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News and Opinion

Coverage of sewage since December 17, 2021.

Targeted dredging in Hamilton's Chedoke Creek to begin mid-summer

"...The plan, presented to city councillors on Wednesday, calls for a machine to suck up to 10,000 cubic metres of polluted sediment from the waterway by the end of 2022. The targeted dredging follows the spill of 24 billion litres of sewage and untreated wastewater into Chedoke Creek from a combined sewage overflow tank between 2014 and 2018..."

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Wastewater COVID testing rising to the occasion

"...He says public health demand for wastewater testing across Ontario has grown since early 2020, noting University of Windsor researchers have been undertaking wastewater surveillance since early in the pandemic, looking for trace amounts of the virus in sewage to see how it's spreading..."

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Stretcher evacuation from Mt. Erskine Salt Spring rescuers’ first call-out of 2022

"...Using a basket stretcher and a wide wheel, Salt Island Spring Island Search and Rescue (SSISAR) volunteers helped BC Emergency Health Services personnel transport a hiker who had been injured as a result of a fall and was unable to walk. The hiker had been treated by paramedics for hypothermia and a traumatic injury SSISAR stated, before being safely evacuated off the trail by crews.  ..."

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Adjustments proposed for water and sewage prices

"...The price increase is a result of rising material and product costs due to inflation and the requirement to repair and replace aging infrastructure. The new prices would also cover year-over-year increases in Sylvan Lake Regional Wastewater Commission (SLRWWC) rates for the transmission of the town’s sewage to the Red Deer wastewater treatment facility, and the increase in sewage treatment rate at Red Deer Wastewater Treatment Facility, the town shared..."

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Residents cautioned after wastewater spill in Salt Spring Island, B.C.

"...A mechanical failure of the above-ground piping system — likely due to cold temperatures — was the root cause of the spill, the Capital Regional District (CRD) said in a news release. It did not specify how much wastewater was leaked but said some sewage ran overland and entered the stormwater system leading from the facility to Ganges Creek and Ganges Harbour..."

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CRD warns about wastewater spill on Salt Spring Island

"...The Capital Regional District is warning residents about a wastewater spill after a mechanical failure at Ganges Wastewater Treatment Plant on Salt Spring Island..."

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Cold weather causes sewage spill into Ganges Creek, Ganges Harbour

"...The Capital Regional District (CRD) stated that the Ganges Wastewater Treatment Plant experienced a mechanical failure on part of the above ground piping system, likely caused by cold temperatures. “Much of the volume was contained on site, but some sewage ran overland, entered the storm water system leading from the facility to Ganges Creek and out to Ganges Harbour,” the CRD stated.  ..."

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Flushing out COVID spread: wastewater signals can be useful tool as testing declines

"...Researchers across the country have been undertaking wastewater surveillance since early in the pandemic, looking for trace amounts of the virus in sewage to see how it’s spreading..."

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No one can put a price on nature, but we ignore its value at our peril

"...That’s billion, with a “b. ” From flood and drought mitigation to carbon storage to water purification and protection from sea-level rise, wetlands deliver important infrastructure functions, naturally. But the worth of these important ecosystems fails to hit provincial and municipal balance sheets..."

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Decommissioned antenna at North End Sewage Treatment Plant will collapse today

"...An antenna at the North End Sewage Treatment Plant will collapse on Tuesday, but residents should not be alarmed..."

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Beach access near Simms Creek restricted due to sewage release

"...On Dec. 16 at about 9 am, the City of Campbell River Liquid Waste Services received a call that sewage was being discharged from a manhole near the intersection of Galerno Road and Vista Bay Drive, said Glen Ketchum, the city’s liquid waste services supervisor, in an email..."

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CRD dumps 6,100 tonnes of treated sewage at landfill – not expected 700 – so far in 2021

"...The facility is run by Hartland Resource Management Group at the Hartland landfill and is part of the Capital Regional District’s $775-million wastewater treatment project, built to divert the region’s raw sewage from the ocean. When operating as designed, the residuals facility should turn the largely de-watered sludge from the McLoughlin Point wastewater treatment plant into small, dried pellets to be burned as fuel at the Lafarge cement plant in Richmond..."

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Jobs in sewage

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Chief Operator Wastewater Treatment Plant - Regular Full-Time

"...wastewater treatment plant in accordance with provincial and federal regulations, as well as assists in maintaining the sanitary sewage lift-stations..."

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Hydrovac Operator - London, ON - Immediate Opening

"...natural gas transmission networks, roads and highways, telecommunications, water and sewage treatment and general municipal infrastructure..."

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Engineering Technologist

"...water and sewer pipelines, land drainage infrastructure, water and sewage treatment facilities, sports and cultural facilities, parks and private developments..."

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Water & Wastewater Operator II

"...waterworks and sewage collection system components Supports the water sampling program when necessary by taking water samples and interpreting results Ensure work is performed safely and in..."

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Recent episodes that mention sewage.

Rivers: Pollution, pesticides and poop

Duration: 34:10

"...With untreated sewage, fertiliser nutrients, agriculture chemicals and ALL SORTS ending up in our rivers in the UK through a variety of ways, we turn our attention to some of our beautiful freshwater habitats. ..."

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From the vault: The rebirth of a lagoon and ducks cold feet

Duration: 23:52

"...This episode begins with a remarkable story about vision, persistence and, sewage..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about sewage.

Why Taxes are a Good Thing?

"...Taxes pay for roads, schools, public infrastructure like our drinking water and sewage systems..."

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Siberian Wildfires, Precious Metals in Sewage, Weed Bio Gas and Flat Pasta | Stories of the Week

"...This week, we're highlighting these four top stories: see how wildfires are destroying the Siberian forests, learn how flat shaped pasta could help reduce plastic waste, find out how Kenyan innovators are using an invasive weed species to produce bio fuel and discover how gold and silver is being mined from sewage..."

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Rundown apartments reborn as food-forest coliving Agritopia

"...In 2007, Ole and Maitri Ersson bought the rundown Cabana apartment complex in the city and immediately began to de-pave parking spaces to make space for what today is a huge permaculture coliving space and urban food forest..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about sewage relevant to the latest news.

A Review on the Occurrence and Effect of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products on the Environment

"...Our existing sewage treatment plants (STPs) are designed for the removal of organic, grit, coarse materials; floating matter; suspended solids; and to some extent, destruction of pathogens in case used for horticulture/agricultural purpose..."

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Improvement of the Quality of the Human Environment by Transporting and Stabilizing Sewage Sludge for Further Processing

"...It is proposed to use complex technology, including standard dewatering of sewage sludge at wastewater treatment plants, transportation, disinfection, and processing into a highly effective organic fertilizer..."

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Waste and Health: Sewage Sludge and Its Hazard to Human

"...These symptoms and diseases are not only reported among sewage workers but also the residents who stay near the wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs)..."

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Retrospective and Prospective Bioremediation Technologies for Industrial Effluent Treatment

"...Among different types of bioremediation, phycoremediation has evolved to commercial scale, industrial bioremediation plant and ensures potential in removing pollutants and simultaneously serves in clean energy technology..."

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Temporal trends and source apportionment of water pollution in Honghu Lake, China

"...Correlation analysis identified untreated industrial wastewater (UIW) as the main pollution source affecting CODMn concentrations in Honghu Lake, while untreated domestic sewage discharge (UDS) was identified as the main pollution source affecting BOD and F..."

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Appraisal of water quality and ecological sensitivity with reference to riverfront development along the River Gomti, India

"...The present study evaluates the impacts of channelization and riverfront development on the water quality of river Gomti through Water Pollution Index (WPI) and other statistical tools..."

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Multi-criteria Decision-making Approach for Environmental Impact Assessment to Reduce the Adverse Effects Of Dams

"...The improvement alternatives are: (1) relocation of city waste disposal, (2) forestry and watershed management, (3) construction of a sewage collection network and treatment plant, and (4) controlling the use of pesticide and fertilizer in agricultural lands and optimizing their type and method of use..."

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How are typical urban sewage treatment technologies going in China: from the perspective of life cycle environmental and econom

"...Sewage treatment is an important public service, but it consumes a lot of energy and chemicals in the process of removing wastewater pollutants, which may cause the risk of pollution transfer..."

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Wastewater-boosted biodegradation amplifying seasonal variations of pCO2 in the Mekong?Tonle Sap river system

"...Water pollution disrupts the ecological integrity of urbanized river systems, but its impacts on riverine metabolic processes and carbon fluxes are poorly studied in developing countries..."

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