a more detailed look at how the choice of seeds in restoration measures - i. e. the restoration of natural habitats at degraded land - affects how insects benefit from these measures..."

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Dingo effects on ecosystem visible from space

"...The study, recently published in Landscape Ecology, pairs 32 years' worth of satellite imagery with site-based field research on both sides of the Dingo Fence in the Strzelecki Desert..."

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Academies call for prompt action to protect biodiversity in the agricultural landscape

"...The biodiversity in Germany's agricultural landscape has declined considerably in recent years, even in nature reserves. In their joint statement "Biodiversity and Management of Agricultural Landscapes - Wide-ranging action is now crucial", the German Academies of Sciences make recommendations in eight fields of action. They state the protection of biodiversity as an urgent and complex challenge..."

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Fragmented forests: Tree cover, urban sprawl both increased in Southeast Michigan over the past 30 years

"...The study was published online July 22 in the journal Landscape Ecology. The other authors are Joshua Newell of the School for Environment and Sustainability and Robert Goodspeed of the A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about landscape ecology relevant to the latest news.

The impacts of agricultural and urban land-use changes on plant and bird biodiversity in Costa Rica (1986?2014)

"...Our results confirm that deforestation has been reversed and most of the biodiversity considered is housed in forestland, but also that the expansion of export monocultures and urban sprawl have fragmented and isolated these tropical forests..."

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The erosion of relational values resulting from landscape simplification

"...Context The global trend of landscape simplification for industrial agriculture is known to cause losses in biodiversity and ecosystem service diversity..."

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Landscape heterogeneity analysis using geospatial techniques and a priori knowledge in Sahelian agroforestry systems of Senegal

"...Agroforestry plays a pivotal role for Sahelian communities by allowing simultaneous improvement of food security and conservation of natural ecosystems and their biodiversity..."

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Agroecology landscapes

"...Objectives We review the role of landscape ecology to understand and promote biodiversity, pest regulation and crop pollination for the designing of ?agroecology landscapes?..."

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Human Settlements: Urban Challenges and Future Development

"...Maladaptation to climate change is considered in the context to urban environmental pollution, human health and well-being, and quality of life..."

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Evolution and emerging research trends in the ecological impacts of landscape change: perspectives from a Chilean biodiversity

"...We found several gaps in LC research, including lack of studies that simultaneously address multiple levels of the ecological hierarchy and that address linkages between ecological processes and the provisioning ecosystem services..."

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Eighty-year review of the evolution of landscape ecology: from a spatial planning perspective

"...Context Sustainable spatial development requires the establishment of a balance between rational land use and the protection of nature, ecosystems and biodiversity on various spatial levels and temporal horizons..."

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The use of transects for resilient design: core theories and contemporary projects

"...Conclusion This method-oriented research offers new insights into the current study of landscape ecology, landscape architecture, and environmental planning, and reveals the potential of the transect method for resilient design..."

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A survey of habitats on agricultural land in Estonia II. Detailed interpretation of the habitats’ landscape ecology and how th

"...The main objectives of the paper are to provide a description of the ecological character of Estonian agricultural landscapes and also their contribution to biodiversity resources..."

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Nature Reloaded. Microalgae as Future Landscape Ecology

"...At this regard, Microalgae are getting momentum due to their abilities to be used as a form of nutrient-rich food and other products, in the development of biofuels, as a way to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, and as a method of treating industrial and urban wastewater..."

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How to Learn Lessons from Field Experience in Forest Landscape Restoration: A Tentative Framework

"..., conservation biology, landscape ecology, restoration ecology), FLR has remained very fluid and molded to suit different stakeholders, from local to global..."

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Marine climate prediction based on satellite remote sensing and landscape design of green space in coastal areas

"...According to the theory of landscape ecology, the city is divided into three parts: patch, matrix, and corridor..."

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