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Coverage of organic waste since June 29, 2023.

Lethbridge collects nearly 4,000 tonnes of organic waste in first 6 months of green carts

"...Half a year into the Curbside Organics Program, the City of Lethbridge estimates nearly 4,000 tonnes of organic waste has been diverted from the landfill..."


‘A green milestone': FortisBC completes pipeline near Victoria landfill

"...Renewable gas harnesses the existing carbon in our ecosystem, leaving no carbon dioxide traces in the air. It blends into the existing gas infrastructure, decarbonizing the natural gas supply and diminishing greenhouse emissions, said FortisBC..."


Grand opening held at new Summerland organics processing facility

"...“By working with communities across Canada such as the District of Summerland, we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions, building more resilient communities, and creating jobs. Investments like the new compost facility allow for better waste management by diverting organic waste from landfills and turning it into clean and useful compost,” said Federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Steven Guilbeault in a release. “The new organic processing facility is an example of the leadership from the Summerland community, and how local climate action gets us closer to reaching our national emissions reduction goal of net-zero emissions by 2050..."


Add food waste to climate plan, UBCM urges Victoria

"...B. C. ’s government climate plan should include measures to reduce food waste, limit over-packaging of produce, increase organic waste diversion and promote planet-friendly foods, Union of B..."


Enbridge, Divert break ground on renewable fuel facility in Washington

"...Enbridge, which bought a 10 per cent stake in Divert earlier this year for US$80 million, is one of a number of traditional fossil fuel companies that have been investing in RNG as concerns about climate change intensify. According to the World Biogas Association, organic waste from food production, food waste, farming, landfill and wastewater treatment are responsible for about 25 per cent of human-caused global emissions of methane, a harmful greenhouse gas..."


Montreal's blue and green patrols teach people proper waste and water management

"...It can create major problems for the city. If you didn't, you're not alone. That's why a special brigade is going around Montreal trying to sensitize people to proper waste and water management..."


ACRD cheers Coast’s Sort’n’Go success in Tofino-Ucluelet

"...“That is equal to the weight of more than 90 beluga whales or around four humpback whales,” the announcement reads. “By rerouting this amount of organic waste to the compost program, West Coast residents have reduced the amount of curbside waste going to the landfill by 30. 37 per cent – a great accomplishment in six months..."


City of Hamilton fined $50K over smelly compost

"...The City of Hamilton is facing a fine of $50,000 following several complaints of a foul-smelling odour from the Central Composting Facility (CCF) on Burlington St. East..."


Toronto man told city would divert big compost load to landfill

"...The City of Toronto introduced one of the first green bin programs in North America in 2002. It’s a way to keep food waste out of the landfill, where it would generate methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas..."


Time to celebrate reduced waste on West Coast!

"...By redirecting this amount of organic waste to the compost program where it can be made into a useful soil amendment, West Coast residents have reduced the amount of curbside waste going to the landfill by 30. 37 per cent..."


$14 million announced for Semiahmoo First Nation renewable natural gas facility

"...Andion CEO Phillip Abrary said the facility will be of “enormous value to the local communities, both environmentally and economically. ” It will reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill, and convey the resulting biomethane via existing gas pipelines..."


Recommended Reading

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Jobs in organic waste

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Clean Tech - Organic Waste Diversion Coordinator - City of Nelson (Nelson, BC)

"...Additionally, your solid understanding of waste management, zero waste initiatives, circular economy, and climate action will help you to achieve the goals set out in Nelson Next, Nelson’s Climate Change Action Plan..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about organic waste.

World's Largest Carbon Removal Plant & Jakarta's New Sky Train | WEF | Top Stories of the Week

"...2:33 How coffee is being used to strengthen concrete - This could cut the amount of organic waste going to landfill, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from concrete production and help tackle a global shortage of sand..."


Impactful Health R&D – Founder Series

"...Wasted produce ends up in landfills that create methane which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions..."


The role of insects in a circular economy for food | Circular food systems in East Africa 2/5

"...In this film, we hear from two companies, Sanergy and InsectiPro, about how insects can transform waste into profits and how soil fertility can be a key component of a circular economy for food in cities..."


What are cumulative effects?

"...Pollutants from urban runoff, like oil and gas, that might have spilled or dripped on the road..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about organic waste relevant to the latest news.

Anaerobic Co-digestion of Liquid Dairy Manure with Food Waste: A Sustainable Source of Green Energy

"...Anaerobic digestion is an economically feasible and environmentally sustainable method for generating energy from agricultural residue, organic wastes, and sewage sludge..."


Life cycle assessment of source separation of biowaste, pay as you throw systems and autonomous composting units in the Municip

"...Nowadays, composting technologies are being used to manage food waste (FW), which is an environmentally friendly method of waste management in which organic matter can decompose biologically..."


Hydrolysis and acidogenesis study of fruit and vegetable waste using activated sludge

"...Over the past years, uncontrolled population explosion coupled with an upsurge in the living standard of the people has led to a rise in the generation of municipal solid waste and energy consumption per capita..."


Determinants of waste characterization in Lebanon and material recovery potential

"...The high amount of organic waste along with recyclables make composting and recycling feasible solid waste management processes that can substantially reduce the amount of waste to be landfilled..."


Microbial Fuel Cell?A Review

"...It is one of the best renewable energy sources to produce electricity from waste-sewage water, municipal solid waste, industrial and agricultural waste, etc..."


Influence of biochar amendment obtained from organic wastes typical for Western Siberia on morphometric characteristics of plan

"...The pyrolytic processing of wastes from agriculture, forestry, and land use, which are significant sources of greenhouse gas emissions, can result in obtaining biochar ameliorants due to the high content of inorganic components in the feedstock that should positively affect the increase in soil fertility..."


Optimizing nitrogenous organic wastewater treatment through integration of organic capture, anaerobic digestion, and anammox te

"...With China?s recent commitment to reducing carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality, anaerobic digestion and anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) have emerged as promising technologies for treating nitrogenous organic wastewater..."


A critical review on prospects and challenges in production of biomethanol from lignocellulose biomass

"...Employing various thermochemical and biochemical process, biomethanol can be produced from waste biomass like agrowastes, forest litter, and urban organic wastes, after a judicious pretreatment to ensure higher yield..."


Suitability of vermicomposting for different varieties of organic waste: a systematic literature review (2012?2021)

"...The majority of vermicomposting experiments were conducted on animal waste, followed by sewage and industrial sludge..."


Polluted lignocellulose-bearing sediments as a resource for marketable goods?a review of potential technologies for biochemical

"...Lignocellulose-bearing sediments are legacies of the previously unregulated wastewater discharge from the pulp and paper industry, causing large quantities of toxic organic waste on the Baltic Sea floor and on the bottom of rivers and lakes..."


Sustained release properties of cement-bonded composites with organic waste based anaerobic digestate as nutrient carriers for

"...Anaerobic digestate is an organic effluent from biogas plants that generate renewable energy from organic waste under anaerobic conditions..."


Biomethane Recovery from Brewer?s Yeast Using Two-Stage Anaerobic Digestion

"...With rising energy costs and improved process economics of anaerobic digestion processes, bioenergy recovery from such organic-rich wastes is emerging as an attractive option..."