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News and Opinion

Coverage of nature since July 9, 2024.

Calgary could see heavy rain, hail as severe storms develop

"...Many roadways and some Toronto subway stations were flooded on Tuesday morning as strong thunderstorms brought torrential downpours to much of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). A rainfall warning was..."


Ozzie the Osprey

"...In early May, with Lake Chestermere being filled with Bow River water, hunting opportunities for our local birds of prey increased. While watching the skies over the north end of the lake, a pair of impressive predators caught my attention. One was a bald eagle and the other, an osprey..."


Videos: Flash flooding in Kitchener as rain hits the region

"...Environment Canada issued the Waterloo Region with a rainfall warning, calling for a possible 100 mm of precipitation. It's possible 40 mm of rain could fall an hour..."


Q&A: Can debt-for-nature swaps help tackle biodiversity loss and climate change?

"...In this Q&A, Carbon Brief examines how debt-for-nature swaps work, the criticism they have received and whether they can alleviate biodiversity loss and climate change in developing countries..."


Soros' Open Society Foundations say their restructuring is complete and pledge $400M for green jobs

"...How do you improve regulations so that pollution comes down? How do you create tax breaks for businesses that adopt green technologies? How do you address the whole issue of critical minerals? Nowrojee said were the types of questions OSF is asking with this new funding. How do you help governments with building up green infrastructure solar, wind, hydropower? And then with the nature of work changing, how do you upskill workforces?..."


Ex-NATO chief George Robertson to lead a UK defense review, says China among

"...Another day, another heat warning for Nova Scotia. Environment Canada says the areas within HRM will see high temperatures of 28 degrees Tuesday, but with the humidity factored in, it will feel more..."


Rebuilding coastal communities after hurricanes is complex, and can change the character of a place

"...The tens of thousands of dollars it can cost to perch a new home on stilts, plus the hundreds of thousands more to build the house, is cost prohibitive for many people. So are the rising rates of insurance. Resiliency plans also must address the compounding impacts of flooding, erosion, intensifying storms and sea level rise..."


Mind the mangroves! Some Kenyans combat the threat of logging with hidden beehives

"...Mangroves are threatened by illegal logging, climate change and rising seas, pollution and urban development. According to a Kenya environment ministry report in 2018, about 40% of mangroves along the Indian Ocean coast are degraded..."


AP Decision Notes: What to expect in New Jersey's special congressional primary

"...The Democratic field of 11 candidates also includes: Linden Mayor Derek Armstead, who testified against McIver in the court challenge; Jersey City educator John Flora; state economic redevelopment official Darryl Godfrey; small business owner and community activist Alberta Gordon; former Payne congressional staffer Shana Melius; educator and community organizer Sheila Montague; community activist Debra Salters; Hudson County Commissioner Jerry Walker; and election law professor Eugene Mazo, who also survived a legal challenge to his nomination papers filed by state Democratic Party officials..."


Explore Emerald Lake Lodge in Field British Columbia 2024

"...In the heart of the Canadian Rockies, among towering peaks and glacier-fed lakes, lies the stunning Emerald Lake Lodge (ELL). Located near Field, British Columbia, in beautiful Yoho National Park, this iconic lodge offers a truly unforgettable Rocky Mountain experience for visitors looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature..."


Viewpoint: Lifting the watershed invisibility cloak

"...At this point, a Salt Spring Island Healthy Waters initiative is a potential project only, as some quite significant funding (about $45,000) is needed for successful execution. A key part of any possible Salt Spring Island Healthy Waters field program will be field work and sampling with Tracker to determine basic freshwater quality parameters while in the field, and relatively high-end, lab-based analysis to allow us to determine the extent of so-called invisible pollutants entering our watershed and ecosystems. The invisibles are chemicals and compounds that should not be present in a natural system and which are natural system disrupters for all life..."


Their Vermont homes were inundated by extreme flooding. A year later, they still struggle to recover

"...In May, Vermont became the first state to enact a law requiring fossil fuel companies to pay a share of the damage caused by extreme weather fueled by climate change. Republican Gov. Phil Scott allowed the bill to become law without his signature, saying he is very concerned about the costs and outcome of the small state taking on Big Oil alone in what will likely be a grueling legal fight..."


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Silent Spring

"...This fortieth anniversary edition celebrates Rachel Carson's watershed book with a new introduction by the author and activist Terry Tempest Williams and a new afterword by the acclaimed Rachel Carson biographer Linda Lear, who tells the story of Carson's courageous defense of her truths in the face of ruthless assault from the chemical industry in the year following the publication of Silent Spring and before her untimely death in 1964. ..."

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Jobs in nature

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.


"...Knowledge of current approaches and methodologies used to monitor, assess or predict the nature and extent of impacts..."

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Landscape Architect

" infrastructure, nature parks, and ecological restoration projects, ISLs Landscape Architecture team is looking for a talented and enthusiastic Landscape Architect to join our Burnaby office..."

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Security Official III

"...Demanding aspects of the working conditions of this position: The nature of some assigned duties includes..."

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Junior Grower

"...Must comply with all Health and Safety, Food Safety, Bio Security, and Nature Fresh Policies..."

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Recent episodes that mention nature.

307 Kat Bruce - Going from putting insects in a food processor to raising $27M in 10 years and building the biggest eDNA bi

Duration: 1:17:46

"...A conversation with Kat Bruce, founder of Nature Metrics , going from scooping insects with a small net and putting them in a food processor, to analysing the goo with an EDNA machine, to working with lots of large food corporations on measuring their biodiversity, food footprint, and impact. How do you look back at raising 27 million dollars and spending 10 years building the biggest biodiversity measurement company using eDNA in a time where very few people care at all about biodiversity, le..."


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Pulse School: Navigating pulse disease pressure in the face of Group 11 resistance

Duration: 12:29

"...While fungicide resistance evolves similarly to herbicide resistance, it can be more challenging to assess given the patchy nature of disease infection across a field, the decreased incidence of disease in dry years, and the multiple lifecycles some pulse diseases complete in a year..."


304 Henry Dimbleby - Biodiversity on balance sheet, role and risks of gene editing and AI and the case for less meat

Duration: 42:47

"...This is the second part of a wider conversation with Henry Dimbleby, founder of Bramble Partners and LEON Restaurants (please find the first below as episode 303)..."


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Conservation easement on over 50,000 acres in southern Alberta set to preserve grasslands in perpetuity

Duration: 10:58

"...Last month, the Thrall family announced it had reached an agreement to protect the over 54,000 acres of native grasslands in southern Alberta that make up the historic McIntyre Ranch through a conservation easement with the Nature Conservancy of Canada and Ducks Unlimited..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about nature.

No laughing matter: Can comedy help us tackle climate change?

"...Climate change is an extremely serious issue, but can comedy help us cope with - and communicate about - it? ..."


Mr. Bruce Knight: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem Services Market

"...Knight explains the history of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) and details how ecosystem service markets can add incentives to motivate farmers and ranchers to improve soil health..."


Is there a better way to produce our food? | Redesigning Food Podcast series

"...In the episode, we look at whats wrong with the current system, and learn how a circular economy for food can help address some of todays biggest global issues, such as biodiversity loss and climate change..."


Our Strange Plan to Fully Rewild This River

"...With us, you will restore nature and fight climate change every month ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about nature relevant to the latest news.

A review study on derivation of nanocellulose to its functional properties and applications in drug delivery system, food packa

"...Research studies on nanocellulose are extensively accelerating due to petroleum-based materials issues like CO2 emissions, plastic based-pollution, and the absence of renewable energy..."


Perspectives of nature-based tourism-dependent communities on climate change in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

"...Economic sectors such as nature-based tourism become more vulnerable because of their reliance on climate and natural capital as key resources..."


Life Cycle Assessment of an Avocado: Grown in South Africa?Enjoyed in Europe

"...Sensitivity analyses indicate that implementing large-scale renewable energy, using alternative packaging instead of cardboard, and selling avocados unripened could further enable the farming enterprise to achieve Net Zero objectives..."


Stakeholders? participation in decreasing wildfire risk in the context of natural resource management in the Podpo?anie region

"...Context Although the frequency of wildfires has declined in Slovakia, the total burned area per year and the average burned area per fire have increased rapidly, mainly due to traditional land management and increasing numbers of natural disasters resulting from climate change..."


Certificate-less Aggregate Signature Authentication Scheme (CLASAS) for secure and efficient data transmission in Wireless Sens

"...Wireless Sensor Networks has been characterized by a disseminated, structured, and independent collection of sensor nodes deployed for broad variants of applications ranging from military, environment-friendly, disaster management, wild-life smart-grid, emergency care, medical treatment and agriculture..."


Antarctic Blue Ice Areas are hydrologically active, nutrient rich and contain microbially diverse cryoconite holes

"...Identifying blue ice areas as active ice sheet ecosystems will help us understand the role ice sheets play in Antarctic carbon cycle, development of near-surface drainage system, and will expand our perception of the limits of life..."


Effect of climate change and deforestation on populations of Penelope pileata (Galliformes-Cracidae)

"...Climate change and deforestation can affect, for instance, the spatial distribution of sensitive species such as Amazonian birds..."


Stakeholder perspectives on landslide triggers and impacts in five countries

"...The comprehensive impacts of landslides included economic losses, infrastructure disruption, agricultural losses, and food security concerns, underscoring the multifaceted nature of this hazard..."


Alkaline Proteases from Haloalkaliphiles: Unveiling Nature?s Catalysts for Diverse Applications

"...Additionally, these enzymes find applications in leather processing, food industry, waste treatment, and pharmaceuticals, owing to their ability to operate efficiently in alkaline and saline environments..."


Catalyst modification in direct ethanol fuel cell: an update

"...The emergence of direct ethanol fuel cells (DEFCs) as a promising future power generation system stems from their eco-friendly nature and their safety for human consumption of ethanol fuels, aligning with the requirements of SDG-7..."