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News and Opinion

Coverage of sludge since August 13, 2023.

Recycling Plastic Is a Dangerous Waste of Time

"...By now, you probably know that plastic recycling is a scam. If not, this white paper lays out the case in devastating detail. To summarise, amid calls to reduce plastic garbage in the 1970s and 80s, the petrochemical industry put forth recycling as a red herring to create the appearance of a solution while it continued to make as much plastic as it pleased..."


The Trans Mountain Pipeline is open and it's costing me sleep

"...Diluent also makes the otherwise fairly inert bitumen highly explosive. Natural gas, which we often think of as the serious risk in this regard, is only explosive in atmospheric concentrations between five per cent and 15 per cent: at less than five per cent, there is not enough gas; at more than 15, there is not enough oxygen. But dilbit can explode in concentrations from 0..."


The U.S. is cracking down on PFAS but not in fertilizer

"...But the stable molecular bonds that make the chemicals so effective in these applications also make them dangerous and long-lasting. The chemicals bind to blood and tissue, where they can build up over time and contribute to a range of health issues. The chemicals have been linked to testicular, kidney, and thyroid cancers; cardiovascular disease; and immune deficiencies..."


Show must go on? Severe weather threatens to crash the stage

"...But eventually, the severe weather forced organizers to cut this day of the festival short. “The rain just became relentless,” Furey recalled. “Without music, we were left with our thoughts and conversations of whether the festival goes on and, sure enough, the weather advisory and announcement came over the sound system, which was crushing but not surprising..."


Alberta testing water tech as possible extreme drought looms

"...The provincial government has spent more than $75 million to support more than 100 projects through the Water Innovation Program  including water recycling technology being tested at Calgary's water treatment facilities..."


'Unimaginable excess': Bid to attract showy superyachts to Cape Breton under scrutiny CityNews Kitchener

"...Containing one million tonnes of oozing sewage and industrial sludge left behind after centuries of steelmaking the site has since been capped with concrete and transformed into a sprawling urban park that opened 10 years ago..."


Team effort needed to tackle Manitoba lake pollution, experts say

"...More and more blue-green sludge has washed up on the banks of Lake Winnipeg in recent years, threatening the health of both the lakes aquatic species population and the water supply. Lake Winnipegs watershed spans one million square kilometres with various sources polluting it, including contaminants from the Red River, the Saskatchewan River, the Dauphin River, municipal wastewater treatment plants, urban lawns and gardens, and agricultural runoff. Inoka Amarakoon, assistant professor in the department of soil science at the University of Manitoba, said better nutrient management is the only way to control and prevent increased blooms..."


Grand opening held at new Summerland organics processing facility

"...By working with communities across Canada such as the District of Summerland, we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions, building more resilient communities, and creating jobs. Investments like the new compost facility allow for better waste management by diverting organic waste from landfills and turning it into clean and useful compost, said Federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Steven Guilbeault in a release. The new organic processing facility is an example of the leadership from the Summerland community, and how local climate action gets us closer to reaching our national emissions reduction goal of net-zero emissions by 2050..."


Morocco and Libya: UN scales up support for disaster relief

"...Immediate deploymentAsked whether the UN was ready when disaster struck, Mr. Griffiths answered: unequivocally, yes. He told reporters that within 24 hours of the earthquake which shook Moroccos Atlas Mountain range last Friday, the UN deployed a disaster assessment and coordination (UNDAC) team of 15 people out of Geneva and key staff from the region..."


Village meeting

"...During the meeting, council discussed and decided Cut Point Fluid Management Ltd. will be awarded with the Lagoon Sludge Removal contract as part of the Sewage Treatment Facility Improvement project to remove sludge from the lagoons as the first step of improvements for one of the 2023 goals and objectives of the village..."


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Jobs in sludge

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Operations Manager

"...Treatment: overseeing wastewater treatment operations, process and facility performance, disinfection performance, flow rates, sludge disposal and reporting..."

related opportunities

Project Engineer, Water Wastewater Hybrid

"...Assisting senior staff in conducting water and/or wastewater projects for a wide variety of..."

related opportunities

Industrial Millwright/Operator

"...sewage screening, processing, metering, piping, pumping and valve systems (fractional horsepower to several thousand horsepower, 6mm to 2450m dia or 4500mm x 3600mm), sludge collection, transfer and..."

related opportunities

Mechanical Project Engineer

"...Waste Management Role Summary/Purpose: Responsible for the detailed mechanical engineering scope of industrial and municipal water and wastewater systems as well as biological sludge incineration and..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about sludge.

Sludge videos are taking over TikTokand your mind

"...Sludge content is taking over TikTok..."


The world’s most polluted river | DW Documentary

"...What was once considered paradise is now a brown sludge of human waste and dangerous substances like nonylphenol, antimony and tributylphosphate..."


How the Krebs cycle powers life and death with Nick Lane

"...It connects the origin of life with the devastation of cancer, the first photosynthetic bacteria with our own mitochondria, sulfurous sludges with the emergence of consciousness, and the trivial differences between ourselves with the large-scale history of our planet..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about sludge relevant to the latest news.

Upcycling waste sewage sludge into superior single-atom Fenton-like catalyst for sustainable water purification

"...The worldwide generation of waste sludge emanating from municipal wastewater treatment plants amounts to 80?90?million tons of dry matter annually and continues to escalate, posing a substantial economic and environmental challenge for society..."


C.I. Acid Black 1 transfer from dilute solution to perlite framework in organic waste management

"...Dyes, considered as toxic and persistent pollutants, must be removed from organic wastes prior to their composting and application in sustainable agriculture..."


Utilization of Various Types of Biosorbents for Removal of Nitrites from Water

"...Nitrite-containing pollutants from human and industrial activities pollute water resources and jeopardize human and ecological health..."


Bacterial community and filamentous population of industrial wastewater treatment plants in Belgium

"...The discharge of industrial water requires the removal of its pollutants, where biological wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are the most used systems..."


Current trends and future directions of global research on wastewater to energy: a bibliometric analysis and review

"...The study highlights three main research themes in ?wastewater to energy?, which are biogas production through anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge, methane generation from microbial wastewater treatment, and hydrogen production from biomass..."


Linking conventional activated sludge treatment plant performances for micropollutants removal to environmental risk and Simple

"...The present study focuses on the removal of target micropollutants in a conventional activated sludge wastewater treatment plant which is the most common system and considered a source of micropollutants to the environment..."


An overview of the occurrence, impact of process parameters, and the fate of antibiotic resistance genes during anaerobic diges

"...Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) and livestock farms serve as primary reservoirs for these genes due to the limited efficacy of existing treatment methods and microbial adaptation to environmental stressors..."


Nitrous oxide emissions and microbial communities variation in low dissolved oxygen and low carbon-to-nitrogen ratio anoxic?oxi

"...For example, Nitrosomonas is a common N2O producing nitrifying bacteria in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), and DO conditions can affect the N2O production capacity..."


Synergistic effects of adsorption and chemical reduction towards the effective Cr(VI) removal in the presence of the sulfur-dop

"...In this study, the anaerobic sludge withdrawn from thickener in a sewage treatment plant served as the precursor for sludge-based biochar fabrication, which was further modified via sulfur (S) heteroatom doping (i..."


Acidophilic bacteria for metal extraction: biotechnological characteristics and applications

"...Likewise, these acidophilic MOs can bioremediate soils contaminated with metals, extract metals from sludge generated as a byproduct in wastewater treatment, detoxify hazardous waste and recover metals from electronic waste; so the main interest of biomining processes lies in the economic impact that has benefited the world, since it is known that 5% of the gold and 20% of the copper that has been extracted worldwide are using this type of bacteria in bioleaching processes..."


Functional biochar as sustainable precursors to boost the anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge from a circular economy

"...Anaerobic digestion (AD) can be used to efficiently recover energy resources and stabilize pollutants in WAS, with biochar emerging as an ideal additive to boost this process..."