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Coverage of methane since October 13, 2023.

COP28: Canadian ranchers to argue meat should stay on the menu

"...“We realize that methane is a big problem. We're doing a lot of research right now. ”Ten per cent of Canada’s GHGs come from crop and livestock production, according to the federal government (not including fossil fuels or fertilizer)..."


Saskatchewan leaders head to Dubai for climate change conference

"...The second week will focus on sustainable agriculture and food systems. Events will cover Saskatchewan's impact in potash, grains, pulse production and how the province can ensure food security. Regina Mayor Sandra Masters will also be in attendance..."


Q&A: What does China’s new methane plan mean for its climate goals?

"...It has a focus on emissions from the energy, agriculture and waste sectors. It lists a series of actions, but lacks numerical targets for emissions reduction..."


Alberta underestimates methane emissions by 50 per cent: study

"...The study from Carleton University's Energy and Emissions Research Lab also says oil and gas produced in the province emit significantly more methane for the energy produced than jurisdictions such as British Columbia — a measurement that offers a warning to industry, said lead author Matthew Johnson. “The future is, your ability to sell (gas) into certain markets will be based on methane intensity,” he said. Johnson's lab, which published its latest paper in the journal Nature Communications Earth and Environment, combined several different measuring methods for methane, a greenhouse gas considered to be about 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide in the first 20 years after its release..."


DeBriefed 17 November 2023: Countries fail 1.5C test; US and China agree on renewables; Why runners care about climate change

"...WRI REPORT: The World Resources Institute’s “state of climate action 2023” report found that “​​countries are falling behind on almost every policy required to cut greenhouse gas emissions”. The Guardian reported that, of the 42 indicators assessed, electric vehicle sales is the only one that is progressing on track. To limit global warming to 1..."


Q&A: Warming of 2C would trigger ‘catastrophic’ loss of world’s ice, new report says

"...Holding global warming of 2C would also not be enough to “prevent extensive permafrost thaw”, the authors say, bringing additional warming from the resulting CO2 and methane emissions. A 2C world would also see “widespread negative impacts on key fisheries and species” in polar and near-polar oceans..."


‘No end in sight’ to rising greenhouse gas emissions: World Meteorological Organization

"...Last year, global averaged concentrations of the most important greenhouse gas - carbon dioxide (CO2) - were a full 50 per cent above the pre-industrial era, marking a first, and continued to grow in 2023. Going the wrong way Methane concentrations also grew and levels of nitrous oxide, the third main gas, saw the highest year-on-year increase on record from 2021 to 2022. “Despite decades of warnings from the scientific community, thousands of pages of reports and dozens of climate conferences, we are still heading in the wrong direction,” said Petteri Taalas, the WMO Secretary-General..."


Latin America

"...Beyond tackling CO2 emissions, major producers in the region can reduce methane emissions from oil and gas operations by nearly 80 per cent at low cost, and around 40 per cent with no net costs, supporting the Global Methane Pledge that most countries have signed. Based on announced pledges, emissions from land use and agriculture, which account for half of economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions in the region today, are cut by the end of the decade and reach net zero. About 85 per cent of forests in the region are in countries that are part of the Glasgow Pledge, which aims to stop deforestation by 2030..."


Carbon pricing in Canada: What it is, what it costs and why you get a rebate

"...In 2018, Parliament passed the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, which established the legal mechanism under which the federal government requires provinces and territories to either establish a levy on greenhouse gas emissions or adopt the federal system. The legislation was first applied as of April 1, 2019..."


How a white hydrogen discovery could help global emissions efforts

"...With many Canadians focused on climate change after a year of floods, fires and droughts, Canadian researchers said the find could represent a big step towards global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “If we find enough hydrogen, this could solve a lot of our global warming problems,” said Queen’s University professor Philip Jessop, who holds the Canada Research Chair in green chemistry. “The importance of this discovery is what it could mean for everybody..."


$7B B.C. energy hub would tap into controversial natural gas pipeline

"...Plans also call for a straddle plant reportedly worth $2 billion that would recover and refine natural gas products from liquid waste that would have otherwise be burned off. The plant would be connected through existing pipelines to the Trans-Canada Energy’s Coastal GasLink, which has drawn opposition from various groups, including members of the Wetʼsuwetʼen First Nation in the Burns Lake area..."


Recommended Reading

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Oceanic Methane Hydrates

Fundamentals, Technological Innovations, and Sustainability

"...Oceanic Methane Hydrates: Fundamentals, Technological Innovations, and Sustainability provides fundamental knowledge on gas hydrates, including estimations and known exploration and production methods..."

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Jobs in methane

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Director Low Carbon Strategy Development Execution

"...Maintains Enbridge’s position as partner of choice to collaborators, customers, communities, and employees through reductions of methane and greenhouse gas emissions..."

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Post Doctoral Associate, Life Cycle and Systems Analysis

"...Familiar with energy and environmental research areas, specifically methane reforming, chemical looping, and carbon..."

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Wastewater Operator II

"...wastewater collection and storm water infrastructure and appurtenances, including pump stations, methane stations, storm and sanitary sewers, service connections, manholes, catch basins, inlet/outlet..."

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Compliance Auditor, Emissions

"...Fugitive Emissions Management Program (FEMP), Methane Reduction Retrofit Compliance Plan (MRRCP), emissions in the Peace River region and overall methane reduction activities..."

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Recent episodes that mention methane.

Meet methane, the invisible climate villain | Marcelo Mena

Duration: 09:13

"...Source: TED Talks Daily..."


Farm Safety Roundup, Ep 2: The invisible risk of hazardous atmospheres

Duration: 17:57

"...In farming, there are plenty of easily identifiable hazards: running PTOs, heavy equipment, an ornery cow..."


Canada lagging behind on support for climate smart agriculture: report

Duration: 34:51

"...A new report out of RBC Royal Bank's Climate Action Institute has outlined a nine-point plan to push Canada's agriculture industry forward on climate-smart production and practices..."


Jon Goldstein: The Fight To Reduce Methane Emissions

Duration: 29:00

"...In discussions about climate change we talk a lot about carbon dioxide, and with good reason..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about methane.

A New Chinese Competitor to SpaceX

"...The rocket will use liquid engines, powered by liquid oxygen and methane..."


Blue Hydrogen. The greatest fossil fuel scam in history?

"...Blue hydrogen is being enthusiastically promoted by natural gas producers as the simplest and cheapest answer to decarbonising our economies..."


How greenhouse gas emissions from rice can be minimised through regenerative production

"...The global food system is responsible for between 20-30% of greenhouse gas emissions, most of which are generated at the production stage..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about methane relevant to the latest news.

Soil Salinity and Water Level Interact to Generate Tipping Points in Low Salinity Tidal Wetlands Responding to Climate Change

"...In this study, we examined the effects of soil porewater salinity and water level on changes in net primary productivity (NPP) and greenhouse gas fluxes [GHG: methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and carbon dioxide (CO2)] in LSTW using a wetland biogeochemistry model, Tidal Freshwater Wetland Denitrification and Decomposition (TFW-DNDC)..."


Replacement of Solar Dish Collectors to Provide Heat in the Power Plant: Case Study Malaysia

"...Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O) will be produced during the combustion of fossil fuels to generate electricity..."


The Impact of Public Perception of Timescales in the Climate System on Mitigation Policies

"...In the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessment reports, a 20-, 100-, and 500-year global warming potential metric has been used to quantify the impact of climate forcers..."


Recent advances in methanol production from methanotrophs

"...There are conventional chemical routes for methanol production such as, steam reforming of natural gas to form syngas, followed by catalytic conversion into methanol; direct catalytic oxidation of methane, or hydrogenation of carbon dioxide..."


Reforming of Hydrocarbon Fuel in Electrochemical Systems (Review)

"...Most SOFC systems employ methane or methane-rich (biogas, natural gas, industrial or petrochemical waste, etc..."


Energy sector sustainability for a fast-growing economy like Bangladesh: an empirical assessment

"...While progress in social and economic indicators such as increasing access to cleaner fuel, electrification, productive use of energy, increased diversity of fuel mix has aided in advancing sustainability, the deteriorating environmental indicators over time is pulling down the sustainability status of the energy sector..."


Current overview of the valorization of bio-wastes for adsorbed natural gas applications

"...By careful literature selection, different precursors with different alternative processes to convert low-cost bio-wastes into porous carbons and achievements in methane storage are presented..."


Forecasting enteric methane emission using autoregressive integrated moving average and Holt?Winters time series models in Sout

"...Results showed that methane emissions from enteric fermentation by livestock in Pakistan and India will pose a significant risk on climate and global warming..."


Bioethanol-gasoline blend a promising fuel for motorized two-wheelers: optimization of operating conditions for minimum regulat

"...The enhanced octane number was observed at higher ethanol-gasoline blends, along with a considerable reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases like methane and NOx..."


Development of Dairy Wastewater Treatment for Valuable Applications

"...Since the DWW contains a high concentration of organic pollutants, it can be used as a carbon source for the production of bio-energy like methane gas and bioelectricity..."


Biogas starter from genome-scale data for methanogenic bioprocessing of protein waste

"...This review offers new insights into the feasibility of ammonia-tolerant biogas starters and engineering synthetic pathways for recycling gelatin processing waste into biofuels in the energy sector..."