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Nutrient Cycle

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News and Opinion

Coverage of nutrient cycle since June 14, 2020.

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The Importance of Old Growth Forests The Nature Trust of British Columbia

"...Old growth forests are awe-inspiring and highly diverse ecosystems that can be found all around the world. They play essential roles in wildlife habitat, species diversity, hydrological regimes, nutrient cycles, carbon storage, and numerous other ecological processes. They have special structures and characteristics that provide habitat for animal and plant species, such as bats, birds, lichen, and mammals which are not found in any other forest types..."

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Deforestation darkening the seas above world's second biggest reef

"...Stacey Felgate, a PhD Student at the University of Southampton and the National Oceanography Centre, led the study working with partners in Belize. Stacey said, "Like many countries in the region, Belize is experiencing a rapid rate of deforestation due to increasing need for agricultural and urban land, whilst the economy also relies on the fishing and tourism industries on the coastline. Despite this, there has been very little research into the impact that changing land-use at such a fast pace is having on the region's coastal ecosystems..."

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Microorganisms on the Rio Grande Rise are a basis for life and a possible origin of metals

"...An article published in the journal Microbial Ecology describes the study, which was funded by FAPESP and the UK's Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).  ..."

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Belowground biodiversity in motion

"...Soil microorganisms play a critical role in the survival of life-sustaining ecosystems and, consequently, human well-being. Global assessments continue to provide strong evidence that humans are causing unprecedented biodiversity losses. However, existing information is strongly biased towards selected groups of vertebrates and plants, while much less is known about potential shifts in belowground communities..."

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Climate warming linked to tree leaf unfolding and flowering growing apart

"...Dr Qianqian Ma, lead author of the study said "The timing of phenological events is very sensitive to environmental factors, with temperature being particularly important in temperate plants. The changes in phenology we observed in our study may affect both growth and reproductive development in tree species and ultimately affect the ecosystem, nutrient cycles and carbon storage. "..."

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Climate change exacerbates biodiversity loss

"...About a million plant and animal species are endangered worldwide. At least 13 of the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations, however, depend on biodiversity, including species diversity, the genetic diversity within species and the diversity of ecosystems. Biodiversity regulates fundamental processes, such as soil formation and water-, trace-gas-, and nutrient cycles and thus contributes notably l to regulating the climate..."

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Species loss affects basis of life of humans

"..."The findings of the Jena Experiment confirm that current species loss has directly consequences for humankind," Wilcke says. "As a result, functions of nature that may apparently be taken for granted break off. " According to the geoecologist, examples are the production of biomass for food, fabrics, construction materials, and fuels as well as water and nutrient cycles..."

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Column: Forestry and the

"...Photo by Mildly Useful on UnsplashMany people are calling for a just, green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Investing in natural solutions to climate change, restoring damaged and fragmented ecosystems, strengthening the social safety net and rethinking flawed economic systems would make us more resilient to current and future crises.  ..."

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Shrinking dwarves

"...Largely unnoticed and in secret, an army of tiny service providers works below our feet. Countless small insects, arachnids and other soil dwellers are indefatigably busy decomposing dead plants and other organic material, and recycling the nutrients they contain. However, experts have long feared that these organisms, which are so important for soil fertility and the functioning of ecosystems, are increasingly coming under stress..."

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Scientists urge caution, further assessment of ecological impacts above deep sea mining

"..."The current study shows that mining and its environmental impacts may not be confined to the seafloor thousands of feet below the surface but could threaten the waters above the seafloor, too," said Drazen. "Harm to midwater ecosystems could affect fisheries, release metals into food webs that could then enter our seafood supply, alter carbon sequestration to the deep ocean, and reduce biodiversity which is key to the healthy function of our surrounding oceans. "    In accordance with UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), the International Seabed Authority (ISA) is required to ensure the effective protection of the marine environment, including deep midwater ecosystems, from harmful effects arising from mining-related activities..."

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A continental-scale prediction on the functional diversity of stream microbes

"...A recent research find indicates that climate change increases the functional diversity of microbes living in streams. Consequently, climate change may, in certain cases, be beneficial to ecosystems..."

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Recent episodes that mention nutrient cycle.

Agronomy Geeks, Ep 23: Laura Van Eerd

Duration: 21:36

"...What does it take to be a soil champion? If you’re Laura Van Eerd, professor at University of Guelph, Ridgetown campus, it means being curious about soil biology and crop production and constantly fascinated about what we have yet to learn about nutrient cycles, microbes, and more..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about nutrient cycle.

Soil Health in South Carolina: Lessons Learned from 8 years of Regenerative Agriculture

"...Benefits he has found include increased soil organic matter, reduced weed pressure and a robust nutrient cycle that has allowed him to reduce fertilizer use..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about nutrient cycle relevant to the latest news.

Changes in carbon storage since the pre-industrial era: A national scale analysis

"...Conversion of natural land to agricultural uses often results in a loss of soil carbon, whilst atmospheric deposition of pollutants such as nitrogen has increased carbon storage in both soil and biomass..."

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Grassland biomass balance in the European Alps: current and future ecosystem service perspectives

"...Here we show that the ecosystem service (ES) biomass production from grassland (BP), based on supply, flow and demand, varies spatially in the Alpine space and that climate change is contributing to the amplification of BP surpluses or deficits..."

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Towards a mechanistic understanding of soil nitrogen availability responses to summer vs. winter drought in a semiarid grassland

"...More frequent and intense drought events resulting from climate change are anticipated to become important drivers of change for terrestrial ecosystem function by affecting water and nutrient cycles..."

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Site and plant community parameters drive the effect of vegetation on litterfall and nutrient inputs in restored tropical fores

"...unplanted control (natural regeneration), direct seeding, agroforestry, mixed commercial species plantation (commercial mix), and high-diversity plantation, replicated at two sites that differed in soil fertility..."

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Dual and Tripartite Symbiosis of Invasive Woody Plants

"...Invasion of alien tree species can change local, continental and global biodiversity, nutrient cycles and ecosystem services and transform native habitats into novel ecosystems determined by invaders..."

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Planetary Boundaries

"...Each of the planetary boundaries, climate change, biodiversity loss, stratospheric ozone depletion, ocean acidification, nutrient cycles, land system change, freshwater use, atmospheric aerosol loading, and chemical pollution are discussed in detail in this chapter..."

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Pelagic-benthic coupling of the microbial food web modifies nutrient cycles along a cascade-dammed river

"...This study investigated the microbial food web structure along a cascade-dammed river, paying special attention to the multi-trophic relationships and the potential role of pelagic-benthic coupling in nutrient cycles..."

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The diversity and metabolic potential of the microbial functional gene associated with Porites pukoensis

"...Coral reef ecosystems usually distribute in oligotrophic tropical and subtropical marine environments, but they possess great biodiversity and high productivity..."

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Simultaneous nitrogen and phosphorus recovery from municipal wastewater by electrochemical pH modulation

"...The manufacture and use of chemical fertilizers has led to surface water eutrophication, mining-related environmental effects, and consumption of 1–2% of global energy supplies for commercial production of nitrogen (N) fertilizer by the Haber-Bosch process..."

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Massive loss of aboveground biomass and its effect on sediment organic carbon concentration: Less mangrove, more carbon?

"...Mangroves play an important role in the nutrient cycle of coastal areas, contributing to the health of adjacent ecosystems by retaining carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous..."

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Response of fine root decomposition to different forms of N deposition in a temperate grassland

"...Despite the importance of plant litter decomposition for ecosystem nutrient cycling and soil fertility, it is still largely unknown how this biogeochemical process is affected by different forms of nitrogen (N)..."

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