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Coverage of protected areas since January 29, 2024.

Alberta First Nations community asks for review of mountain town projects

"..."An (environmental impact assessment) is required due to the high importance of the lands where the project is proposed from both an environmental and a treaty and aboriginal rights perspective," says the Feb. 7 letter to Alberta Environment from Rae and Company, a law firm representing the First Nations..."


B.C. governments land use plan would severely damage provinces investment climate: op-ed

"...In a move that will likely surprise many British Columbians and indeed Canadians across the country, B. C. s NDP government wants to change the provinces Land Act and essentially establish a co-management partnership with more than 200 First Nations who will become joint landlords of more than 90 per cent of B..."


Haiti's prime minister urges calm as violent protests seek his ouster

"...The brief speech did little to appease thousands of people angry and frustrated over unrelenting gang violence, deepening poverty and no general elections in sight..."


Official says police in Haiti killed 5 armed environmental protection agents during ongoing protests

"...PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) Police killed five armed environmental protection agents in Haitis capital Wednesday during the third consecutive day of demonstrations that have paralyzed the country amid growing demands that Prime Minister Ariel Henry resign..."


The number of monarch butterflies at their Mexico wintering sites has plummeted this year

"...Humberto Pea, the head of Mexicos protected areas, proposed creating a safe corridor for migrating butterflies with reduced herbicide and pesticide use and stricter measures against deforestation..."


Alberta government forms committee to prepare for severe drought

"...Due to well below-average winter snowpack and several dry years, many of Albertas rivers are at record low levels. Several of Albertas reservoirs are also well below capacity. As a way to help prepare for what the government says could be a year of severe drought, the province has formed a Water Advisory Committee..."


Toronto conservation agency buys chunk of Ontario peninsula to protect against development

"...Over the last 25 years, environmental groups like Ontario Nature have opposed proposals by forestry operators to build year-round access roads in the peninsula..."


BLOG: B.C. governments plan to co-manage public land with First Nations will close province for business

"...British Columbia has long struggled to attract investment, and keep and grow successful entrepreneurs and businesses, a critical lifeblood for any economy. This struggle has gotten progressively worse as the provincial government introduces new policies that make it increasingly difficult for businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive, ultimately imperiling living standards in the province. Now, the government is quickly and quietly moving towards co-management (alongside more than 200 First Nations) of all Crown land (i..."


Alberta government to begin water-sharing negotiations amid risk of severe drought

"...In a letter to water licence holders, Schulz asked them to voluntarily take less water in order to ensure there is water available for as many users as possible. “Drought is something our farmers and ranchers have experienced before,” said Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation RJ Sigurdson. Based on that experience, our irrigators and agricultural producers have done an amazing job to manage their operations during tough times..."


Contamination from old Alberta coal mines raises cleanup questions

"...The findings, by provincial government scientists who were not made available to speak to reporters, raise questions about who is responsible for cleaning up legacy industrial sites. “Our results reveal novel evidence that coal mining activities in the Crowsnest River watershed have been impacting ecosystems downstream for decades,” says the paper, published recently in the journal Environmental Pollution. Its three authors, all employed by Alberta Environment and Protected Areas when the research was conducted, studied the Grassy Mountain and Tent Mountain sites in southwestern Alberta..."


Contamination from old Alberta Rockies coal mines raises cleanup questions

"...“Our results reveal novel evidence that coal mining activities in the Crowsnest River watershed have been impacting ecosystems downstream for decades,” says the paper, published recently in the journal Environmental Pollution..."


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Jobs in protected areas

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Power Systems Controls Engineer

" relays, metering,event recorders, time synchronization,etc..."

related opportunities

Economic Advisor

"...The following will be applied / assessed at a later date (essential for the job) English essential Information on language requirements EC-04: Graduation with a..."

related opportunities

Customer Service Social Media Associate

"...protected electrical outlet(s) The Company believes that all persons are entitled to equal employment opportunity and to be free from discrimination in employment because of age, ancestry, colour..."

related opportunities

Canada Research Chair in Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainability

"...We are particularly interested in the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary investigation of the intersections..."

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Recent episodes that mention protected areas.

The Many Lives of Tod Inlet, or SIDE

Duration: 22:04

"...We take a walk through Tod Inlet, or SIDE, with author and photographer Gwen Curry..."


SUFB 739: How To Determine Size Of Marine Protected Areas

Duration: 15:00

"...Listener, Alexandra Avila, requested that I discuss how Marine Protected Areas are sized for nearshore fisheries..."


SUFB 736: Marine Protected Areas Don't Protect Corals From Climate Change

Duration: 15:11

"...A recent article on Mongabay news revealed reef-building corals are not protected in Marine Protected Areas because of climate change consequences. ..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about protected areas.

Vital Sites Fred M. Packard Award 2021 - Online Ceremony

"...RAMBALDI (Brazil), for her work to establish the So Joo River Watershed Environmental Protection Area in Rio de Janeiro State, now designated as a federal protected area of 150,000 hectares, among a rich list of other achievements..."


COP27 | Global Small Island Developing States: The Blue Economy and Climate Resilience

"...This 45-min High-Level Panel of International Blue Economy Leaders will highlight the importance of the Blue Economy in strengthening climate adaptation and resilience while ensuring sustainable income and food security in SIDS, and will make the case for integrating the Blue Economy in the next round of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) revisions..."


Monitoring and managing marine protected areas (MPAs)

"...This session will share case studies on social entrepreneurship in MPAs, assess marine spatial planning for MPA development and explore how blue carbon can be integrated into MPA design..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about protected areas relevant to the latest news.

Is it because of climate change? Social-ecological system analysis of wetland protected area in Vietnamese Mekong Delta

"...With the complexity of the research tasks, a social-ecological system (SES) approach was applied with three main elements: the resource system (vegetation covers), external related ecosystems (climate change), and governance system (wetland management) and their interactions through ecological performance (outcome)..."


Conservation of freshwater biodiversity in North Africa under future climate and land-cover changes

"...Using water beetles as surrogates of freshwater biodiversity, we present a novel approach to identify priority basins for the preservation of freshwater biodiversity in Morocco, using Species Distribution Models to identify potential biodiversity hotspots under future climate change scenarios, and estimates of future Land Cover dynamics..."


Droughts and Desertification in the Era of Anthropogenic Climate Change: Manifestations, Impacts, and Nature-Based Solutions in

"...Based on the findings uncovered, it is recommended that favorable policies should be crafted and implemented to encourage the adoption of nature-based solutions at household, community, and regional levels as this will go a long way to mitigate droughts and desertification while fostering the fight against climate change through environmental protection and conservation..."


Fish Diversity and Conservation in a Neotropical Grassland Region

"...Environmental pressures derive mainly from land use changes, but also include drainage modifications, wetland loss, mining, species invasions and pollution..."


African savanna raptors show evidence of widespread population collapse and a growing dependence on protected areas

"...The conversion of natural habitats to farmland is a major cause of biodiversity loss and poses the greatest extinction risk to birds worldwide..."


Ecosystem management to reduce human?elephant conflict in Thailand

"...The policies include varying combinations of ecosystem management, physical investments, and crop alterations..."


Beyond Protected Areas: Conservation of South Brazilian Grasslands

"...Grasslands in the Campos Sulinos region are suffering rapid losses due to expansion of agricultural fields and exotic tree plantations, resulting in risks of losses of biodiversity and ecosystem services..."


Climate Change?Protected Areas as a Tool to Address a Global Crisis

"...From the protection of ecosystems that draw carbon out of the atmosphere and protect human communities, to the ability to help species move to more favourable conditions and adapt to a changing environment, protected areas have the potential to aid the global fight to address the climate crisis while reinforcing their ?traditional? role to protect biodiversity..."


Severe 21st-century ocean acidification in Antarctic Marine Protected Areas

"...Antarctic coastal waters are home to several established or proposed Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) supporting exceptional biodiversity..."


Targeting ocean conservation outcomes through threat reduction

"...Biodiversity loss is worsening despite rapid growth in the number and extent of protected areas, both at sea and on land..."


A methodological framework for prioritizing habitat patches in urban ecosystems based on landscape functional connectivity

"...We propose four main strategies to ensure that prioritized patches can fulfil their functional connectivity role in urban landscapes: i) incorporate unprotected patches into the landscape?s Protected Areas network; ii) use other effective area-based conservation measures for patches unlikely to become PAs; iii) resolve legal uncertainties about the land ownership situation; and iv) effectively manage already protected patches..."


The occurrence of microplastic in aquatic environment and toxic effects for organisms

"...The frequent occurrence of microplastics in the aquatic environment has aroused people's concern about the potential risks of pollution in microplastics to the ecosystems and organisms..."