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Coverage of soil conservation since February 15, 2022.

Farmers in Alberta face growing risk of soil erosion events as drought persists

"...“The biggest challenge is once you lose it, it's hard for the soil to recover,” Chau said. “Losing a bit of soil on the surface, you might not think it's such a concern, but to replenish it or build up soil over a certain amount of time takes a lot of effort. ”Erosion is also expensive..."


Growing risk of soil erosion for Alberta farmers as drought lingers

"..."If you have a vulnerable field, as soon as particles of soil start moving, there's a chain reaction. The next thing you know you've got the whole field moving," Coles said. "It's a very extreme example of aerial soil erosion, something we saw much more in the '30s..."


Alberta farmers face growing risk of soil erosion events as drought persists

"...Across southern Alberta, severe erosion events have been increasing in frequency and severity in recent years. In Lethbridge County, dry and windy conditions have been known to stir up dust clouds, obscuring the vision of drivers on local roads and filling irrigation canals to the brim with dirt..."


Extreme wind causes concerns of soil erosion in Alberta agriculture industry

"...The province has a soil conservation act that says landowners must remedy the cause of soil erosion or be faced with fines. We just don't want to see that loss of topsoil for farmers across the prairies, said Mike Gretzinger, research coordinator for Farming Smarter. He hopes research being done now will help with conditions that are changing annually to keep more of this precious earth in the ground..."


New report calls on Canadians to recruit the potential of soil to help tackle climate change

"...The Soil Conservation Council of Canada (SCCC) and the Compost Council of Canada (CCC), with support from the Metcalf Foundation, are releasing a report entitled Recruiting Soil to Tackle Climate Change: A Roadmap for Canada. This report calls on Canadians to recruit the potential of soil to help tackle climate change..."


Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation announces new conservation grants

"...Establishment of the Conservation Trust, the GROW Trust, and the Wetlands GROW Trusts in Manitoba resulted in permanent revenue sources for new conservation activities. The Trusts focus on restoring natural areas in the rural landscape to help address floods and droughts, water quality, wildlife habitat and biological diversity, carbon sequestration and connecting people to nature..."


Saskatchewan RCMP deploying increased presence at border crossings

"...They'll rely on communication and engagement before and during the demonstrations to establish anyone involved understands the legal boundaries. Protesters that haven't been given approval to be on private land will be turned aside..."


Residents left without water after water main breaks

"...Some residents are left without water since the water main breaks on 200 block of Home St. West and 1000 block of 5th Avenue NW.     ..."


Why soil carbon matters?

"..."People now understand that it's a vast ecosystem that if we can manage well can really help us produce some really great food. That's kind of where our group comes in. We're, we're very, very passionate about, about getting this right and making some improvements on the land..."


MJBEX Awards bringing back in person celebrations

"...Feb 168:00 amTake off pounds Sensibly (T. O. P..."


No plan for an official plastic ban in City Council's books

"...Moose Jaws Mayor Clive Tolley says the city currently has a voluntary bylaw in place which allows local stakeholders to ban the distribution of plastic bags if they choose to. Multiple grocery stores around the city have decided to implement their own ban.  ..."


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Jobs in soil conservation

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Student Field Technician

"...soil amendments, seeding, planting, staking, translocations) and monitoring (transects, rangeland health monitoring)..."

related opportunities

Junior Environmental Field Technician Graduate / Student

"...Knowledge of Indigenous cultural, historical and political context in Canada..."

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Recent episodes that mention soil conservation.

RealAg on the Weekend: Seeding innovation, aphanomyces ID, and soil health, June 22, 2024

Duration: 39:35

"...Thanks for tuning in to this episode of RealAg on the Weekend..."


The time is now for a national soil health strategy, says Soil Conservation Council

Duration: 11:39

"...If the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry was looking for a grade on its soil health report, Jim Tokarchuk would give them an A+..."


RealAg Radio: A soil health strategy, assessing inoculants, and diagnostic dilemmas, June 18, 2024

Duration: 54:55

"...Thanks for tuning in to Tuesday with Lyndsey! Host Lyndsey Smith is joined by: Jim Tokarchuk with the Soil Conservation Council of Canada on a national soil health strategy; Mark Zatylny for a spotlight interview for Nexus BioAg; Hear a clip from a recent Pulse School with BASFs Nicole Fox on assessing pulse inoculants; and,. ..."


SaskSoil offers incentive for seeding perennial forage on select acres

Duration: 7:36

"...Saskatchewan farmers who convert at least 40 acres to perennial forage could qualify for a cash payout throughthe Marginal Areas Rehabilitation in Saskatchewan (MARS) program..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about soil conservation relevant to the latest news.

Flood vulnerability assessment of urban micro-watersheds using multi-criteria decision making and InVEST model: a case of Hyder

"...The Soil Conservation Service Curve Number (SCS-CN) method has been applied to estimate run-off retention using the Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Trade-offs (InVEST) model..."


Soil Erosion Vulnerability Mapping in Selected Rural Communities of uThukela Catchment, South Africa, Using the Analytic Hierar

"...The AHP was employed to map soil erosion vulnerability and derive the percentage weights of geo-environmental parameters contributing to soil erosion: rainfall, slope, drainage density, soil type, vegetation cover, and land use/land cover..."


Towards quantification of soil conservation performance using sediment connectivity concept at hillslope scale: proposing a new

"...This study aimed to scrutinize the performance of the contour trenching program, a nature-based solution and common soil erosion prevention measure in hillslopes of a data-scarce region based on the sediment connectivity approach..."


Prioritization of Sub-Watersheds Susceptible to Soil Erosion using Different Combinations of Objective Weighting and MCDM Techn

"...This study recommends implementing appropriate water harvesting structures, which might be helpful in mitigating soil degradation, promoting soil conservation, and ensuring sustainable agricultural productivity..."


Quantitative Morphometric Analysis and Prioritization of Sub-Watersheds for Soil Erosion Susceptibility: A Comparison between F

"...The identification of critical sub-watersheds susceptible to soil erosion risk is the preliminary step in any watershed management plan..."


Key factor(s) triggering erosion in a semi-arid environment (Western High Atlas of Morocco)

"...Findings show that the WHAM is subject to significant amounts of erosion, this is mainly due to the topographic factor (LS), which is considered to be extremely rugged, followed by the soil conservation practices factor (P) and the vegetation cover factor (C)..."


Practice of Ecological Restoration of Slope in Power Transmission and Transformation Project

"...The research results show that: engineering measures, plant measures, and temporary measures have been taken during the construction of the power transmission and transformation project; the water and soil erosion in the station area is well controlled, and the impact on the surrounding environment is small; 99..."


Erosion Susceptibility Mapping Based on Hypsometric Analysis Using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System Technique

"...These findings will aid in the development of proper water and soil conservation measures to decrease soil erosion throughout the catchment..."


Evaluating the impacts of sustainable land management practices on water quality in an agricultural catchment in Lower Austria

"...Managing agricultural watersheds in an environmentally friendly manner necessitate the strategic implementation of well-targeted sustainable land management (SLM) practices that limit soil and nonpoint source pollution losses and translocation..."


Principal Causes of Soil Erosion in a Watershed from the Ganga Basin, India: Evidence from Land Use Land Cover Dynamics

"...So the primary objectives of this paper were to assess the potential impact of Land use land cover (LULC) dynamics and other principal causes of soil erosion on sediment yield..."