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Coverage of natural resources conservation since November 18, 2020.

Alberta announces wage offer for government workers during collective bargaining

"...More than 22,000 members of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees fall under the negotiations that began this year, including workers in social services, corrections and natural resources conservation..."


Premier Smith

"...The province's 2022 budget had $473. 6 million earmarked for the three-year build. SR1 is designed to work in tandem with the Glenmore Reservoir to be able to handle the same volume of water that hit Calgary and area in 2013 70..."


Snow is melting away in the West thanks to wildfires

"...This story was originally published by High Country News and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. The ground beneath researcher Stephanie Kampf’s boots was black and burned to a sooty crisp in June 2021 as she walked across the burn scar left by the Cameron Peak Fire of 2020. A summer after the fire engulfed over 200,000 acres in flames, there was no snow to be found in its footprint — despite being almost 10,000 feet above sea level, where snow often persists in Colorado..."


Application denied for proposed industrial feedlot near Pigeon Lake

"...In a decision released Wednesday, the Natural Resources Conservation Board has denied a plan from G&S Cattle to build a 4,000-head feedlot near the shores of Pigeon Lake, in the County of Wetaskiwin. The board says the proposal is not an appropriate use of the land and would have unacceptable effects on the community..."


Community to meet to discuss proposed feedlot near popular Alberta lake

"...More than 300 statements of concern were registered, including from three First Nations. The County of Wetaskiwin asked for an environmental impact assessment. Environment Minister Jason Nixon has said the public consultation has been adequate..."


Proposed feedlot at Pigeon Lake worries locals about local environmental impact

"...Residents from around Pigeon Lake and local environmental groups are raising their concerns after being informed that the Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) received an application from Greg Thalen and G&S Cattle Ltd. to construct a 4,000 beef finisher confined feeding operation at NW 3-47-2 W5M..."


Feds move ahead with off-stream reservoir to try to reduce flood risk in Calgary

"...Alberta’s Natural Resources Conservation Board approved the project last month and Wilkinson signed off on a federal environmental assessment earlier this month that determined it was not likely to cause significant adverse effects..."


Contentious $423M Springbank dam project approved

"...CALGARY -- The Springbank reservoir project has received the go ahead from the Natural Resources Conservation Board..."


Reservoir to protect Calgary from floods gets approval

"...EDMONTON – The Natural Resources Conservation Board has approved a controversial reservoir that could protect Calgary from future flooding, ruling that it's in the public interest..."


Review hears closing arguments into proposed reservoir to protect Calgary from floods

"...The two-week-long hearing by the Natural Resources Conservation Board, an arm's-length agency of the Alberta government, is to determine whether the project is in the public interest..."


Public interest review begins into proposed reservoir to protect Calgary from floods

"...A public interest review of a proposed reservoir that could protect Calgary from future flooding has begun. The hearing by the Natural Resources Conservation Board, which is an arms-length agency of the Alberta government, is expected to last up to 14 days. It will determine whether the project is in the public interest by looking at its social, economic and environmental effects..."


How Federal Climate Change Actions and Inactions on Food Security Affect the Department of Defense

"...The NRCS has the largest role of any of the agencies mentioned above in climate change adaptation. It provides locally-tailored, conservation-related, technical, and financial assistance to privately-owned farm, ranch, and forestry landowners. All participation is voluntary..."


Recommended Reading

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Recent episodes that mention natural resources conservation.

Episode #66: Jon Stika

Duration: 58:04

"...Jon Stika is a writer, agronomist, and former soil health instructor with the USDAs Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)..."


Episode #65: Jay Fuhrer

Duration: 01:16:25

"...Jay Fuhrer is a conservationist & veteran Soil Health Specialist from the Natural Resources Conservation Services, in Bismarck, North Dakota..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about natural resources conservation.

Building Soil Health in Arkansas

"...Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, visit: ..."


Linking Soil Biology to Soil Health: Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton Webinar Series, Episode 2

"...When these soil organism functional groups are in balance and working together, they contribute to ecosystem resiliency that allows the ecosystem to bounce back after a disturbance like a flood or drought as well as resist the negative impacts of these disturbances..."


Mr. Bruce Knight: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem Services Market

"...Knight explains the history of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) and details how ecosystem service markets can add incentives to motivate farmers and ranchers to improve soil health..."


Mr. Ryan Sirolli: Filling the Economics Gap for Farmers

"...Soil Health: The Foundation for Regenerative Agriculture advanced the opportunity to address climate change, water quality, food production, biodiversity, and many other pressing issues by improving soil health..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about natural resources conservation relevant to the latest news.

Understanding Drivers of Land Use and Land Cover Change in Africa: A Review

"...Moreover, the relationship between human activities/population growth and the environment causing changes in land cover call for conservation action for a sustainable balance between agricultural production and natural resources conservation..."


Soils2026 and digital soil mapping – A foundation for the future of soils information in the United States

"...However, urgent social, economic, and environmental issues such as carbon sequestration, drought mitigation, and nutrient management are forcing us to seek answers to questions using incomplete soil data and/or inappropriate soil information..."


Examining the role of green IT/IS innovation in collaborative enterprise-implications in an emerging economy

"...Sustainability is a significant field in both research and practice as such Collaborative Enterprise (CE) are adopting sustainable initiatives to achieve efficient resource usage, CO2 emissions reduction, energy utilization reduction, moderate cost incurred, ethical waste management and natural resources conservation..."


History of Soil Studies in Nevada

"...Nevada has a rich and long history of soil investigations, which began with the Soil Survey of the Fallon Area in 1909 by the Bureau of Soils and continued with the mapping of all or portions of all 16 counties in Nevada under the leadership of the Soil Conservation Service and later the Natural Resources Conservation Service..."


Estimation of Surface Runoff Using SCS Curve Number Method Coupled with GIS: A Case Study of Vadodara City

"...The curve number method was developed by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, which was formerly called the Soil Conservation Service or SCS..."


Impact of land use and land cover changes on landscape structure in the dry lands of Southern Africa: a case of the Zambezi Reg

"...Our approach is a novel way to assess the drivers and patterns of LULC under different land tenure types for natural resources conservation and sustainable land management in the dry lands of Southern Africa..."


Impact of the Federal Conservation Program Participation on Conservation Practice Adoption Intensity in Louisiana, USA

"...Conservation practices focusing on improving the soil and water quality of working lands are implemented across the United States, supported partially through the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service cost-share or incentive payment programs..."


Incorporating a rainfall intensity modification factor γ into the Ia-S Relationship in the NRCS-CN method

"...The Natural Resources Conservation Service runoff curve number (NRCS-CN) method is widely used to simulate direct runoff, but the impact of rainfall intensity has not been considered..."


Development of SNP markers for yellowtail kingfish ( Seriola lalandi ) by 2b-RAD simplified genome sequencing

"...These novel SNP markers will serve as valuable tools for population genetics evaluation and natural resources conservation of yellowtail kingfish..."