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Coverage of pollutants since August 22, 2023.

Decarbonizing Freight: How U.S. Policies and Investments Are Reducing Emissions in the Sector

"...Transportation is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in the United States.  Freight emissions are an increasing share of total sector emissions, rising from 24% in 1990 to 32% in 2021. They were 60% greater than they were in 1990 in absolute terms..."


What is worse than the worst? Some air quality readings in Red Deer last summer

"...The 2023 wildfire season was the most disruptive and alarming in Canada’s recorded history, with evacuations in B. C. , North West Territories, as well as remote communities in northern Alberta..."


Humans As Drivers of Evolution

"...[p]ollution, eutrophication, urbanization, habitat fragmentation, climate change, domestication/agriculture, hunting/harvesting (including fishing), invasion/extinction, medicine and emerging/disappearing diseases..."


The Shipping Industry Won’t Fulfill its Decarbonization Goals without Investing More in Low-carbon Fuels

"...Dark smoke billows from a ship leaving port in Kingston, Jamaica. Cargo ships run primarily on heavy fuel oil, which contributes to climate change, air pollution and human health risks. Photo by Lucia Gajdosikova/iStockWith maritime trade volumes set to triple by 2050, emissions will only continue to rise unless the industry takes swift action to correct course..."


Canadian municipalities want to become ‘spongier’ to build climate resilience

"...The idea, she said, is to divert stormwater into low areas or channels planted with trees, shrubs and grasses, so that more of it is absorbed on the surface and less flows into sewers, lakes or rivers. As an added benefit, the plants filter the water before it enters the system, removing some of the pollutants it picks up from streets..."


Walmart, trailer rental company fined $155K for diesel spill in Cobourg, Ont. in 2020

"...“A surface water scientist with the ministry concluded that approximately 200 to 300 litres of diesel fuel entered the pond causing adverse effects, including the death of four ducks, one cormorant, and one muskrat,” the ministry stated. The incident led to charges under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) against both companies. TIP Fleet was convicted one of violation under the EPA and fined $35,000 plus a victim surcharge of $8,750 for having control of a pollutant that was spilled and failing to notify the ministry..."


Provincial Response to Concerns about Poor Air Quality in Hamilton

"...Specifically, our concerns were that cancer-causing pollutants were detected in a recent study that found that Hamilton’s concentrations of benzo(a)pyrene exceed Ontario’s provincial air standards. Air quality monitors observed exceedances of this substance not only near industrial facilities where it is emitted but throughout the city of Hamilton. The likely prevalence of this chemical in Hamilton’s low-income communities nearest the industrial facilities emitting it raises questions of equity as to whether they are being disproportionately impacted by the implementation of Ontario’s environmental laws and policies..."


B.C. frog relocation project aims to better understand conservation practice

"...“They act as the canary in the coal mine, if you will. If the frog isn't doing well, because it's taking in whatever pollutants are from the air or the wetland itself, it's likely because the ecosystem isn't doing well. ”..."


'Climate breakdown' alert as air quality dips during heatwaves: UN chief

"...The 2023 WMO Air Quality and Climate Bulletin – coming on the heels of the Secretary General’s statement – puts the spotlight firmly on the damage caused by heatwaves. It notes that high temperatures are not only a hazard by themselves, but they also trigger damaging pollution. Based on the 2022 data, the report shows how heatwaves fanned a dangerous drop in air quality last year..."


Nature’s Engineers: The Marvels of Beaver Ecosystems

"...Implementing BDAs on some of our properties across British Columbia, The Nature Trust of BC and BCWF are working towards revitalizing wetland ecosystems and fostering biodiversity. These structures not only provide vital habitats for a variety of species but also contribute to cleaner water, carbon sequestration, and flood control. Moreover, they offer educational opportunities for the public to learn about the importance of beavers and wetland conservation..."


Small island community launches big effort to develop water security

"...It’s not uncommon for some shallow wells on the island to run dry during a hot summer, Amell said. With future summers only expected to be drier and hotter, the vulnerability of Quadra’s deep-water wells and groundwater resources remains an open question, Amell said“It’s definitely an issue on the horizon,” he said. What people are reading A remote Canadian island makes history in fight for affordable housing By Rochelle Baker | News, Island Insider | August 23rd 2023 As a result, I-CAN’s water security team has launched an ambitious project to gather data on the health of the island’s aquifers and get a sense of how much water is being extracted and if they are recovering or not..."


Australia’s largest Antarctic research station has a pollution problem

"...“Antarctic research stations such as Casey are likely to pose a moderate level of long-term ecological risk to local marine ecosystems through marine pollution,” the research found. The study showed “there can be quite significant impacts from our stations locally,” said Jonathan Stark, the lead author and a principal research scientist at the Australian Antarctic Division. What people are reading Our forests have reached a tipping point By Barry Saxifrage | Analysis, Climate Solutions Reporting | August 21st 2023 Race Against Climate Change The sediment quality guidelines had been developed for temperate and tropical ecosystems, Stark said..."


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Jobs in pollutants

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Sessional Instructors - Department of Biology - Faculty of Science (Winter 2024)

"...Environmental effects on biota and methods of detection of environmental pollutants will be examined using endpoints at multiple levels of..."

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District Engineer (2)

"...water supply, pollution control, solid and liquid waste management • You can identify sources and types of water, air and solid pollutants from complex sources • You can review engineering..."

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Georgina Pioneer Village Education & Community Programs Instructor

"...long periods; ability to work in an environment that may contain air pollutants (pollens, dust, wood smoke);Public transportation is unavailable, Applicants must have a means of transportation;..."

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Air Quality Technician

"...You will monitor, assess, and report on ambient air quality in both urban and rural areas..."

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Recent episodes that mention pollutants.

Towards an optimised strategy for cleaner air - Professor Urs Baltensperger (Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland)

Duration: 51:00

"...The Earth's atmosphere is contaminated by many pollutants, all of which are harmful to life and the environment..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about pollutants.

What are cumulative effects?

"...Pollutants from urban runoff, like oil and gas, that might have spilled or dripped on the road..."


The Commonwealth Marine Economies Programme - The Pacific

"...Her research has been focused on fate and consequence of pollutants in the freshwater, coastal and offshore marine waters, and establishing links between the freshwater zone and marine system and coastal zone management with extensive experience of designing, implementing and evaluating monitoring programs to assess environmental impacts of human activity on the marine and coastal zone..."


Did COVID-19 travel restrictions improve air quality? | Ask a Scientist

"...Elisabeth Galarneau, Research Scientist at Environment and Climate Change Canada, answers a question about the effects of reduced air travel on air quality during COVID-19..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about pollutants relevant to the latest news.

Merging treatability results and sustainability assessment: a segregated textile dyehouse effluent

"...The following environmental impact categories are investigated: Global warming potential (GWP), abiotic depletion potential (ADP fossils and elements), acidification potential (AP), eutrophication potential (EP), freshwater aquatic ecotoxicity potential (FAETP), human toxicity potential (HTP), ozone depletion potential (ODP), photochemical ozone creation potential (POCP) and terrestrial ecotoxicity potential (TETP)..."


Nature-based solutions to manage particle-bound metals in urban stormwater runoff: current design practices and knowledge gaps

"...Benthic macroinvertebrate communities were less diverse and exhibited a more pollutant-tolerant assemblage near the inlet depositional area of the Warralily wetland, compared to the outlet area..."


Modeling mass removal and sediment deposition in stormwater ponds using floating treatment islands: a computational approach

"...Floating treatment islands (FTIs) offer effective solutions for stormwater management, providing flood attenuation and pollutant removal capabilities..."


Managing plastic waste with nanotechnology: current sustainability prospects

"...This review article presents a framework for managing plastic waste through current nanotechnological interventions with special emphasis on its role in the circular economy..."


Application of Bivalve Molluscs in the Biological Purification of Polluted Natural Waters

"...These circumstances make it possible to design special bioreactors that can be used, together with other hydrobionts, such as algae and bacteria, for biological treatment of natural reservoirs polluted by sewage..."


Assessment of meteorological parameters on air pollution variability over Delhi

"...In this study, the relationships between meteorological parameters (relative humidity, wind speed, temperature, planetary boundary layer, and rainfall) and air pollutants (particulate matter and gaseous pollutants) have been evaluated during a 3-year period from 2019 to 2021..."


Environmental implications of phosphate-based fertilizer industrial waste and its management practices

"...The release of untreated hazardous pollutants from these fertilizer industries into the soil, water, and atmosphere has resulted in severe environmental health issues..."


Comprehensive Survey on AQI Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms

"...Air pollution is caused by a variety of air pollutants such as carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter 2..."


Microbiological aspects of dewatering sewage sludge by removing extracellular polymeric substances during the bioleaching proce

"...Conventional sewage treatment plants aim to minimize environmental impacts, but generate by-products, such as sludge, which also must be properly treated and dewatered..."


Effects of metal amendment and metalloid supplementation on foliar defences are plant accession-specific in the hyperaccumulato

"...Soil pollution by metals and metalloids as a consequence of anthropogenic industrialisation exerts a seriously damaging impact on ecosystems..."


IoT Based Real Time Monitoring of Delhi-NCR Air Pollution Using Low Power Wide Area Network

"...In this paper IoT based continuous monitoring of the air pollution level of CO and CO2 air pollutants carried out including temperature and humidity using different sensors and a micro-controller in Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region) at Greater Noida..."


Combined assessment of health hazard and odour impact of soils at a contaminated site: a case study on a defunct pharmaceutical

"...Surveys and assessments of contaminated sites primarily focus on hazardous pollutants in the soil with less attention paid to odorants..."