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Coverage of soil erosion since March 3, 2023.

Cabo Verde beats back climate change through South-South cooperation

"...The UN agency facilitates experts from China who share their knowledge and skills with farmers in the West African nation through a collaborative process known as South-South cooperation. * Cabo Verde consists of 10 islands located in the central Atlantic Ocean, nine of which are inhabited.  Although the countrys name means Green Cape in Portuguese, it is not that green at this time of year..."


Farmers in Alberta face growing risk of soil erosion events as drought persists

"...“The biggest challenge is once you lose it, it's hard for the soil to recover,” Chau said. “Losing a bit of soil on the surface, you might not think it's such a concern, but to replenish it or build up soil over a certain amount of time takes a lot of effort. ”Erosion is also expensive..."


Growing risk of soil erosion for Alberta farmers as drought lingers

"..."If you have a vulnerable field, as soon as particles of soil start moving, there's a chain reaction. The next thing you know you've got the whole field moving," Coles said. "It's a very extreme example of aerial soil erosion, something we saw much more in the '30s..."


Alberta farmers face growing risk of soil erosion events as drought persists

"...Across southern Alberta, severe erosion events have been increasing in frequency and severity in recent years. In Lethbridge County, dry and windy conditions have been known to stir up dust clouds, obscuring the vision of drivers on local roads and filling irrigation canals to the brim with dirt..."


'Soil is everything': Inside one Dal prof's work to understand how dirt can help humanity

"...I certainly liked digging holes and things like that as a kid, but I guess a lot of my interest in soil is that it is the interface of many of our vital earth system processes, explains Dr. Heung, an associate professor in Dalhousie's Department of Plant, Food, and Environmental Sciences. Soils are the centre of my universe..."


Machines will make our food tastier and healthier

"...Its astonishing to step into modernized food factories and see streamlined conveyor belts powered by AI and sensors, which work together to maintain quality assurance. Savormetrics is one Canadian company that has the technology to provide real-time biophysical and biochemical quality analysis. Take a conveyor belt full of potatoes: Savormetrics AI biophysical and biometric algorithms and sensors detect the presence of certain gases correlated with rotting food or fertilizers and pesticides..."


Local farmers hosting info session on multi-species cover cropping

"...Benefits cover cropping provides include soil erosion protection, weed suppression, reduction in soil compacting, increase in soil organic matter, soil structure improvement, increase in soil water retention and enhancement of nutrient cycling..."


Fast-pacing extinction? How Canadas worst fire season in decades is hurting wildlife

"...Uncontrollable wildfires are basically a recipe for disaster for the environment, said Tanzina Mohsin, a professor in the department of physical and environmental sciences at the University of Toronto. Climate-driven increases in forest fires have severe impacts on the intervention between plants and insects, which in turn affects the forest ecosystem, causing unknown or new diseases, she explained. We should have measures in place to prevent these wildfires, specifically the ones that are prone to expand in a faster pace, she told Global News..."


Urban farming takes root in Zimbabwe as city dwellers seek to improve food security and resilience

"...“The City of Bulawayo is still concerned about urban agriculture through the Urban Agriculture Policy, Environmental Management Act, and Protection of Lands bylaws,” said Nesisa Mpofu, the city's spokesperson..."


Future science leaders return to West Kootenay Science and Technology Fair after three year hiatus

"...Dozens of students in Grades four to 12 participated, competing for over $5,000 in prizes and awards. Project topics included black holes, hybrid batteries, soil erosion and how safe it is to eat snow..."


NkMip wildfire recovery project receiving praise

"...Rising from the ashes of the NkMip Creek wildfire of 2021 a unique partnership between the Osoyoos Indian Band (OIB) and a forestry company is being heralded for its innovative and holistic approach to restoration..."


Extreme wind causes concerns of soil erosion in Alberta agriculture industry

"...The province has a soil conservation act that says landowners must remedy the cause of soil erosion or be faced with fines. We just don't want to see that loss of topsoil for farmers across the prairies, said Mike Gretzinger, research coordinator for Farming Smarter. He hopes research being done now will help with conditions that are changing annually to keep more of this precious earth in the ground..."


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Recent episodes that mention soil erosion.

Canola School: Strip-tilling creates a happy medium of seedbed prep, water conservation

Duration: 5:13

"...To till or not to till? It's an ongoing conversation in areas where water is controlled through irrigation or risk of soil erosion is high..."


RealAg Radio, Apr 10: Warming temps, preventing erosion, and a tile drainage discussion

Duration: 55:57

"...Thanks for tuning in to this Agronomic Monday edition of RealAg Radio brought to you by ABJ AgriProducts! On todays show, host Shaun Haney is joined by RealAgricultures resident agronomist, Peter Wheat Pete Johnson, to discuss the burst of warm temperatures, soil erosion, tile drainage on a slope and much more! Also, we will hear. ..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about soil erosion.

Bangladesh's water crisis - A country under water | DW Documentary

"...We see how flooding threatens the country's food security, how soil erosion thrusts thousands into homelessness, and how climate refugees are forced to flee their homes in a desperate act of survival..."


How These Volunteers Are Fighting Soil Erosion

"...Ecosystem Restoration Camps, a Dutch nonprofit, has launched more than 20 camps on six continents to fight soil erosion..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about soil erosion relevant to the latest news.

Cover crop cultivars and species differ in root traits potentially impacting their selection for ecosystem services

"...Background and aims Cover crops have the potential to aid in adapting agricultural systems to climate change impacts through their ecosystem services, such as preventing soil erosion, remediating soil structure, and storing carbon belowground..."


Impact of forest landscape restoration in combating soil erosion in the Lake Abaya catchment, Southern Ethiopia

"...As an effect of forest degradation, soil erosion is among Ethiopia?s most pressing environmental challenges and a major threat to food security where it could potentially compromise the ecosystem functions and services..."


Swiss Agricultural Life Cycle Assessment: A method to assess the emissions and environmental impacts of agricultural systems an

"...This paper focuses on emission models for gaseous N, nitrate leaching, P emissions to water, soil erosion, pesticides, heavy metals, emissions from animal production and impact assessment methods for soil quality and biodiversity..."


Use of biochar as a sustainable agronomic tool, its limitations and impact on environment: a review

"...Environmentally, biochar?s ability to degrade organic pollutant as well as sequester carbon makes it a very attractive addition to sustainable agriculture..."


Monitoring temporal changes in coastal mangroves to understand the impacts of climate change: Red Sea, Egypt

"...Change detection analyses using satellite imagery were conducted to evaluate the effects of rapid coastal sustainable development, including human urban and tourism activities; the decline and destruction of large areas of the mangrove forest for animal feeding along camel trade roads; and the threat of natural impacts such as flash flooding, coastal and soil erosion or human impacts such as established desalination plants and other human activities along the coastal zone of the Egyptian Red Sea..."


DLCD: Deep learning-based change detection approach to monitor deforestation

"...In addition to decreasing soil fertility and rainfall, deforestation increases the likelihood of floods and droughts and has a major effect on global warming..."


Prioritization of Sub-Watersheds Susceptible to Soil Erosion using Different Combinations of Objective Weighting and MCDM Techn

"...This study recommends implementing appropriate water harvesting structures, which might be helpful in mitigating soil degradation, promoting soil conservation, and ensuring sustainable agricultural productivity..."


Spatial Distribution of Particulate Matter in Iran from Internal Factors to the Role of Western Adjacent Countries from Politic

"...Environmental politics and governance are important topics in the Middle East, where issues such as climate change, pollution, environmental degradation, desertification, and soil erosion are prevalent, with particulate matter pollution being a major contributor..."


Identifying priority areas for conservation: using ecosystem services hotspot mapping for land-use/land-cover planning in centr

"...This situation is represented by increasing soil erosion, reduced carbon storage, reduced biodiversity, and fragmented habitat distribution due to land-use change..."


Hydrosedimentology of paired watersheds with clayey soils under cattle grazing and no-tillage cropping: LISEM calibration and v

"...Runoff and sediment yield in this agricultural environment have significant economic and off-site ecological importance, as the watersheds are connected to a large reservoir responsible for energy production and water supply..."