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Coverage of population growth since August 25, 2023.

Calgary Fire Department looking for more than a few good people to meet demand

"...Rapid population growth is fueling demand for additional Calgary firefighters in record numbers..."


Climate change, future growth centre 30-year vision for West End waterfront

"...The City of Vancouver released its draft concept design for the area on Tuesday, and is inviting public feedback until Nov. 26 on the plan. The plan covers the coastal area from Burrard Bridge to Stanley Park, with the aim of preparing it for sea level rise, population growth and aging infrastructure..."


OPINION: Ottawa’s energy-efficiency standards will increase home prices in B.C.

"...New housing isn’t keeping up with B. C. population growth and energy standards won’t help Nov..."


Ontario city seeks inclusion of urban boundary decisions into RCMP Greenbelt probe

"...“Not only did they decide they are going to build houses on every single available acre of farmland in the entire city, they also added parts of the Greenbelt, which they said they would not do,” Danko said in November..."


Halifax looking into Hammonds Plains Road safety plan 5 months after wildfires

"...Halifax Regional Municipality has ordered a report to look into creating a functional plan for Hammonds Plains Road, almost five months after wildfires swept through the communities of Tantallon and Hammonds Plains..."


Data points: B.C.’s population growth rate hits highest level in nearly 30 years

"...B. C. may not be leading the country in population growth this year – that status has gone to Alberta..."


LETTER: Water supply needs consideration in call for 10K new Greater Victoria homes

"...As climate change evolves, our recent drought conditions may prevail as the expected norm. Is this reality being reflected on the ever-increasing demands for our precious water by a government hell-bent on population growth? Somehow I think not..."


B.C. economic growth will remain weak until mid-2024: Deloitte

"...Recent forest fires, the Port of Vancouver strike and interprovincial outmigration to Alberta have also had an overall impact on the momentum of B. C. 's economy in recent months, according to the report..."


Rocky Mountain House to get $30-million wastewater plant

"...Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County have teamed up to build a $30-million wastewater treatment plant outfitted with the latest technology and able to support decades of population growth..."


Hamilton to consider resisting Greenbelt facilitators after public meeting

"...The Ancaster session saw a majority of attendees and others joining virtually to urge councillors to fight the land removal, citing that some parcels are environmentally sensitive and could precipitate loss of species, food insecurity and negatively affect stormwater management. Phil Pothen, a delegate and counsel for Environmental Defence, went as far as to submit the lands have not been properly designated for development by the city and thus it is “illegal to destroy them. ” Story continues below advertisement..."


Canada on pace to build fewer — not more — homes by 2030 target: CMHC

"...“This report again highlights the crucial role of increasing housing supply if the goal is to make housing affordable for everyone in Canada. It also demonstrates the importance of examining both economic and demographic variables given the recent changes that have been experienced in both,” Aled ab Iorwerth, deputy chief economist at CMHC, said in the report. Growth in population rates, fuelled in part by historic immigration levels, is said to be among the factors behind the high supply gap, CMHC noted..."


Recommended Reading

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Recent episodes that mention population growth.

RealAg Radio, April 2: A Beef Market Update, neonics, rural growth, and farm succession on the issues panel

Duration: 55:11

"...On today’s  edition of RealAg Radio, you’ll hear a Beef Market Update with Anne Wasko, of Gateway Livestock Exchange..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about population growth.

The World Population Crisis NO ONE Sees Coming

"...two bit da vinci,population collapse,population decline,stephen j shaw,stephen shaw,elon musk,human population growth,human population and the environment,human population dynamics,human population decline,human population growth crash course,We're 1 Generation from Human Extinction - Unpacking Population COLLAPSE,replacement rate,elon musk population collapse,elon musk population decrease,population decrase,World Population Crisis & Why NO ONE Sees it Coming, The World Population Crisis NO ONE Sees Coming ..."


Why Overpopulation Isn’t the Problem You Think It Is

"...These populations typically lack the technology and wealth that result in high energy expenditure, increased industrialization, and pollution..."


Pastoral Communities Build Climate Resilience in Djibouti | Climate Stories on Climate Action

"...Our Climate Stories series highlights the World Bank Group's support for investments, solutions and innovations on climate action that have made a real difference in the lives of people, communities, and economies while tackling climate change..."


Exploring Ecosystems: Coastal Food Webs | California Academy of Sciences

"...How will a change in an ecosystem affect energy flow, nutrient cycling, population growth, or community structure? ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about population growth relevant to the latest news.

Evaluating a pathway for environmental sustainability: the role of energy mix and research and development in European countrie

"...Population, wealth, renewable energy, nuclear energy, and research and development (R&D) are all factored into the STIRPAT model to determine their respective environmental impacts..."


Comparative study for assessment of groundwater vulnerability to pollution using DRASTIC methods applied to central Nile Delta,

"...Groundwater (GW) is a significant source of freshwater supply because of the increasing the demand of for water for agriculture, industrial, rapid population growth and domestic consumption..."


Transient population dynamics drive the spread of invasive wild pigs and reveal impacts of management in North America

"...We investigated if observed spread rates increased in watersheds with higher stochastic population growth rates..."


The human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka: history and present status

"...The major causes and contexts of HEC in Sri Lanka include land use change, habitat loss due to human population growth, crop raiding behavior, problem elephants, and changes in agriculture practices..."


Soil quality assessment based on MCDA?GIS hybrid approach for sustainable hazelnut farming under humid ecosystem environment

"...Agricultural soil quality has recently become an interesting topic for research with increased awareness in agricultural sustainability reduced agricultural lands due to urbanization and rapid population growth, and negative environmental effects..."


An Assessment of Southeast United States Headwater Tidal Creek Sediment Contamination Over a Twenty-Year Period in Relation to

"...These results expand our knowledge of how these systems respond to urban development and can inform managers about how human population growth along coastlines may predict altered tidal creek health..."


The role of technological innovation, economic policy uncertainty, and poverty reduction in attaining environmental sustainabil

"...Notably, the demesne of energy and environmental literature has not recently undertaken an inclusive investigation of the complications of economic policy uncertainty with combating poverty policies on ecological footprint..."


Cities as Ecosystems in the Emirates

"...The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has had dramatic economic and population growth since its 1971 federation, with the built environment, green spaces, water features and other urban amenities growing to support its burgeoning population..."